L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 19 | 8-answer surveysName a component of his blow up doll that a man can wish he might inflate even bigger.100JUGS79EYES2BOOTAY7HANDS2MUSCLES/STRONG ARMS3DONG2HEAD/BRAIN3LIPS/MOUTH2Name something details that"s bitten you in the bedroom.100SPIDER32BEDBUG3MOSQUITO27FLIES/CIRCL"G my BUTT2MY PERVY LOVER23ANT2FLEA9PUSSYCAT2We request 100 married women...Name something you leave on during sex so girlfriend don"t gain bored.99TV/WOLF BLITZER32MY IMAGINATION3MUSIC/RADIO25JEWELRY/WATCH2CLOTHES/HEELS17VIBRATOR2LIGHT/LAMP16PHONE/TINDER2We asked 100 married men...Name miscellaneous of your wife"s that"s thicker 보다 yours.994-FOOT FANNY32HIPS7LUXURIOUS LOCKS21THUNDER THIGHS7MILK WAGONS16LUSCIOUS LIPS4WAIST/BELLY8HER WALLET4Name a nighttime routine a 30-year-old mama"s boy might still execute with his mother.99KISS/HUG26DINE/SNACK9TUCK right into BED22PRAY/NOW ns LAY ME...7CALL/NITE/LOVE YA12TV/CARE BEARS7SPOON/SLEEP WITH9BEDTIME STORY7The negative news: You obtained a line bite and also someone requirements to suck out the poison. The worse news: It"s on your what?98BEAN BLASTER65NOSE3BOOB11FAT GUT2FOOT/CRUSTY TOE7ARMPIT2HAIRY MANILOW6LEG/THIGH2Name the worst point to uncover in the hotel room you"re in.98BUGS/BEDBUGS56DIRTY SHEETS5USED RUBBERS18DRUGS/CRACK PIPE3ROTTING CORPSE6PAIR that UNDIES2RAT/MOUSE6PERSON/SLUTTY WIFE2We inquiry 100 solitary women...If you to be blindfolded, name something you could tell around someone by simply a kiss.98HYGIENE/FRESH BREATH50MUSTACHE/SHAVED7WHO it IS14THEIR CONFIDENCE2IF they SMOKE11IF THEY have TEETH2PASSION/GOOD KISSER10IF GENTLE/ROUGH2Name something a police officer at a nudist swarm might it is in wearing.98GUN BELT/HOLSTER43SUNGLASSES2BADGE36A SMILE2HAT9WHISTLE2HANDCUFFS2BOOTS2What execute you think Steve Harvey"s wife would say is the finest thing about him?98HUMOR/PERSONALITY42HIS LAUGH3BAE IS BALLIN"!24HIS well THREADS2SMILE/THOSE XL LIPS19SEXY STACHE2THAT LICKABLE HEAD4CHARACTER/HEART2Tell me the surname of one of Santa"s reindeer a male exotic dancer can use together his phase name.98PRANCER33CUPID8BLITZEN12DASHER8VIXEN12RUDOLPH8DANCER12COMET5We asked 100 women...If you were on a day with Steve Harvey, name someone you"d love to operation into.98MY EX30MY SPOUSE/MATE4MY FRIENDS24MY MOM2STEVE"S WIFE17MY SIS/BROTHER2CELEB/DENZEL17THE PAPARAZZI2Name something specific of his wife"s a man can wear under his clothes to feeling sexy.97PANTIES/THONG67NECKLACE4BRA9LOTION2HOSE/KNEE-HI SOCKS6GARTER/GARTER BELT2PERFUME5SHIRT/TANK2Name something the Pillsbury Doughboy could complain about to his psychiatrist.97POKED IN BELLY64COMMERCIALS/FAME2BEING PUDGY17HIS GIGGLE/VOICE2BAKED/HEAT4BEING EATEN2BEING "A SOFTY"4BEING NUDE2If Steve Harvey were the following James Bond, what would certainly he do better than the previous Bonds?97MAKE united state LAUGH61SEX/MAKE toe CURL3DRESS/WEAR SUIT12TALK SMACK/ARGUE3SMILE9DANCE2KISS5RUN native DANGER2We inquiry 100 men...Name a reason you"d make a very unattractive woman.97HAIRY/BEARD59BRO-ISH PERSONALITY4THINNING HAIR/BALD11SCRAWNY LEGS3I"M 300 LBS.10BIG/UGLY FEET3I"M as well SHORT5ZITS2We asked 100 married men...Not the she would, however if her wife ever killed you, how could she carry out it?97POISON/MY FOOD54STRANGLE ME5PUMP complete OF LEAD14RUN ME OVER3STAB ME12FRYING