AbbessesMeet heather McKay, Minette"s an elderly assistant. Heather offers you a subway pass and also explains your duties in ~ the office. Answering the phone call is her responsibility. Over there is a list of points to do on her computer. Over there is a Zippy phone call card and also the case files in your inventory. Go and also talk come Minette in her workroom (not with the blue door) about everything. Carry out not touch the dress kind that will certainly be used for the first Lady"s dress. Minette desires you to brew her distinct tea. Look at at and also follow the instructions. Take note of the particular requirements. Nancy will certainly ask Minette questions. Make the exactly tea based on her responses. As soon as yo’re done, look approximately the room. Check the red repaint covered huge gears top top one wall. Review the magazine on the coffee table. Leave the room and also then get dubbed back. Minette desires 4 much more new things based on the 4 items in ~ the facility podium. Take the basket and be provided 195 Euros come buy points at #7 prevent Pont Neuf and also go come Square Du Vert Galant Park. Look at the 4 items on the podium. Walk to your job-related desk and also click on the computer. Check the To carry out list and look in ~ the e-mail and see the security info about the an initial Lady. Check the left height drawer and also see Sonny Joon"s doodling, and also Koko Kringles. Look at the last web page to see Skard 2 - DV8 leaflet. It says to adjust the plotter making use of the V vertical, H height and I squid settings. The leaflet verified 5 possible setting adjustments. Click the "start" panel of the plotter right of the desk. See the various settings for V, H, and I. The lowest bar on every of the an equipment settings is the base of the bars ~ above the DV8 leaflet. Execute the first bar pattern an initial and view if that fixes it. Kinds the bars so the H had 2 bars, V has 1, and also I has 1. Click print. See the plotter produce a an excellent print. The phone call rings. Answer the phone and talk come Lynn Manrique about everything. Talk to heather completely. Walk to the blue door and try to exit. Watch a mail put under the door. It is just one of several threaten mails Minette has received. It is placed in the Dodo box. Exit the office. Go to Rue du Bac.

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Rue du BacTalk to Dieter. Now, you will learn just how to print photos. Go best to the fish tank and read the binder that Dark Rm. Misc. Review the manual. Rotate around and enter the dark room. Look ideal at the collection up and note where all the items are situated. The might help to do a mark on the monitor as to where the red switch, the red emerging pan, the white prevent bath pan and also the blue fixer pan room located. The films are ~ above the tray in ~ the center bottom. Also, that might help to use your very own watch through a second hand to time the processes. Take among the 4 films and also insert that on the top part of the enlarger ~ above the left. Turn off the light making use of the move on peak right. It is now dark. Flip the red move of the enlarger in ~ bottom left. Have the enlarger irradiate on because that 2-9 seconds. Flip the switch to turn off the enlarger light. Ar the paper to the center of the monitor to drop the on the occurring pan for 7-12 seconds. Take the document from the emerging bath and also place it on the stop bath i beg your pardon is a tiny lower and also right (midway indigenous center and edge of her monitor) native the developer. Protect against the process for no much more that 5 seconds. Take it the record and location it on the fixer pan at center edge of her monitor because that 8-15 seconds. If correctly done, watch the developed snapshot and it will be instantly hung come dry over the table. Choose up the next film. Execute this procedure to the various other 3 films until you have 4 developed pictures. Departure the room and look to the ideal of the darkroom. Dieter will certainly lend his camera. Speak to Dieter again and learn around Jean Michel and Heather"s crush. Departure the room and go come Hotel de Ville. Talk to Jean Michel around everything and give him the envelope. Bespeak anything on the menu or select Crème de Glace. That is ice cream cream v a sprig of mint ~ above top. Continue to speak to Jean Michel. Go to location Monge. Talk to JJ about everything and also take the envelope. Look around and also read the newspaper ~ above the dinner table around fresh mint shortage. Check the Utne magazine by the phone and learn about Zu and also the flooding in the catacombs. Exit and go to port Neuf.Port