Pawn Stars: The 30 many Expensive things To Come v The Shop end the years, Pawn Stars has seen part incredible, and also rare, items come with their doors— some even too expensive because that their very own good.

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In 2009, the background Channel premiered a television show around a ras Vegas pawn shop named the civilization Famous gold & silver Pawn Shop. The show, Pawn Stars, began something the the show"s creators were no expecting. They started an entirely brand-new reality tv genre. Antiques Roadshow, was the an initial but that did not have actually the assistance or popular to it is in a leader. Pawn Stars paved the method for shows choose Storage Wars and also American Pickers to end up being hit shows due to the fact that of the excitement viewers obtain from uncovering a surprise treasure that had actually been concealed from the human being for many years.

The idea of discovering what an item"s worth is, or if that is even real, has given viewers a possibility to track in week after week, hope to view something amazing that to be sitting in someone"s attic for every these years.

Pawn Stars offers their fans exactly what they want each episode by special items that may or might not be precious a ton. The show is full of other hilarious moments between the Harrison boys but what really provides the show an excellent is when someone walks in with an object that turns out come be worth $100,000, or maybe also more.

Over the years, the show has watched some incredible, and rare, items come through their doors and also we went with all the episodes to discover the 30 most expensive items ever before to get in the shop.

(Note: not all items were purchased. The price featured in this write-up are because that the worth of the item, not the selling price.)


john Reznikoff was brought into the shop because that an episode of Pawn Stars, to authenticate an autographed copy that the original The Godfather script. The was taken into consideration to it is in an professional authenticator that autographs and certainly looked like someone you would certainly assume to be an skilled in something the does not need you come be seen in public.

Reznikoff took a magnifying glass and also analyzed the autograph prior to finally comes up with the decision that the was, in fact, Al Pacino"s autograph and the script was worth $2,000. However, as it would later on turn out, the signature was actually from producer Al Ruddy.

But when they to be filming the show, castle went through Reznikoff"s information and also offered just $500. The owner turned them down and also later marketed it in ~ an auction because that $12,000.

as soon as the owner of an antique delivery bell came right into the store, she asserted it was from a ship owned through the Dutch eastern India agency back in 1602. Whenever someone provides a case that their item is something that can be precious a pretty great chunk that change, they quickly start to doubt that validity.

One of the main reasons this items was taken into consideration a forgery was since it was merely in too an excellent of a condition to have been underwater. Therefore after an professional was lugged in, and to the Harrison family"s surprise, the was confirmed the genuine deal and was worth a whooping $15,000.

Most civilization inherit land, businesses, or family members heirlooms favor old paints or a arsenal of baseball cards. But rarely do people inherit a rare, unique, Spanish empire gold peso which to be actually minted in Peru. This rare find was lugged into the shop through Jody, its owner, and she knew she had actually something the was worth a lot of money, she just wasn"t sure exactly how much.

From what she discovered, act her very own research, she valued the coin it s her at $18,000. Its worth came indigenous the story behind it. In 1715, that was part of a giant treasure of booty worth practically $14 million that was being carried to Spain ~ above a fleet of pearls leaving Havana. It did no take long for the males to strike a deal and also they made the purchase for $11,000.

27 Isaac Newton"s an individual Copy of "De Natura Fossilium" ($20,000)

Just due to the fact that we watch something on Pawn Stars, walk not median it is true. In other words, us only acquire to see some of the hundreds of items the come v the shop monthly, and also some are genuine while some room fake. Every item has an owner and also every owner cases that what they have actually is the genuine deal. The was the situation when a copy that the 1546 "De Natura Fossilium" showed up on the respond to one episode.

The book came v all the markings and a book plate that certified that was in reality owned by sir Isaac Newton. It to be a publication that was stored in his library and because the that, had actually amazing value. The experienced told lock it was worth $20,000 however the owner still offered it because that $7,000 making that a terrible deal because that the seller.

Long prior to The background Channel turn this straightforward little ras Vegas Pawn Shop into a multi-million disagreement corporation, rick Harrison was working himself to the bone, doing whatever he could to make a profit. Among those deals stays the best of his life, and also it all happened before anyone to be filming.

About 26 year ago, a mrs came into the shop with 4 sets of American Indian photogravures. Castle were every done by Edward Curtis. Without having any type of knowledge, or endure with these varieties of items, Rick had no idea what it to be worth and the owner merely wanted $50 for the set. So he took it and also it turned the end to later on be discovered that these were very rare and valuable, and also worth virtually $20,000. It stays his biggest return that investment.