PAN/TO FACE2SMOTHER/WITH BOOBS5TALK ME to DEATH2If a woman squirrel could talk, she could tell you the a male squirrel"s package is around the size of what kind of nut?97PEANUT51PISTACHIO4WALNUT16PECAN3ACORN14ALMOND2PINE NUT5HAZELNUT2If a tiny kid request the financial institution for a loan, what can he put up as collateral?97BIKE/BIG WHEEL42COMPUTER3TOY/WAGON37PIGGY BANK/MONEY3MOM/DAD5PET/FROG2BASEBALL GLOVE3COMIC BOOKS2We request 100 married women...If your husband decided he want to it is in a masculine stripper, what could the ladies in the audience do throughout his act?97LAUGH39BARF5CHEER/WHISTLE17THROW STUFF/TOMATO5MAKE that RAIN13PASS OUT4LEAVE/BATHROOM11RUSH THE STAGE3We asked 100 men...Name something around a woman that renders her the one.97PERSONALITY/"TUDE33LOVE7FACE/MOIST LIPS24SHE"S BRAINY4CHARACTER/VALUES15SHE can COOK4BABEALICIOUS BOD8BLACK BELT IN BOOTY2What could a steed trainer usage on a equine that she"d likewise use top top her guy in the bedroom?96CROP/WHIP69BLINDERS3BRUSH7SPURS3SADDLE5BRIDLE/REINS/BIT3HARNESS/COLLAR3BALM/JELLY/OIL3Name other a pothead really loves to execute right after smoking cigarettes pot.96MUNCH/EAT DORITOS66DRINK/BEER3SLEEP12TV/NATURE SHOWS2LIGHT ANOTHER5LAUGH2SUGAR THE COOKIE4MUSIC/SING KUMBAYA2Name a reason a woman hasn"t watched her husband in a year.96DEPLOYMENT57HE"S DEAD4JOB/SPACE STATION11WALKED OUT3IN PRISON10SHE"S BLIND2LEGALLY SEPARATED7CHEATED2We request 100 men...Name something you"d hate for a females to tell you best after you"ve told she you desire to rest up.96I"M PREGNANT57BAD IN BED5WON THE LOTTO/RICH9LET"S it is in FRIENDS4CHEATED/HAVE A GUY9GAVE you STD4I LOVE YOU5GOOD/GET LOST3We asked 100 women...You understand a guy is just not right into you if that does what while you"re kissing him?96PHONE/TEXT45DOESN"T KISS BACK7PULLS/PUSHES AWAY14WATCHES TV5EYES OPEN/ROLLS EYES12YAWNS/NODS OFF3CHECKS out BABES8CHATS through YOU2We asked 100 married women...Name something girlfriend wish your hubby would certainly do simply in the bathroom, not everywhere he goes.96BLOW butt KISSES41SPIT9PEE11BRUSH HIS TEETH8BLOW/PICK NOSE10CLIP HIS NAILS6LEAVE HIS CLOTHES9TRIM/PLUCK HAIRS2We request 100 women...Name miscellaneous that ladies are better at do than males are.96DINNER/FOOD37A HOME8BABIES18CONVERSATION7A BED10SWEET LOVE4DECISIONS/PLANS9QUILTS/AFGHANS3We request 100 men...Assuming sex is the very first thing, what"s the second thing you"re always thinking about?96FOOD/BACON27WORK8MONEY/BILLS23MY HEALTH5SLEEP15BEER5SEX AGAIN/BABES9SPORTS/FISHING4We asked 100 married women...Name something her husband have the right to be easily replaced by.96SEXY brand-new BOO26BODY PILLOW9HANDYMAN/GARDENER17ROBOT6PET/CUTE RAT16MONEY, BABY!6CHARGED-UP VIBRATOR14COMPUTER2Name miscellaneous you"d use as a critical resort when you"ve run out the toilet paper.96TISSUE19TOWEL/WASHCLOTH11NEWSPAPER/MAG17CLOTHES/SOCK9PAPER TOWEL14HAND/FINGER9NAPKIN11A LEAF6Name a location a mrs goes shopping because that a piece of guy meat.95BAR/NIGHTCLUB56GROCERY STORE5THE GYM13CHURCH2BUTCHER SHOP10SPORT"G goods STORE2STRIP JOINT5DELI/RESTAURANT2We request 100 married women...Name miscellaneous you"ve had actually to teach your husband to do.95CLEAN/LAUNDRY53BE NICE/SENSITIVE4COOK/BAKE20BUDGET3CHANGE DIAPERS6SHAVE mine LEGS2PUT THE seat DOWN5SEW2We asked 100 men...Fill in the