What started out as a class on memorizing the planets, climate turned right into a laboratory song, and has now become a new children’s book.

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Kristofer Cacciotti, the author of “My very Excellent Mother simply Served us Nine Pizzas,” says he and a friend had planned on developing an children’s educational YouTube channel, yet when the idea dropped through, he knew he had to still obtain the rhyme down on paper.

The location is from a lesson that Cacciotti learned in institution as a way to psychic the stimulate of the planets. The names Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto were much more easily remembered with the an initial letters making up the mnemonic: “My an extremely excellent mother just served us nine pizzas.”

The publication takes readers from planet all the means through the solar system and teaches many interesting facts follow me the way.

“This is just how I mental the name of the planets cultivation up. However, together you check out in this book, Pluto has actually now no been considered an official planet due to the fact that 2006. So, now, rather of “serving ripe pizzas,” mommy serves united state “nachos.”

The publication is obtainable for purchase in person at PL bargain Deals on Lasalle Boulevard and also Serendipity day Spa on Durham Street, wherein owner, Monique Lacasse is happy to aid with the sales.

“The more I can do for the neighborhood the better and so for us, it to be just straightforward thing come do, and it’s for a an excellent cause. A lot of clients space coming up and even human being that us don’t even know space coming increase to get a book and also we’re no necessarily the easiest place to tackle or to get to, but they’re making their means up here and they’re purchasing the in assistance of the family,” she said.

Cacciotti claims “It’s humbling and also a small bit overwhelming how much support there in reality is.”

2 dollars from the revenue of every book will it is in donated come Sick youngsters Hospital in Toronto, i m sorry is a place close to Cacciotti’s heart.

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"Our son, Everett, was born through a severe heart disease called Ebstein’s Anomaly, and they cure him in-utero for 6 weeks. Castle performed open up heart surgical treatment on him in ~ birth, an additional open heart surgical procedure at 7 months, and he’s in reality at Sick kids right currently recovering from open up heart surgical procedure number three.”

it’s been just over two weeks due to the fact that the book was first made available to the public, and also already, 300 copies have been purchased.

friend can likewise order a copy through contacting the writer on facebook or Instagram (citysworld705), or through emailing him in ~ kristofercacciotti