25 The Egyptian Cartonnage Mummy Mask ($30,000)

If we might only have Pawn Stars lug in Dr. Phineas Kastle as soon as an illustration and provide us with interesting information around Ancient Artifacts. That is, as lengthy as that is not off what on a safari. His over-the-top fashion sense, and also incredibly great mustache, renders us truly think every solitary word he says.

So as soon as he to be asked to pertained to the shop and verify if a customer"s ancient Egyptian mummy mask was the actual deal, it take it him a couple of seconds before knowing that we were looking in ~ the genuine thing. He placed the value roughly $22,500 however said it to be so unique, it could go higher to a collector. Corey made decision he want this piece and also eventually had no choice but to salary the asking price that $30,000 to own it.

To recognize this item, you require to have actually a far better understanding of world history. More specifically, European history in 1795 when Poland to be actually separation into three parts with Russia getting the largest component of the land. The emblem of Poland, since the 1300s, to be the white eagle illustrated on this item. But when Russia take it over, castle simply included it to your emblem, the two-headed eagle, i beg your pardon is checked out at the bottom the the piece.

So that is Polish however not in a feeling that it came from Poland however rather had ties come Poland thanks to Russia owning it and creating this beautiful item that is as close to Faberge top quality as the comes. Rick tells the authenticator that he to buy it because that $6,000 and also found the end it was worth, in ~ least, $30,000.

23 1842 5th Edition book Of Mormon ($40,000)

Pawn Stars has actually a list of experts that specialize in various various things native autographs to antique jewelry, yet there is only one that has actually grown right into a celebrity on her own and also it is Rebecca Romney, the manager of Bauman Rare books in ras Vegas.

Since getting here on a couple of episodes as a rare publications expert, she has actually turned right into an internet hit and also now is taken into consideration to be one of the many well respected professionals on the show. She was brought in to analysis someone"s fifth edition copy the the book of Mormon, which turned the end to be worth $40,000, so rick made a deal with the owner at $24,000.

together it turns out, there to be a most shipwrecks from the past 600 years, plenty of of which Spanish. Stack has currently bought one indigenous a fleet of pearl in 1715 and now was looking at an even previously piece the history, a gold bar the is asserted to have been component of a 1554 Spanish shipwreck.

The owner got this piece of gold after clean his attic and noticing something that was most likely worth a good amount of cash. ~ hearing that the meltdown worth of it was $24,000, negotiations started to discuss buying it. The owner the the bar was available $35,000 and also he took it. That would later turn out to be worth $50,000.

21 1915 Panama Pacific Octagonal gold Coin ($70,000)

rick does not simply sit in his office, or the shop, all day, waiting for civilization to bring in cool items. In fact, in recent years, he has actually gone on roadway trips to take it a look at items to bring back and market to personal buyers he currently has inside wall up. The 1915 Panama Pacific Octagonal yellow Coin was a rarely one the he traveled to Florida"s greatest coin display just to uncover it.

He was able to uncover two that them and also ended up convincing the owner the it to drop his marketing price from a firm $70,000 down to $67,050. He conveniently made the deal and was may be to bring it back to be offered to a seller he already had inside wall up.

Not very often walk the initial owner the a guitar walk right into the shop and shot to market his own guitar. However, as soon as Vic Flick showed up with his guitar, no one knew that he was, external of the guitar skilled himself. As it turns out, Vic Flick is the male that taught few of the greats consisting of Jimmy Page.

Imagine a man claiming to have taught Led Zeppelin"s legendary guitarist, Jimmy Page, how to pat the dang thing bringing in his very own guitar for Rick come buy. The in itself is just one of the most unique moments in the show"s history and ~ confirming who he was, rick made the acquisition for a smooth $55,000.

19 1932 Ford Roadster version B ($75,000)

when Rick made a house contact to check out a seller"s 1932 Ford Roadster version B, back in season 7 of Pawn Stars, that was in close to perfect condition, the was no expecting to walk far owning it. He carried his son along for the ar trip and also when lock both tried to acquire into it, castle realized simply how little it was and that it to be nowhere near a practical auto to drive for themselves.

Rick carried Danny, his auto guy, and also expert in practice vehicles, the end to the home to take a look and he evidenced the worth of this auto to be around $75,000. After shooing that away, stack turned come the seller and also began to negotiate a transaction for the car. After ~ a really stressful negotiation, they resolved on $68,250, not a poor deal.