blank: I meant to kiss her on the lips, however accidentally kissed her what?95NOSE/UP NOSTRIL51BUTT/BARK"G STARFISH4CHIN13NECK3CHEEK12EYE3EAR6HEAD/FOREHEAD3Fill in the blank: Grandma said her day was terrible since he forgot his what?95TEETH/BOTTOM ROW42PANTS4WALLET/MONEY25GLASSES3VIAGRA10NAME3HEARING AID6CONDOM/PRUNE-FLAVOR2Name other a male does at a party that embarrasses his wife.95GETS SLOSHED37SINGS/CHER SONGS4YAPS/BAD JOKES29BELCHES3DANCES/TWERKS10FARTS/ON THE FOOD3FLIRTS7CHEATS/SWAPS KEYS2If Santa began robbing banks, name something he can tell his elves to do.95BE LOOKOUTS37TAKE HOSTAGES3BAG/HIDE MONEY28COMMIT various other CRIMES3DRIVE SLEIGH/CAR16CAUSE A DIVERSION2PICK LOCKS/SNEAK IN4KEEP QUIET2We asked 100 single men...Fill in the blank: I stay away from ladies who have actually what?95KIDS/EVIL SPAWN37SERIOUS "TUDE9ILLNESS/OOZ"G SORE15DRUG HABITS6"BAGGAGE"11TATTOOS5JANKY TEETH10B.O./STANK BREATH2Name other a man could rub on his underwear to do them smell better.95COLOGNE/AFTERSHAVE35AIR FRESHENER4DEODORANT/AXE29LOTION3POWDER11FOOD/CHOCOLATE3FABRIC SOFTENER SHEET8FLOWER PETALS2We asked 100 men...Fill in the blank: My mam loves me because that my what?95SMARTS33BIG HEART7CASH WAD21BANGABLE BOD4MY HANDSOME FACE12STRENGTH4HUMOR10PATIENCE4Name something newlyweds remove from the kitchen table prior to making love ~ above it.95DISHES/GLASSES33WHITE TABLECLOTH8SILVERWARE20EVERYTHING6SALT & PEPPER11CENTERPIECE/VASE4FOOD10LIT CANDLES3We request 100 women...Name a ar you go to look at studs.95BAR/NIGHTCLUB31CHIPPENDALES9HARDWARE STORE19HORSE FARM/RANCH6GYM16HOME/MY BED2JEWELRY STORE10CONSTRUCT"N SITE2We request 100 solitary women...Name something that drops out of her date"s bag that renders you say, "I"m the end of here."95PIECE FLEECE/CONDOM29HANDCUFFS/ZIP TIE9WEDDING RING19BLACK BOOK/PHONE #6GUN14DRUGS/BATH SALTS5KNIFE9PICS that CHICKS4Oops -- you simply accidentally e-mailed a naked photo of you yourself to all her contacts. What do you do now?95CRY/FREAK/DIE24OWN IT/ASK 4 THEIRS10HIDE/FLEE COUNTRY18NADA/LAUGH that OFF7OOPS, SORRY!13UNSEND/RECALL IT6I was HACKED!13SAY IT"S FAKE4We inquiry 100 married men...What would you carry out if her wife"s new Year"s resolution to be to not have sex v you for a year?95GET MAD/COMPLAIN23LOSE my MIND10DIVORCE HER19ACCEPT/IT"S THE NORM6CHEAT15CELEBRATE!6DOODLE my NOODLE12NEGOTIATE/DISCUSS4Name miscellaneous Mickey Mouse has that other mice could wish they had.94MINNIE/A BABE45SPEECH/CUTE VOICE6PIMP DUDS/GLOVES13FAME6JOB/DISNEY MONEY10THEME PARKS4BIGGER EARS7THUMBS/BIG HANDS3When a nudist pays cash for something, they could pull it out of what?94BUTT/CADBURY CAVERN41WALLET6BAG/FANNY PACK18SOCK/SHOE5HAIR/HAIR TIE8ARMPIT4BOOBS/CLEAVAGE8HAT4We asked 100 married women...Name something you don"t choose your husband come hear girlfriend do.94PEE/PINCH A LOAF37SING/HUM5LET ONE RIP24YELL4GOSSIP/ON PHONE11BURP4SNORE6BLOW CHUNKS3If Santa were having a midlife crisis, name something he would change.94SLEIGH/TO sports CAR36REINDEER/EAT COMET5LOSE WEIGHT23HIS HAIR/MAN BUN5BEARD/SHAVE IT8DUMP MRS. CLAUS5SUIT/PIMP it OUT7HOME/MOVE come MIAMI5Name miscellaneous in his apartment a lonely guy can slow run with.94BROOM/MOP35PET/GREAT DANE7PILLOW/CUSHION22STUFFED ANIMAL3DOLL/MANNEQUIN15LONELY GIRL/GUY2LAMP8HIMSELF2When two nerds date, he puts a banana in his pants