If you"re gonna go see "The Hobbit" in theaters following week (which if you aren"t, you must seriously re-evaluate your life priorities), you"ll require some assist memorizing some of the key characters" names. There are a lot the them. Particularly dwarves. And they all look the same and have monster dwarvish names.But an initial things first. "Dwarves" is spelled v a "v" - no "dwarfs" through an "f." It"s a Tolkien thing. If girlfriend wanna be cool when talking about multiple dwarves, don"t ever before say the "f." EVER. You"ll be cast out to Mordor by your cosplaying Gandalf friends.

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Next, you gotta find out all the dwarves" names as a group so if anyone ever before asks girlfriend "what room the names of every the dwarves indigenous "The Hobbit"?" you"ll be choose "bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam and BAM - in your FACE!" So here we go....

13 dwarves in all (in the order the they are introduced in the book and most likely the movie as well): Dwalin, Balin, Kili, Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and also Thorin. If you can say all of those in one go already without looking, you"re quite groovy. If girlfriend can"t, keep analysis and photo the complying with story:

Imagine you"re dealing with a wall v a large painted "D" on it ("d-wall" - Dwalin), when suddenly a ball comes flying out of nowhere and slams into the wall surface ("ball" - Balin). Together it hits the wall, the ball hits and also kills a flea ("kills" - Kili; "flea" - Fili). The wall surface then turns right into a door ("door" - Dori). As you walk with this door, you space nose-up, ignoring everything roughly you, also all the gold and ore ("ignoring" - Nori; "ore" - Ori) shining roughly you. You pilgrimage suddenly and also shout "Oi!" together you hit you yourself in the groin through accident ("oi" - Oin; "groin" - Gloin). As you get earlier up, you tide bye to a furry biology ("bye fur" - Bifur) the is puffing ("puff" - Bofur) on a bomb that is being lit. Finally the bomb rolls best in former of you and explodes ("bomb" - Bombur) together you see Thor laughing in the street ("Thor" - Thorin).

Ok, currently for the juicy stuff. If the action is walk on top top screen, friend wanna have the ability to recognize and name each dwarf so the you have the right to annoyingly to whisper to her friends transparent the movie, things favor "that"s Bifur, walk you recognize that?" and "isn"t Bombur such a fatty, oh Bombur you fatty." therefore let"s go v them all, one-by-one. If girlfriend don"t know what I"m law below, review up on my older blog short article on how to memorize names. The quick recap is together follows: come up with an association in between the name and a differentiating feature that the person, or in this case, dwarf.


Dwalin is the just dwarf who"s partly bald. He also has a tattoo etched right into his cranium (you can"t watch it in this photo, however he does). For this reason his distinguishing feature will be his bare dome. The surname Dwalin sounds like "wall" therefore imagine him utilizing his ceiling skull to barge under a wall. He also looks favor a bad-ass, and also bad-asses are constantly head-butting world into walls, right? Yup.


Balin is pretty basic to recognize because he is the earliest of every the dwarfs, and he looks it. In terms of a distinguishing feature, he"s the just dwarf with a grey/white, un-braided beard. Simply a straight-up, cool, old male beard. The surname Balin reminds me that a "ball," so snapshot a sphere being thrown into his big, big fluffy beard and also it just landing - poof - all soft and cushiony. Fun fact: Balin is Dwalin"s older brother. Not-so-fun fact: Balin is the exact same dwarf that"s buried in the tomb that the fellowship finds in the Mines the Moria (in LOTR). Ns think he gained shot by Orc"s. Bummer.


Kili is just one of the youngest and I the the very least dwarf-looking of all of them. He"s additionally got the shortest, lamest, many non-existant dwarf moustache (he looks choose me after ~ a couple of days of not shaving)....which is kinda against dwarf code, yet that"s Peter Jackson"s poor character design. Anyways, let"s use the reality that he has actually the shortest beard. His surname sounds like "kill" for this reason I would certainly imagine that killing civilization with a knife and then using that knife come trim his very own beard supervisor short. He also has the finest eyesight the end of every the dwarves (he"s constantly sent forth to lookout for angry things... Points that could "kill" them...dun, dun, dun).


Kili"s bro. An additional dwarf the looks type of "man-ish" and also not an extremely dwarf-like, but his most separating feature is his braided, blonde, dangly moustache (I need to thrive one that these because that Movember next year). Fili sounds like "fill", for this reason imagine pour it until it is full up his moustache with braids. Or even crazier, imagine pour it until it is full up his dangling moustache v "fleas" (also sounds choose Fili). Yuck. Funny fact: Kili and also Fili are the son"s that Thorin"s sister, Dis (who is rumored to have sported a pretty mean beard. In other words, she to be a total babe).