NeufLook around the park: the overcome of Lorraine in memory of French fighters, the fish water fountain on the ideal path, the windmill statue, and also the mouth statue. There room 3 merchants here: Malika, the lady ~ above the left, Marchand at the middle and also Monique by the river. The merchants permit price haggling. Choose a reduced price 보다 stated yet usually no the shortest or they will not budge from the initial price. Speak to Malika close to the overcome of Lorraine. Buy the green rings because that 4 Euros. Talk to Marchand. Purchase the blue movie canister for 21 Euros. To knife money (15 Euros), accept to paint reproductions from Marchand. Click on a paint and also click on the area that has actually the same shade on the picture. If you do a mistake, you have actually other possibilities to paint. Begin with the Mona Lisa (pay fist to the whites of she eyes) and also later a flower in a vase. Go to the tent close come the river. To buy the lava lamp for 15 Euros and also the orange cone for 1 Euro. The items bought are instantly placed in the basket. Go back to Abbesses.AbbessesThe phone call rings, so answer it. That is Prudence Rutherford (Secret the Scarlet Hand fame). Tell her that it will certainly be shipped by end of the week. Go to the drafts table left of Heather. Review Minette"s notes to Sonny. Click to open the book and also then check out the notes that Prudence had for every ensemble. Pay fist to her instructions: what is because that the head, shade scheme, and other accessories. Then click the model snapshot to eliminate the film. Apparel will present up on the page. Click things and click on the model to undertake it. If effectively done, go to the next ensemble and do the same. Speak to Heather around everything and also give she the envelope native JJ. Try to speak to Minette. She is also preoccupied through online games. Usage the computer and click ~ above Jane"s game Portal in ~ the height right. It desires a login name and also password. Examine Sonny"s doodling at height left drawer and also see ~ above the third page a monitor illustration with the name and also password. Login is Carol and also password is rude. Examine the question mark of the Model enhance game come learn exactly how to play. Location 3 pictures of a model in a row either horizontally or vertically. Added points take away if there are 4 or more in a row. Click on the "mix that up" if a new selection of pictures are needed. Open up high scores and see that you have to beat 1000 points. Carol has 450 points. This is a time puzzle. Once you win, Nancy will certainly say "All Right". Click the "back" button to walk to the menu and also then hear Minette scream the she walk it. Minette will contact for you to she office. Automatically show she the items bought in ~ the flea market. Exit the office and hear Minette need JJ because that a fitting. Go to ar Monge.Place MongeTalk to JJ. You can play Hangman or not. Finally, she will certainly go to Minette"s if you roasted the cookies. However there space no mint and no brown sugar. Walk to port Neuf, walk to Marchand, and buy the food substitution book. Go to Hotel DeVille and talk come Jean Michel. Ask come order food and also then select Crème de Glace. Click the ticket to the left to pay. Take it the mint. Speak to Jean Michel completely. Go earlier to JJ"s place. Review the food substitution book and see that you require 1/2 c that white sugar and also 1 tsp of molasses in ar of 1/2 c that brown sugar. Go to the pantry cabinet right of the stove and also take molasses. See electrical engineering books. Ar the molasses at the center component of the island behind the measure spoons. Ar the mint ~ above the chopping plank on the left and it will certainly be immediately chopped. Include the ingredient as proclaimed by the recipe. Use second 1/2 c of white sugar and also 1 tsp the molasses in ar of 1/2 c the brown sugar.When done, click the cookie paper at peak left and also the cookie dough will be immediately be put there. The cookies will be baked and taken the end automatically. The cookies" sides need to curl up. Gain a call from JJ and she will ask friend to explain the cookies. As soon as JJ is satisfied, she will proceed to the shop. Go earlier to the shop.AbbessesAnswer the phone and hear a male with a German accent ask for Minette. Urge on she being unavailable and he will hang up on you. Check out the perform Not Disturb sign on Minette’s door. Because no one is around, open the Dodo box. The aim is to acquire the Dodo bird to the highlighted squares and safely come the bottom best without being cornered by the 3 predators: eagle, wolf, and