“ancient bacteria” have the right to be autotrophic or heterotrophic and can live in places without oxygen. They room prokaryotes and have no nucleus.

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Eubacteriaunicellular prokaryotes; some are autotrophs and some space heterotrophs. They have actually a various chemical make-up 보다 archeabacteria.
ProtistSlime molds and also protozoans are part of this “junk drawer” kingdom that way it contains all kinds of things! They deserve to be autotrophs, heterotrophs, imreparable cells or multicellular. All protests are eukaryotes and also have a nucleus. Protists the live in new water are referred to as protozoans.
FungiMold, mushrooms, mildew and also yeast room all eukaryotes that feed ~ above dead or disk organisms. They room the decomposers that the food chain
Plantsmulticellular eukaryotes. All plants are autotrophs and get energy from photosynthesis. They carry out energy come the things over them top top the food chain.
AnimalsAll pets are multicellular eukaryotes. Pets are heterotrophs and also eat other organisms.
Classificationgrouping things based upon similarities. Placing things into teams make things easier to study
Taxonomythe study of how living things are classified
Binomial Nomenclaturewhere each organism is provided a two-part name
Carolus Linnaeuscreated the naming mechanism for living points that consists of the genus and also species
Genusa classification system the includes similar organisms
Speciesa comparable group the living points that deserve to mate and also produce fertile offspring
Seven level of Classifying OrganismsThese levels are listed from basic to more specific. The more characteristics biology share and also the more classification systems that organisms share, the more they have in common.

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Evolutionthe procedure in which a species gradually alters over time. This concept was published by Charles Darwin.
Taxonomic Keya series of combine statements that describe the physical characteristics of various organisms. These can additionally be referred to as dichotomous keys
Archaebacteriaprokaryote or eukaryote; autotrophic or heterotrophic; unicellular; uncovered in the warm spots of the ocean; some space helpful; ancient
Eubacteriaprokaryotes; autotrophic or heterotrophic; unicellular; might be great or negative bacteria
Responsethe reaction to a stimulus
Stimulusa adjust in an organisms environment
Reproduceto develop offspring similar to the parents
Homeostasisthe body’s capacity to maintain stable internal conditions
Unicellularhaving one cell choose bacteria which are the most plenty of organisms ~ above Earth
Spontaneous generationthe mistake idea the living organisms have the right to arise from non-living sources