Dori looks favor the brother from the movie "Step Brothers" (John Reilly)...or at least he does to me. There to be a many door-slamming in the movie, due to the fact that both brothers hated eachother at first. "Door" sounds like Dori. If you"ve never seen "Step Brothers" (which is sad news), then usage his massive potato-sized schnoz as his distinguishing feature. Then imagine slamming a door in his face, thus causing his sleep to swell approximately the size of a potato.


Good god, Nori has actually one the the many amazing braided face hair set-ups I"ve ever before seen! His eyebrows are braided upwards into his hair. That"s simply ridiculous. Anyways, just imagine the his facial hair is for this reason impressive, the it"s simply too hard to "ignore." Nori = "ignore."


Fun fact: mental in the first LOTR movie as soon as Gandalf reads native the publication that to be laying versus Balin"s dig in the Mines of Moria? the was Ori who wrote that. For this reason yeah, he died too...but means after "The Hobbit" (I"m no spoiling anything!). Ok, Ori has actually the worst haircut out of every the dwarves (although that"s debatable). One of two people way, it"s a bowl cut. The name Ori sounds favor "ore," as in gold. Imagine his hair was actually a bowl and also if girlfriend flipped it over, the was all of sudden filled with mounds and mounds the gangsta bling yellow (or ore). An additional fun fact: Dori, Nori, and Ori space all brothers (their parents were obviously really an imaginative with your names...).


Oin is brothers with Gloin and to me, is in serious need of some facial hair to organize - it"s all simply a bit overgrown because that my liking. You have the right to use 2 things here as his feature: his enormous curving moustache handlebars or his awesomely braided beard pig-tails. Both stick the end pretty prominently, therefore let"s usage them. The name Oin, reminds me that a brother punk saying "oi!" so let"s snapshot Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols being an ass and also tying his handlebars and pig-tails together while shouting "Oi! Oi! Oi!"


Gloin is easy because he"s the dad that Gimli (the only dwarf in the mr of The rings trilogy - Gimli child of Gloin) and also they look almost identical. If friend don"t think so or recognize nothing around LOTR (ughh), then use his dark reddish hair (not super clean in this picture, however it"s there). He"s the just dwarf v such deep brown-red hair (Bombur has actually red hair too, yet it"s more light orange 보다 red). Gloin sounds prefer "groin" for this reason imagine the old expression that asks "does the carpet complement the drapes?"....you gain the idea....his red hair is probably the same color as the hair i beg your pardon is surrounding his groin. Not a satisfied thought, especially since he"s a Tolkien dwarf, however hey - it works. Fun fact: Gloin visited the council of Elrond through Gimli in the first LOTR movie. He"s sitting over there in the scene, but it"s tough to call which one is him....


This dwarf has actually a item of axe grounding in his head (no idea why - i don"t even know if that was ever before mentioned in the book). Photo some form of furry biology saying and also waving "bye!" and then flinging that item of axe into his head, as if definition to death him. "Bye-fur" = "Bifur." FYI, that enjoys raspberry jam and apple-tart. He"s likewise the cousin the Bofur and Bombur.


He"s the just dwarf through a hat, and a pretty massive hat in ~ that. Let"s use that. Bofur is a hard name come come up with a photo for, but it sounds to me choose the indigenous "puffer" (it"s express that means anyways, but with a "b"). For this reason imagine diving under his hat and puffing and puffing till his hat gets bigger and also bigger so the it"s as massive as it currently is. Another option could be come think of "boff" as a sound one might make if gift hit on height of the head. Imagine someone "boffing" that on peak of the head, make his hat gain stuck on tightly.


The fattest dwarf EVER. His name is pretty basic just due to the fact that of that alone. He"s round like a bomb. "Bomb" = Bombur. Or think the it choose this, that eats so lot that he"s always on the verge the exploding, choose a bomb. He"s da bomb(ur), yo! Super fun fact: Frodo asks about him in LOTR and is said that later in life, Bombur acquired so fat the he could only move from his bed or couch when six dwarves lifted him....in other words, that probably got his own special top top the discovery Channel.

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Thorin reminds me that "Thor," which reminds me of Thor"s hammer. Due to the fact that Thorin is the leader the the clan, a descendant of king dwarves that old, and also the many seemingly important dwarf of them all, imagine him judgment the various other dwarves with a large hammer. He"s also got some grey streaks in his beard, probably comparable to the shade of the hammer itself, so imagine hammering his hair with huge heavy blows, bring about streaks of his hair to turn grey.

Andddd we"re done. Go buy her tickets and also watch the midnight mirroring this Thursday and be all cool, discovering who each character is. Don"t you hate those movies whereby there room just way too many characters to remember and also you have the right to never recognize any kind of of them? no THIS TIME.