Every year the NFL hosts the NFL Draft and also that draft is complete of the finest talent in university football. Transparent the 7 rounds NFL teams select the football player they want. V all the talent in university it is rare to view players in the NFL that never stepped foot ~ above a university campus.

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5 NFL players that never went come college

1) Brian banks (Atlanta Falcons)

Brian banks may it is in the many inspirational player to ever play in the NFL without attending college. Financial institutions was a very recruited player in high school but it was all taken away from him once he to be falsely accused of sexual assault. Brian banks was a nationally ranked linebacker in high school.

Brian financial institutions after record his very first NFL tackle. Respectable 8, 2013 pic.twitter.com/vWM7wGgAZs

— Craig Sager II (
CraigSagerJr) respectable 9, 2019

Banks would certainly accept a plea transaction that would shorten his sentence. Brian banks was exonerated after a lengthy ten year fight versus his innocence. Financial institutions would be signed by the Atlanta Falcons in 2013 and also would take part in training and practices. That would additionally make an figure in the preseason before being released by the Falcons in August.

2) Michael Lewis (New orleans Saints)

Michael Lewis would be driving a beer truck because that Budweiser as soon as he decided that the wanted an ext in life. Lewis would obtain the chance to shot out for the brand-new Orleans Saints and would do the team in 2000. Michael Lewis would put together a effective NFL career because that a player who did no play football in college.

Tyrone Hughes, Michael Lewis chosen to the new Orleans #Saints hall of fame http://t.co/PWBwFUwGOR pic.twitter.com/BXnOwH4SUw

— new Orleans Saints (
Saints) may 19, 2015

During his 7 years in the NFL he would certainly be selected come one NFL agree Bowl team and one NFL All-Pro team. His ideal year in the NFL came throughout the 2002 NFL Season.

He would certainly rack up 2,647 all-purpose yards because that the Saints and also score 3 touchdowns. In his career he would certainly have four touchdowns and 8,377 all-purpose yards. His biggest achievement was being inducted right into the brand-new Orleans Saints Hall-of-Fame.

3) Jarryd Hayne (San Francisco 49ers)

Jarryd Hayne was a Rugby organization Player turned into an NFL player. Hayne did no play college football. Jarryd Hayne would shot to join American football with the collegiate system yet he walk not end up high school. This would certainly make him no eligible to play college football in America.

Jarryd Hayne would make the jump to the NFL in 2015 NFL Season where the mountain Francisco 49ers would authorize him. He would start one video game for the 49ers in the 2015 season. In that game he would document 52 rushing yards top top 17 attempts. He would not pat in the NFL after his time v the mountain Francisco 49ers.

4) Robert Chancey (San Diego Chargers)

Instead that attending college Robert Chancey would certainly play skilled baseball ideal out of high school. Chancey would certainly be drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 6th round of the 1992 MLB Draft. He was offered a $108,000 signing bonus and would spend two years playing for the Gulf shore Orioles.

Robert Chancey moved to san Diego Chargers in 1996 and also would play an ext tha four years in the NFL. He would only start eight gamings in those 4 years. In those eight gamings though, he would certainly rush because that 320 yards and also four touchdowns.

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5) Efe Obada (Carolina Panthers)

Efe Obada would begin his football career playing for the London warriors in the brother American football Association national Leagues. He would play in five games for the Warriors. Obada spent time top top the Dallas Cowboys in 2015 prior to being released to do room for linebacker Keith Smith.

Efe Obada & Brian Burns linked for 3.5 sacks and also 6 QB access time