and also she puts what fruit in her bra?94GRAPEFRUITS27COCONUTS5MELONS/HONEYDEW24PEACHES3ORANGES23GRAPES2APPLES8CHERRIES2We inquiry 100 women...Name a music instrument that looks like your body.94VIOLIN25HARP9GUITAR16BASS8TUBA13SAXOPHONE6CELLO13TRUMPET4Name the sport that feels finest when you"re fully naked.93SWIMMING66WATER POLO2WRESTLING12FISHING2VOLLEYBALL4TENNIS2SOCCER3BASEBALL2Name miscellaneous a nurse could do to make a patient feel good.93GIVE MEDS48NEW PILLOW/TUCK IN6TALK/LISTEN10MASSAGE/RUB6SMILE9SING/SERENADE3SPONGE BATH8MAKE OUT/HUG3Name miscellaneous on your body you"re happy you only have one of.93NOSE44BELLY/WAISTLINE6BELLOWING BOOTY15NAVEL4MOUTH/TONGUE9CHIN4HEAD8BRAIN3We inquiry 100 women...Name miscellaneous that renders a guy look sleazy.93BAD HAIR/GREASY40BEARD/STACHE9TIGHT PANTS13JEWELRY/CHAIN3TANK/OPEN SHIRT13TOUPEE2SAGGING PANTS11BAD/GOLD TEETH2A beautiful nurse doesn"t look really sexy as soon as she"s stop a what?93BEDPAN37CIGARETTE3NEEDLE31HEART/BODY PART3CATHETER/PEE BAG7CUP of WHIZ/TO DRINK3ENEMA BAG6RECTAL THERMOMETER3Name miscellaneous elephants carry out in a very large way.93WHIZ/LAY CABLE35BATHE6WALK/STAMPEDE19DIP THE WICK4EAT13DRINK3TRUMPET/SNORT10SNEEZE3Fill in the blank: A mam tells her husband, "You have to be part woman due to the fact that your ______ is for this reason big."93BISCUIT/BUTT31EGO/HEAD7CHEST27BRAIN/IQ3MOUTH10HAIR3HEART/LOVE9BELLY/WAISTLINE3Name a lost item you"d dislike to view sticking out of the cat"s litter box.93JEWELRY/WATCH29DENTURES5TOOTHBRUSH21LIPSTICK4KEYS19MONEY/WALLET3CELL PHONE9BIRTH CTL./DIAPHRAGM3Name something a dog pees on that you"d it is in shocked to watch a person pee on.93FIRE HYDRANT29COUCH/FURNITURE7FLOOR/CARPET18CAR/TIRE5TREE/BUSH15FENCE/ELECTRIC3PERSON/SHOE13GRASS/MY LAWN3Name something you can get on your rear end at a nudist camp.93SAND/DIRT26LEAF/GRASS5SUNBURN25A PERVY NUDIST3BUG/BITE/TICKS17POISON IVY/RASH3SLAP/PAT11TATTOO3Name a ticklish spot where your dog to know to lick you.93MY FEET/TOES26MY LEG/KNEE5MY NECK22MY BELLY/BUTTON3MY EAR/INSIDE IT19MY ARMS/PITS3MY FACE/CHEEK12MY HAND/PALM3We inquiry 100 women...It"s difficult to be a woman. Yet name a factor you wouldn"t desire to it is in a man.92HAIRY BOD/SHAVE FACE38THEY SMELL4WANG/PEE STAND"G27CAN"T have actually BABIES3WORK/PAY because that STUFF11THEY go BALD2ALWAYS MACHO5GOTTA transaction W/ WOMEN2Name other Olive Oyl can tell Popeye he has to change about himself prior to she"ll get married him.92QUIT smoking PIPE36NEW JOB/NO SAIL"G6DIET/LESS SPINACH17ODOR/SMELLY URINE4VOICE/CHUCKLE12BOD/FOREARMS4NO FIGHT"G/BE NICE10FACE/SQUINTY EYE3We asked 100 women...Fill in the blank: I"d recording my guy if I uncovered a ______ in his pants.92A HO"S phone #33A VA-JAY-JAY3A CONDOM31A HO"S PICTURE2A HO"S PANTIES/BRA15LOVE note FROM HO2A HO4NECKLACE/JEWELRY2Name something you could need to help you get out of your skinny jeans.92SCISSORS32POWDER2OTHER PERSON29A ROOM2OIL/CRISCO14PLIERS2CROWBAR9A HOIST/WINCH2Name other you"d dislike for someone to execute right in your face.92SPIT31LIE8SNEEZE14TALK/YELL/CUSS6SPREAD butt & FART14COUGH5BURP11BLOW SMOKE3Name one details thing a corpse could be attract if his funeral is casual.92JEANS29HAWAIIAN SHIRT8SHORTS20TRACK SUIT5T-SHIRT/NASCAR TEE14TRUNKS/SPEEDO4PAJAMAS8POLO/GOLF SHIRT4If there to be a baby Olympics, phone call me what