The 2014 Hertz Penske GT Mustang only had 150 the them built with the very first ten Mustangs turn off the line going come Hertz VIPs and other executives. This was also the only GT Mustang with a six-speed hands-on transmission. So, in bespeak to provide it a real test ride, Rick carried in a buddy, NASCAR driver Joey Logano, who obtained to take it it on the ras Vegas NASCAR track and really tear that up.

The rarity of the vehicle makes it one of the most well-known GT Mustangs constructed in the past couple of years. Joey approximated it to be worth about $75,000 and the seller started negotiations best at $75,000. Rick readily available $60,000 and also did not offer a cent more. After a couple of back and also forths, Rick continued to be with $60,000 and also eventually do the transaction work.

17 copper O.J. Simpson statue ($80,000)

Not only was this among the most unique items that has ever gone into through the doors that Pawn Stars, it to be actually carried in by none various other than lab superstar, and the inventor of wearing a wall surface clock approximately your neck, Flavor-Flav. The statue provided to sit by his pool at his notorious Rockingham Ave house in Los Angeles.

When he carried the statue right into the shop, the was completely expecting it to lug in $125,000. He actually acquired it once he did a radio interview and also the station had actually the statue and also wanted to provide it come him. As crazy as that sounds, no deal was struck because Flavor-Flav was not budging ~ above his $125,000 request.

In one of the many surprising moments in Pawn Stars history, a seller came into the shop looking to unload a piece of jewel they obtained from a relative without knowing exactly what they to be in possession of. The seller verified them the Spider Brooch and Rick quickly examined it, looking very nervous and also excited come the suggest of virtually crawling the end from behind the counter to scream. He knew he to be holding something extremely valuable but the owner go not have actually a clue about it.

She just wanted a couple thousand dollars for it and also Rick shocked anyone by providing her $15,000. He can have taken the deal and ran off with a crazy steal yet he just had actually to be honest, come her, somewhat. As it transforms out, that is worth $80,000, do his $15,000 purchase a good deal still.

15 1932 Lincoln Roadster ($95,000)

it is not really often the Rick provides a resolve a seller the ends through him providing someone actual yellow in exchange because that an item, let alone a 1932 Lincoln Roadster. But when he was approached through the owner, who goes by the surname "Uncle Phil," that a 1932 Lincoln Roadster, he to be drooling in ~ the possibility at owning together a rare vintage vehicle.

Uncle Phil acquired the auto from a museum a few years back and to be looking to acquire $100,000 for it, naught less. This beautiful ride might be worth the $100,000 he was looking for, however Rick deals in a buy and sell business and also this form of item would be challenging to sell because of such a minimal market. Uncle Phil was not going come negotiate until the idea of marketing him yellow came around and the transaction was struck for $95,000.

Former new England Patriots protective back, Brock Williams, showed up at the shop one day all set to make a transaction for his commemorative 2001 Super key championship ring. The is not frequently that an yes, really Super key championship ring provides it into the shop so Rick to be giddy with excitement over the ring when he experienced it.

What do this ring so collectible was exactly how ridiculously beautiful the was, extended with 143 diamonds and also is do of 14-karat white gold. It was the an initial time a ring exceeded the NFL"s dominion on expense limits. Rick finished up buying it because that $2,000 together collateral for a loan and also kept it after Brock never returned to gain it. That is currently worth $100,000.

13 1922 Proof tranquility High Relief dissension Coin ($100,000)

among the rarest coins in American background is the 1922 Proof peace High Relief disagreement Coin. If you ask any kind of coin collector, they would certainly tell you that not only is this among the most amazing coins girlfriend will ever before see ~ above Pawn Stars, they would certainly love to very own a Proof peace Dollar Coin, and not just this one. It is among those couple of coins that space legends in the denomination universe.

The seller of the coin finished up winning the in a map game and wanted $20,000 because that it when he came right into the building. Yet after an professional came in and also took a look at it, that price shot approximately $100,000. After ~ Rick identified a good price point, $80,000, a transaction was struck and both parties walked far happy.

Stephen Stills to be a member the the Rock and also Roll group, Crosby, Stills, and also Nash, and is a legendary guitar player. When a young male showed up through it in the shop, it did no take really long prior to an skilled verified the authenticity of it. Jesse, his local guitar expert, loved the guitar, a rare 1941 Gibson SJ-200, and also even allow the owner know about it. The guitar itself was worth $75,000, at least, yet being owned by Stephen Stills turned that price up one more $20,000.