man. The little white dots space separations that prevent motion to the following square. The bottom left blue dots-arrows are used to move the Dodo bird. The center switch resets the puzzle. Push the button and also the crate opens. Check out the different mails and Nancy will note that the violet one is different than the others. Nearby the box. Look in ~ Heather"s fashion portfolio on she desk. Check the pink file hanging top top your workdesk shelf. Heather wants a stuffed parrot. Go outside and also realize that it’s nighttime. This starts job 2. If it does not, walk to ar Monge and go v the dual doors to start day 2. In JJ’s kitchen, review the newspaper article around the catacombs gift flooded. Walk to port Neuf. Go to Marchand and also see Dieter on the bench. He runs away as soon as Nancy calls out to him. Pick up the tiny clock and the newspaper clipping around Noisette Tornade. Review the obituary the Noisette. Go earlier to Marchand and buy the parrot because that 5 Euros. Go back to the office and also hear Minette scream. She desires you to capture the cockroaches. Take it the sheathe of the chocolate box. Look about for cockroaches and immediately click the hand cursor on one when you view it. There room 9 cockroaches. Examine the area through the huge gears, through the red sofa, and under the dress form platform. A cockroach runs around on the computer system table. Look at the file on the computer system table. Among the cockroaches runs about the area in between the dress form platform and also the computer system table. When clicked on, Nancy will follow the behind the boxes and also see a letter indigenous the researcher come Minette. Read the letter and also see Lynn"s call number. Once all 9 cockroaches are caught, go to the door and also talk come Minette. Exit the room. Go to the phone and also call the Zippy calling map number (you won’t acquire an answer). Climate dial Lynn"s number (it’s in the brochure – 1-559-555-6838). Talk to her around everything. Go to harbor Neuf. Take it the cockroaches-chocolate box the end of the inventory and click anywhere in the park. Walk to Rue du Bac.Rue du BacTalk to Dieter with the closed door the the dark room. Talk to that a 2nd time and also he will ask the you help take share pictures. Take the list on the table. The is in French, therefore you’ll require to translate it. Walk to the fish tank and also pan ideal to check out a feet on the wall. Look in ~ the little clock in inventory and also note the 3 is encircled. Insert the little clock on the hole. View nine tiny clocks. The aim of the puzzle is to have 3 encircled on every 9 clocks. Turn the clock to to mark 3. When correctly done, view the panel opens to a secret passage. Go forward and see a spider. Take it a picture of the spider utilizing the camera obtained from Dieter. To perform this, take the camera from inventory and also click the on the spider. Push the peak button and then center the spider within the frame. Click and also the picture is taken. Pull earlier from the camera web page showing the last photo taken. You have the right to delete images taken. Walk forward until a steel door through etched seed is seen on the wall. Click to open up the door and see a number lock. Go into 1945. The door opens. Take it the red publication with the very same nut and an N on the cover. Check out the book. View a photo of M380 v a password under the picture. Click the snapshot and Nancy will certainly make a comment the it is comparable to the repaint covered gears in Minette"s workroom. Take the graph paper. Rotate the page. Review the letter seen. Take note of the tips:1. Set the 3 dials in exactly position before decoding or encoding a message. Then form in the message.2. Never ever use the get in or return key.3. Disregard punctuation and also spaces.4. A circle v a slash is zero.The letter also mentions the use of metro system"s heat or avoid numbers for a code. The date transition ciphers intake is additionally mentioned. Take keep in mind of 3 red asterisks ~ above the letter and also the very same red pen is supplied on the M380 writing on the book. Go back to harbor Neuf. Go to Marchand. To buy the code publication for 8 Euros. Check out the book and also take special note of the date change cipher and dot cipher. Asking him about the decoder. The will profession it because that a bottle of Mouton Fouette 1968. Walk to Monique and buy the French-English dictionary for the 23 Euros. Usage the dictionary to discover out what photos Dieter wants: stapler, spider, candle, skull, cross, and teapot. You already have a snapshot of the spider in the secret passage. Take a snapshot of