among the events can be.91CRAWL/100-METER57BEST NURSER5POO/DIAPER FILL-UP8SPIT-UP3CRYING/SCREAMING7TODDLING2BOTTLE TOSS7ROLLING OVER2Dogs understand about ten words. Name one of those particular words.91SIT54THEIR NAME5COME11STAY4WALK6FETCH3FOOD6TREAT2Oh no -- i was utilizing super glue and now mine finger"s grounding to my what?91FACE/EYELID44EAR4HAND/FINGERS19TABLE/COUNTERTOP3HAIR/TOP that HEAD10"PINK WEASEL"3CLOTHES6TUSH2We asked 100 married men...Name something friend aren"t permitted to touch in your own home.91WIFE"S PURSE/$39THERMOSTAT8WASHER/LAUNDRY12TV REMOTE6STOVE9WIFE"S CLOTHES5MY WIFE8ALCOHOL4Name miscellaneous that might be leaking whereby a plumber would certainly be no help.91BLADDER/BODY33GROCERIES/MILK3THE ROOF22FRIDGE/FREEZER3CAR/TIRE21SECRETS/DATA2GAS LINE5BALLOON2We request 100 men...If you think you could be going there, phone call me something you hope they have in hell.91ICE/WATER33AIR CONDITIONING11ICE CREAM/FOOD17A means OUT2GIRLS12FUN/HUMOR2BREWSKI/BOOZE12TV2You"d it is in suspicious around a task interview if they wanted to meet you where?91BAR/NIGHTCLUB33HOME/BEDROOM9STRIP JOINT13CAFE/MCDONALD"S5ALLEY/STREET CORNER12PARKING LOT4HOTEL/MOTEL11RESTROOM STALL4Fill in the blank: once a nudist goes the end on a date, she can wear her best what?91JEWELRY33SMILE9SHOES/HEELS11MAKEUP/BRONZER7HAIR CLIP/BOW10HAT7PERFUME9HAIRDO/WIG5Name miscellaneous you"d execute if your day ate off your plate.91EAT turn off THEIRS31LEAVE/DUMP THEM7SLAP/STAB HAND15STOP EATING6SHARE/GIVE to DATE14SAY SOMETHING/YELL6LAUGH/SMILE COYLY8ORDER MORE4If you want to it is in comfortable in the afterlife, what need to you wear when they bury you?91PAJAMAS/NIGHTGOWN27SHOES/SLIPPERS9SWEATS15JEANS6NOTHING14UNDIES/LINGERIE5T-SHIRT10SHORTS5In your nightmares, what is your boss doing come you in ~ work?91YELL"G/INSULT"G ME26FLIRT"G/KISS"G7FIRING ME24KILLING/EATING ME5WHIP"G/TORTURING13WATCHING ME4PILING top top WORK9GETTING LUCKY3Name miscellaneous you can stuff in one of Pillsbury Doughboy"s buns.91WIENER/MEAT26JAM/JELLY7CHEESE17CHOCOLATE/CHIPS7BUTTER14CINNAMON7RAISINS/FRUIT8LUBED FINGER/FIST5We request 100 women...Name a card game that describes your love life.91HEARTS22POKER6SOLITAIRE22GIN RUMMY6OLD MAID17GO FISH5UNO10WAR3We request 100 women...If you desire to attract a man, name a food you must rub almost everywhere your body.91BACON22PIZZA6CHOCOLATE18BBQ SAUCE4STEAK17STRAWBERRIES/FRUIT4WHIPPED CREAM17HONEY3Name miscellaneous a man can reach for if his zipper division at work.91STAPLER21PAPER CLIP10PIN/SAFETY PIN19FILE FOLDER7TAPE11HIS DANGLING DINGUS7HIS COAT/SWEATER11PLIERS5Name a component of her body you might use come play "Jingle Bells."91HANDS/FINGERS19BELLY13MOUTH/TEETH16JINGLE BALLS5BOOBS/NIP RINGS15NOSE5ARMS/ARMPITS14CHEEKS/JOWLS4We inquiry 100 women...Name a good-looking talk show host you prefer to clock on TV when you"re making love.91ANDERSON COOPER15MONTEL WILLIAMS11STEVE HARVEY13CONAN O"BRIEN10JIMMY FALLON13DR. OZ10HARRY CONNICK, JR.13CARSON DALY6Name other a man has actually that a woman could wonder if it"s real.90HAIR53A JOB/WITH CIA5ROLEX/JEWELRY11BANK ACCOUNT3ANKLE SPANKER6INTELLIGENCE3MUSCLES/6-PACK6TEETH3Name miscellaneous a woman does the gets a man"s blood press rising.90TALKS/ARGUES/LIES45LAP DANCE3SHOPS/SPENDS $20DRESSES SEXY3GETS NAKED12CHANGES her MIND2CHEATS on HIM3DRIVES2Fill