Solute KMnO4 Soluble/Not dissolve in Water (A.1) Cyclohexane (A.2) determine the Solute as Polar or Nonpolar (A.3) Sucrose vegetable oil NaCl is dissolve in water, yet I, is not. Explain. State the basic solubility rule worrying the polarities that a solute and also solvent.
Calculations B.4 Solubility is expressed as the number of grams that solute in 100 mL of water. Due to the fact that you provided a sample of 5.0 mL of water, the fixed of the solute friend measured out and also the 5.0 mL that water space both multiply by 20. & KNO, 5.0 mL water 20 20 g KNO, - 100 mL water = Solubility (g KNO, per 100 mL water) collect the solubility outcomes of various other KNO, solutions and also their solubility temperatures from the other teams of student in the lab. B.5 Prepare a graph the the solubility curve because that KNO. Plot the solubility (g KNO/100 mL water) top top the upright axis and the temperature (0-100°C) ~ above the horizontal axis.
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Completed table is in the uploaded picture:


Ques 1: NaCl is soluble in water, but I2 is not. Explain.

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Ans: NaCl is soluble because it is made up of charged ions. Itcan communicate with dipoles in water molecules.

But I2 is organized together by covalent bond. No the atom ofI2 molecule is fee or attracted to water. The itermolecularattraction between I2 molecule are because of dispersion of electroncloud and also not as result of charge.

Ques: State the general solubility rule concerning thepolarities that solute and also solvent.

Ans: basic solubility rule worrying the polarities the soluteand solvent states that " choose dissolves like" i.e. Polar solute issoluble in polar solvents when non-polar solutes are liquified innon- polar solvents. E.g. In the table above sucrose gift polar issoluble in polar solvent (water) and also I2 (a non-polar molecule) issoluble in a non polar solvent (cyclohexane)

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