the overcome of Lorraine close to the exit of the park. Go ago to Abbesses.AbbessesUse the phone and call Zu. Prior to he will aid you, Zu desires an autograph of JJ that states Zu mine love Jing. The autograph is to be put in the skull in ~ the catacombs of Magdeleine Cemetery. Call Hugo Butterly and discuss everything. Talk to Heather and also give she the parrot. Talk to her about everything else. Take it a picture of the stapler on your desk. Speak to Minette in her work room. If girlfriend ask her around Dieter, she’ll dismiss you. Don’t talk to her again. Take it a picture of the teapot. It"s your selection to phone call on heath or not. If you do tell ~ above Heather, later in the game, heather will contact you around it. Walk to Hotel de Ville.Hotel de VilleTalk to Jean Michel. A profession is done. You need to make parfait. Research what are the different ice cream or fruits on the counter. Look at the picture of the parfait in the booklet. Through its color and also looks, determine each layer and then include those ingredient to the parfait glass. Click an ingredient and then click it on the layer the its need to go top top the parfait glass. The topping is no necessary; it is automatically added. You have the right to discard a erroneously prepared parfait by clicking it top top the trash. Ring the bell once done. If wrong, you have to make one more.When all are done correctly, Jean Michel mirrors you the snapshot of Minette and also the gears. Walk to location Monge. Speak to JJ around Zu and the autograph. She won’t provide you one, so you’ll need to trick she by playing Hangman. Pat it through her and also select the letters: Z U M Y l O V E J ns N G. Nancy will certainly tear off the written autograph component of the paper. Take the metro to Denfert Rochereau. Walk forward and see the skull. Take a picture of the candle and the skull. Place the autograph on among the eye socket. Go back to location Monge and call Zu. Comment on everything with him. Walk to Rue du Bac.Rue du BacTalk to Dieter completely. He offers you a postcard owned by his good uncle. The various other side the the postcard has columns and rows of colored eyes. Review the period cipher coding in page 11 - 12 that the password book. Additionally check the date change cipher. Look in ~ the postcard with eyes in inventory, then location the graph paper from the book taken native the mystery passage over the eyes. View that the eyes fit under certain letters or numbers. Psychic what the researcher, Lynn Manrique said - that Noisette"s critical words were red, left... Green. From left to right, click on all red eye looking left and all green eyes. Words are developed at the bottom - Sous Lorraine 4154. Go to port Neuf.Port NeufLook close in ~ the cross. Nancy will say "bet those numbers are movable". Click on 4, 1, 5, 4. Check out the photo of the mouths, the windmill, and also the fish; the 3 statues below at the park. Take keep in mind of the features of the mouths, the shade of the windmill and the eye that the fish. Walk to the mouth frosting left of Marchand. Turn the handle on the right to arrange the mouths to be similar to that viewed on the an enig compartment that the cross. The yellow is slightly open; the blue is open, and the red is wide open. Rotate the handle on the right 10 time to get: peak - EEEEE, center – Ahhhh, and bottom - OOOOO. Walk to the windmill statue. Turn the manage on the best to get the violet petal to it is in on top. Rotate around and hear a squirrel move the handle. Click left the the windmill statue and Nancy will certainly make a comment about placing a stake, climate a string and then something to make a noise. Go to Malika by the cross and also buy the string because that 3 Euros and also the stake for 10 Euros. Also, to buy the Ichi-Do publication for 6 Euros. Read and learn the Chi-cry, the linguistic salute that comes before the moves. It will definitely assist later in the game. Walk to Monique and buy the flashlight because that 3 Euros. Walk to Marchand and buy the pie tin for 1 Euro and also the wetsuit for 31 Euros. Go earlier to the windmill statue and place the stake on the left side. Connect the string and then the pie tin. Rotate the take care of 6 time to acquire the violet petal to it is in on top. Walk to the fish water fountain beside the cross. Push the red button of the water fountain. View the fish"s eye light up and also the grate opens. Go down the ladder. Walk forward until a hazelnut chest. Open up the chest and also take the key. Exit and it will be night again. The is now day 3. Check out the paper about the extra police in the catacombs. Go to Denfert Rochereau.