in the blank: Banana ______.90BANANA SPLIT41BANANA PUDDING5BANANA BOAT14BANANA CREAM/PIE5BANANA REPUBLIC12BANANA PEEL4BANANA HAMMOCK6BANANARAMA3Name miscellaneous that"s romantic come a woman however sappy to a man.90MOVIE/BRIDGET JONES35POETRY3FLOWERS30LOVE LETTER/CARD3CANDLELIGHT9SLOW DANCING2MUSIC/SERENADING6ROMANCE NOVEL2We inquiry 100 women...Name one occupation whose sexy men might show increase in her dreams.90FIREFIGHTER33DOC/PLASTIC SURGEON9CONSTRUCTION15MODEL7EXOTIC DANCER11COWBOY3ACTOR10MASSEUR2Name something you"d dislike to it is in in the center of when your cat decides to jump on you.90ROMANCING THE BONE31A BATH/SHOWER9EATING19DRINKING5PEEING/POWER DUMP12COOKING3SLEEP"G/DREAM"G9A FIGHT2Name miscellaneous some men do v their hair the looks stupid.90COMB-OVER28GREASE/GEL IT8MAN BUN/TOP KNOT15PONYTAIL/PIGTAILS8MOHAWK/FAUXHAWK11COLOR/FROST TIPS5SPIKE IT10SHAVE that BALD5Name miscellaneous a man would hate to realize he inherited indigenous his mother.89BODY/MASSIVE JUGS46HER DEBT3PERSONALITY/NAGGING19CLOTHES/PANTIES3FACE/CHICLET TEETH8HER VOICE3HEALTH ISSUES4BALDNESS/HAIRLINE3Name something a farmer"s wife likes to clock the farmer do because it transforms her on.89MILK lock TEATS!42RIDE TRACTOR4PLOW/HOE17PLANT/HARVEST4BALE/STACK HAY11RIDE A HORSE4DRESS/UNDRESS5CHURN BUTTER2Name miscellaneous you never ever want to see your mommy wearing.89LINGERIE/NIGHTIE38MY CLOTHES3BIKINI/SWIMSUIT35HER date of birth SUIT2TIGHT PANTS/JEANS4HOSE/FISHNETS2MINISKIRT3CROP TOP2We request 100 married women...Tell me something her husband is complete of.89DOODY35KNOWLEDGE7LOVE13EXCUSES5HIMSELF12"HOT AIR"4HUMOR/JOKES10GAS3Fill in the blank: A girl can say, "My mom doesn"t like my boyfriend"s" what?89"TUDE/PERSONALITY30CLOTHES/MOCCASINS7HAIR/PIGTAILS18CAR/VW VAN7TATTOO/OF ME NUDE9JOB6FAMILY/6 KIDS8UGLY/PSYCHO FACE4Name other Captain Hook must constantly remember to carry out with his good hand, no his hook hand.89WIPE HIS BOOTY29EAT3SCRATCH/RUB one ITCH28WASH3PICK/BLOW NOSE14BRUSH HIS HAIR3SHAKE HANDS/HIGH-57PEE & shower IT2At Christmas, name a decorate a wife can wear in the bedroom through nothing rather on.89MISTLETOE/ON NAVEL28GARLAND8BOW/RIBBON20A WREATH3SEXY SANTA SUIT15JINGLE BELLS3TINSEL9LIGHTS3Name miscellaneous the worst male stripper in the human being might only have actually one of.89OUTFIT/PICKLE POUCH24EYE8TESTICLE/BRO GLOBE20TIP/DOLLAR6LEG/FOOT11PATRON/FAN6ROUTINE/MOVE10NIPPLE4Name something you"d see grandma wearing the tells girlfriend she"s searching for a brand-new man.89MAKEUP/EXTRA BLUSH23PEARLS/JEWELRY7DRESS/SKIRT21LOW-CUT BLOUSE5LINGERIE/NIGHTIE15FALSE TEETH5HEELS/NEW SNEAKERS8NEW HAIRDO/WIG5Name someone you"d it is in surprised come see cigarette smoking a joint.88THE POPE/CLERGY31GRANNY/GRAMPS5MY PARENTS24A COP3ME!10A KID/MINE3PREZ/POLITICIAN9MOTHER-IN-LAW3Name something a guy loses in the divorce the his ex-wife might send that a photo of her brand-new man using.88CAR/TRUCK56LAWN MOWER3HERSELF/HER BOOBS8HIS CLOTHES/ROBE3HOUSE7BED3BOAT5TV3We asked 100 women...If you can test-drive a man, wherein would you take it him come see exactly how he performs?88STRAIGHT come BED38HIGHWAY/OPEN ROAD4KITCHEN25OUTDOORS/MTN. HIKE4STORE/MALL5MOM"S/FAMILY GATHER"G4HOTEL/RESORT4RESTAURANT4Name a reason you wouldn"t desire to it is in a frog.88SHORT LIFE/EATEN21TOO WARTY10EAT BUGS14CROAK/DON"T