At just 48 minutes of game time, the NBA basketball video game is the shortest of all the major sports v a game clock the theoretically does no stop. Of course, that does protect against quite a bit for fouls, timeouts, commercials and quarter breaks and also it deserve to have overtime durations if the score stays tied in ~ the finish of the game. The longest basketball video game ever collection the document longest basketball game by going into 6 overtime periods. Each overtime period adds 5 minutes to the game.

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The longest game in NBA history was play on January 6, 1951 between the Indianapolis Olympians and the Rochester Royals. After ~ 78 minute of gameplay and also a record 6 overtimes, the longest basketball game concluded v a fairly low score that 75-73 in favor of the Olympians. This to be a short scoring season and also was one of the critical seasons prior to the organization moved to step up team scoring, presenting the 24 2nd clock 4 seasons later. Ironically it was the shedding Royals who finished 2nd in the western Division. In the postseason they winner the NBA Finals by defeating the brand-new York Knickerbockers. The eventual winner that the longest video game in NBA history, the Olympians, went on to complete fourth in the western Division. Castle were pushed out that the Western division Semifinals by the Minneapolis Lakers and their star facility George Mikan.

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More recently, the longest basketball took ar on November 9, 1989 in a game between the Minneapolis Bucks and also the Seattle Supersonics. It to be the longest video game in NBA background in the thirty 5 years due to the fact that the adoption of the 24 2nd clock in 1955. The game ended at the finish of the fifth overtime with just a one point difference, 155-154, in donate of the Bucks. The score to be 103-103 in ~ the finish of regulation but extended come a total of 73 minute after neither team might quite do the last basket in overtime. In fact, Seattle has actually a opportunity of tie the game and making this the longest basketball game ever yet came increase 1 suggest short throughout its 8-0 at the finish of the game.

Several career records were collection during this marathon game. For Dale Ellis, the Supersonics star, it was a record scoring night through 53, a career high. Twenty of those points came during the 5 overtimes. That also collection a record that stands now for the most minutes for any player during an NBA video game with 69 minutes. Top top the winning side because that the Bucks, freshman Ricky Pierce make a career-high in scoring by putting in 36. No team had actually remarkable seasons after this game. The Seattle Sonics let go the playoffs altogether finishing with a .500 record which was an excellent enough for fourth place in the western Division, equalling the Houston Rockets yet losing the tiebreaker criteria. The Bucks made the playoffs only to fulfill the Michael Jordon-lead Chicago Bulls, who bounced them the end of contention easily.

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