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Denfert RochereauGo forward to the skull. Open up the skull and also press the red button. A passage opens up on the right. Go into the passage and also see the tunnels. If girlfriend hear the tunnel police, go earlier to any kind of side alcove. Wait till you don"t hear castle anymore. Go forward and also see the sewer. Execute not overcome this plank. Revolve right and also use the following plank to overcome to the other side. Rotate left and enter the very first alcove. Go forward and see the water. Go into the water and automatically stay the wetsuit. The bottom bar shows just how much time Nancy has left prior to she needs to climb to one air pocket to breathe. Walk forward come the #2 area. Dive down. Walk forward twice, turn right, walk diagonal right, go into the tunnel, forward, rotate right, and also see a fan and also a bottle. Take the bottle. Currently return come the jump suggest place by going the reverse direction. Rotate around, go forward, rotate left, go forward twice, diagonal right, front to the tunnel, and forward twice. Breathe! revolve around and go front to the #2 area. Dive down. Walk forward 5 times, revolve right, go forward, revolve left, go forward twice, rotate right, go forward, turn left, walk forward twice, turn right, walk forward, turn left, go forward 4 times, revolve left, walk forward twice, rotate right, and go forward. Climb the ladder and forward come the hazelnut marked door. Open it to check out the words composed there. Enter the numbers 3 7 2 4 on the lock. Take it the propeller-like key. Go down the ladder and also go back to the landing in ~ the catacombs. Dive down, rotate left, go forward twice, rotate right, walk forward 4 times, rotate right, walk forward, turn left, go forward twice, rotate right, walk forward, turn left, go forward twice, turn right, go forward, turn left, and also go front 5 times. Go forward to the landing and take the garments on the floor. There will be a rat there, for this reason wait for it come leave, and also then take the clothes. An alert the Ichido publication is gone. Go forward, appropriate to the plank (watch the end for the police), cross the plank, and also go forward till daylight. Go earlier to harbor Neuf and also go to Marchand. Trade the wine party for the decoder. Go earlier to Abbesses.AbbessesGo come Minette"s door and also see a bomb the is attached to her door. It will collection off once the door is opened. Minette is ago there and also is getting antsy around what Nancy is doing. Open the bomb door and see connectors that have color and also shapes. The record on the door mirrors the correct sequences to it is in done: comparable shapes or similar colors. Various colors and different shapes sequences room wrong. Species the connectors to attach by comparable shapes or color. This is a time puzzle. Click a connector and then click it on the one you desire to change or the place you want to put it on. When it’s disarmed, watch close at the decoder in her inventory. Open the bottom cover and see 3 dials. Turn the dials come the numbers viewed on the huge gears in Minette"s snapshot shown by Jean Michel - IX V III ~ above the 3 dials. Click to go as much as a close up of the paper. Then form in the password taken indigenous the M380 publication using your computer"s keyboard. Mental the hints from the letter, no spaces or return crucial and that circle through a slash is zero. Kind XTI0SMKPQQLNOREZA7LXTI0SMKPQQLNOR3AS7LXTI0SMK3A. Be cautious of the zeros 0 and the O difference. Don"t problem if no letters show up on the record yet. Part letters appear only after 2-3 tricks are pressed. The decoded native are: Rouge Blanc Rouge bleu Rouge. Examine page 4 of the dictionary and also see that it translated to: red, white, red, blue, red. Get in the workshop and also look in ~ the main post in the room. Check right that the blue barrel. Place the propeller an essential on the main post. View 5 black color bars. Change the colors of the bar using the color decoded native the M380 password (top to bottom): red, white, red, blue, red. The windmill turns. Go down the trap door and forward till the door. Use the vital taken from the hazelnut chest under the fish fountain at the park. Enter and also see what Noisette has taken throughout the war. Walk forward to the stand and take the letter under the glass cover. Check out what Noisette wrote. Placed down the glass sheathe of the stand and also the trap bars are triggered. Open up the door and see indigenous inscribed ~ above the plate with lines underneath. Go into 2 1 5 7 ~ above the door. Walk forward and also hear the conspirators. Go up the catch door and also take the first lady"s dress. Caught! listen to the shouts the precede the punches. A specific shout identify the place of the punches. Every one of the moves room in the Ichi-Do book. Your wellness bar is at the peak of the bottom that the screen, and the culprit’s is top top the top. As long as girlfriend have much more health than your opponent, you win. Recognize the moves and block them come win. Finish of game! Nancy drew cracks another case!