TALK9I hate WATER/SWIM"G12HAVE come HOP6TOO SLIMY12GREEN ISN"T mine COLOR4If her boss called you into his office, what would you not want to view him holding?87PINK SLIP56SEX TOY/WHIP3FINAL PAYCHECK7WEB HISTORY/EMAIL3WEAPON6MY WIFE/MATE3HIS DINKY6BOX/BAG to PACK3If he thought in the afterlife, surname something the Hugh Hefner might say he want to be hidden with him.87PLAYMATES/BABES51HIS PIPE4PLAYBOY MAGAZINE9VIAGRA4HIS ROBE & PJS8BUNNY EARS/COSTUME3HIS MILLIONS6BREAST IMPLANTS2Tell me somewhere couples yes, really shouldn"t begin making out.87CHURCH/TEMPLE46PARK/PLAYGROUND4CAR/FREEWAY11ELEVATOR4STORE/MALL9CAFE/WAFFLE HOUSE3MOVIE/PLAY7FUNERAL/BY CASKET3We inquiry 100 married women...Name a reason your husband can never beat James Bond.87TOO FAT/NOT FIT37CAN"T usage A GUN7NO ACCENT9DOESN"T DRINK7TOO OLD9NOT A MANSLUT6BALD8TOO SHORT4We inquiry 100 married people...Besides the obvious, surname something it would certainly be fun to carry out naked through your spouse.87SKINNY-DIP36HIT BEACH/SUNBATHE4BATHE/SHOWER26DANCE3HOT TUB/SPA8PLAY TWISTER3WRESTLE/IN MUD4WATCH MOVIES/TV3Name other a male should have prior to telling his wife he desires a divorce.87A an excellent LAWYER34A PRENUP5CASH/SWISS ACCOUNT20BODY ARMOR/CUP4PLACE to CRASH10LIFE INSURANCE4A REASON7DIVORCE PAPERS3If Abraham Lincoln were on a date site, name something he"d say about himself that would certainly appeal to any kind of woman the today.87TALL DRINK O" WATER31TRENDY BEARD3HONEST31EVERYONE"S EQUAL3I"M THE PREZ, YO8SLIM/SWIMMER BOD3BRAINIAC5STRONG/BIG HANDS3At the stage deli, what sort of sandwich should be called the Steve Harvey special?87HAM28MEATBALL7ROAST BEEF14TURKEY6BOLOGNA13REUBEN/CORNED BEEF6PASTRAMI9CHICKEN/DARK MEAT4If a friendly ghost resided in your house, surname something quite it can do because that you.86HOUSEWORK/COOK57GRAB ME A BEER/WINE3SCARE OFF/IN-LAWS11BE mine BUD/CHILL3TURN light ON/OFF5CHECK ~ above KID/PLAY2MASSAGE ME/CUDDLE3ENTERTAIN/TAP DANCE2A woman shouldn"t intend her man to cuddle once he"s in the middle of what?86WATCH"G TV/SPORTS44REPAIRS/FIX"G CAR7WORK/MEETING9DRIVING3EATING9PAYING BILLS/TAXES3SLEEPING8A WHIZ/DUMP3We asked 100 women...Tell me a nation where friend think the men are sexier than American men.86ITALY35SPAIN6FRANCE15IRELAND4AUSTRALIA12BRAZIL4ENGLAND6NORWAY4We inquiry 100 women...If a rude guy calls your breasts melons, what food could you speak to his package?86WIENER33RAISIN6PICKLE/GHERKIN16CUCUMBER5PEANUT/NUT13BANANA4GRAPE6BABY CARROT3Name other the nicest jail in the human being would have in every cell for the prisoners.86FLAT-SCREEN TV33FOOD/KITCHEN6PRIVATE BATHROOM15SPA/HOT TUB5COMPUTER/WIFI12CELL PHONE4NICE BED/BEDDING7KEYS/EXIT DOOR4When Mr. Potato Head plays piece poker, what"s the very first thing come go?86HAT32EYES5NOSE19HAIR/TOUPEE5EARS11MUSTACHE5SHOES/FEET5GLASSES4We asked 100 married women...My guy thinks he"s a lion in the bedroom.

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However he"s an ext like a what?86PUSSYCAT/KITTEN30TIGER9LAMB15APE/MONKEY4BEAR/TEDDY BEAR11PIG3DOG/PUPPY11RABBIT3Name something a man can decorate his beard with at Christmastime.86TINSEL19GLITTER/SPARKLES11ORNAMENTS14MISTLETOE9RIBBONS/BOWS12CANDY/FOOD6LIGHTS11COLD, WET SNOW4Name a hot food that a warm babe might contact herself.84HOT TAMALE34HOT FUDGE/SUNDAE3CHILI/PEPPER28HOT/SWEET POTATO3HOT CHOCOLATE6TACO3CHERRY PIE4HOT WINGS3If he had a fatality wish, name an pet a man might compare his wife"s foot to.84ELEPHANT33GIRAFFE3BIRD/OSTRICH21COW/BULL3HIPPO13GATOR/CROC3BEAR5MONKEY/APE3Name an pet that provides a sexy sound.83CAT/IN HEAT54BEAR2TIGER9GOOSE2LEOPARD6DOLPHIN2LION6SHEEP2Name other surprising that Judge Judy could be hiding under she robe.83GUN27BOOZE/FLASK5BIKINI/SEXY DUDS18SNACK/TUNA SANDWICH4FIT naked BOD14PAJAMAS3TOY9PET/HISSY KITTY3We inquiry 100 women...Fill in the blank: i love a man with ______. Too negative my man doesn"t have it.83HAIR20HEART/COMPASSION7MONEY18HUMOR/CHARM6BRAINS/SENSE13HOT BODY4AMBITION/A JOB11CLASS/MANNERS4We asked 100 men...If your medical professional was one amateur magician, what can he pull the end of his bottom?83THERMOMETER18RABBIT11STETHOSCOPE17NEEDLE5HIS BILL13GAUZE4SCALPEL12GLOVES3Name the most famous thing come ride at a nudist camp.82BICYCLE30WAVES/SURFBOARD5HORSE20CAMEL3EACH OTHER13SEESAW3WATERSLIDE5BOAT/RAFT3Name something that would certainly upset a woman if her guy did it best after the kissed her.82WIPED HIS MOUTH27BRUSHED TEETH5BURPED19LEFT/DUMPED HER4SPIT13YAWNED4THREW UP6MADE FACE/CRINGED4We asked 100 married men...Name something your wife wants you to avoid doing.82SNORING18BURPING9FARTING/DUTCH OVEN16SMOKING7WATCHING PORN12BREATHING5CUSSING/AT KIDS11LEAVING chair UP4Name a specific part of her body you would lick if you had a tongue the dimension of one anteater.82MY TWANGER18MY BELLY/BUTTON9MY ELBOW14MY CHIN7MY EAR/CANAL12MY BACK6MY RUNNY NOSE11MY TICKLY TOES5Name a question you think females ask Steve Harvey every the time.81MARRIED/SINGLE?40WHY STACHE?/REAL?4RUB your HEAD?12WHERE to buy SUITS?4BOXERS OR BRIEFS?8LOVE ADVICE?4HOW OLD?5WHO space YOU?4Fill in the blank: You must never tell your ceo that she"s what?81BORDERLINE OBESE38WRONG5MEAN/CRABBY11LAZY3CUTE/HOT10HO3DUMB/BOX O" ROCKS8OVER THE HILL3Name an appliance that describes your moves in the bedroom.79BLENDER20MICROWAVE6OVEN/STOVE16VACUUM/HOOVER5WASHER16SLOW COOKER5TOASTER7MIXER4Name something some world do and also don"t care who"s watching.78PICK your NOSE30TALK/YELL6DANCE13YAWN4KISS/GROPE/PDA10PEE4SCRATCH/ADJUST8EAT prefer A PIG3Name a place where you protect against making eye contact with people.78RESTROOM/PEE TROUGH26ELEVATOR7JAIL/POLICE STN.12MALL/STORE6BAR/FULL O" SKANKS10DOCTOR"S OFFICE5SUBWAY7CHURCH5Name something people do v their fingers.78SNAP "EM23PICK your NOSE6TYPE/TEXT18COUNT6LICK/SUCK top top "EM8WRITE/FINGER PAINT5EAT7CRACK KNUCKLES5Some noses room the shape of what certain food?76BANANA25BROCCOLI3PEAR22CAULIFLOWER3CARROT13GRAPE3CHEESE WEDGE4POTATO/MASHED3Name something you did at job-related that was inappropriate.71MAD/CUSS/FLIP OFF16FLIRT/KISS/SPANK9SLEEP/ALL 8 HOURS11BOINK/ON DESK6TALK/GOSSIP/JOKE11LIE4FART/IN lunch ROOM10SURF WEB4Name something the wipes friend out.69EXERCISE/RUNNING26KIDS/GRANDKIDS5WORK14BOOZING it UP5SUN/HEAT7TOILET PAPER3TAPPIN" warm TAIL6HOMEWORK/TESTS3Name an alcoholic drink a stripper might contact herself.64MARGARITA11MARTINI9TEQUILA11SEX on THE BEACH7BRANDY10BUTTERY NIPPLE4BLOODY MARY9SCREWDRIVER3Name something on a auto you"d it is in surprised a doctor referred to as one of her body parts.61BUMPER13STICK SHIFT/GEAR6TIRE/WHEEL11HORN5HEADLIGHTS/LAMPS10HOOD/ORNAMENT5TRUNK6ENGINE/MOTOR5Back to index