After he left, the negotiating began with the seller in search of $90,000 yet Rick offered $85,000 and eventually struck a deal. Among the factors Rick loves guitars is since of how conveniently they fly off the shelves at pawn shops.

11 200 Pounds of silver ($111,000)

The owner, Jeff, that 200 pounds, or 3,000 ounces, of pure silver chose it was time to acquire paid ~ above the invest his father told him about when he was younger. For this reason he wheeled right into the shop with sacks and bags of silver. From bars to coins, every little thing was pure silver.

The only problem was a large silver bar that can have to be filled with other steels so Rick had to check it, which was cool to see exactly how that to be done, and found out it was the actual deal. The offer then come in because that $111,000, yet that was the absolute most they might do for the silver because of the restricted amount of profit margin it would carry him.

You simply read around the time stack purchased 200 pounds the Silver, however what about the time that ran into a seller looking to unload four one-kilogram yellow bars, an item that looks prefer something native an action film? These yellow bars were beautiful and also if you never have actually held a gold bar, that is definitely a rare discover for the Harrison boys.

Since they have not purchased every single high disagreement item that has found its means into the shop, this is just one of their biggest purchases ever, having made a transaction that allowed them to take the four bars and also flip them conveniently for $128,000.

9 "Ides that March" roman inn Coin ($150,000)

some stories are just too exceptional to be true, favor the one around this roman coin called the "Ides the March" and also its 2000 year old existence. The coin was lugged in by a collector named John who to buy it back in the mid-"80s from another collector. The knew precisely what he was in possession of and also when asked to do a deal, he claimed he want $150,000.

After Rick lugged in a coin expert to authenticate the validity that the coin, the expert conveniently advised rick to purchase this coin ~ stating that it was conveniently worth $150,000. The coin"s owner felt good about his sales price and would not go below $140,000. A deal was never struck and also the coin left v John.

Guitars have always been among the much more valuable items come come through pawn shops. The ones that date earlier to the absent era tend to be worth a ton and always seem to find themselves make it right into the shop choose this one did. The only distinction is the the owner that the guitar showed it come Rick and also then claimed it belonged come his "Aunt Mary" and she offered to beat it v her husband, Les Paul.

It was one of those moment that remains one of the biggest in Pawn Stars background because they were looking in ~ a 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul etc that to be played through the wife of the male who developed it. That is like having actually Babe Ruth"s grandson bring in a signed rookie card of him. It does not acquire much much better than that. After an expert evidenced the worth of the to be close come $150,000, a transaction was produced $90,000.

7 initial Where the Wild Things space Artwork ($310,000)

together Pawn Stars continues to get bigger and bigger, each and every solitary year, for this reason does Rick"s bank account. He has actually gone from making some cool deals in his shop to traveling to exclusive sellers and local certified dealer to make uses on incredibly rare and unique item that space worth enormous amounts of cash.

This one in specific remains among the coolest and that has to do with exactly how rare it is. He to be approached by a dealer that had original artwork because that the book Where The Wild things Are and also that do them one of a kind. The initial asking price was $350,000, yet Rick make a play for them at $250,000 and also a transaction was done.

because there room not very many of previous President john F. Kennedy"s cigar humidors floating around, whenever one shows up choose this, the value of it can be mixed. The box even featured some untouched cigars, additionally belonging come the previous President. But in bespeak to figure out a value, it to be going to take it a small research.

When it showed up in ~ the store, rick knew he had actually something of value and also had a price in mind. After some challenging negotiations, a deal was produced $60,000. Sotheby"s controlled to find an additional one and auctioned it off for $575,000. The pretty much way this item is precious every single penny.

5 Jimi Hendrix"s 1963 Fender Stratocaster etc ($750,000)

among the most amazing items to ever before come right into the shop to be Jimi Hendrix"s 1963 Fender Stratocaster electric Guitar. The serial number ~ above the ago of the etc was the quickest means for them to identify it as the actual deal due to the fact that that certain guitar is actually a documented Jimi Hendrix play guitar. When the owner brought it right into the shop, the knew it had actually a ton of value, however was blown away as soon as the guitar experienced revealed his number of $750,000 come $1,000,000.

That was when one that the coolest moments turned right into one that the ugliest. Rick heard the numbers and tried to sell him $500,000 appropriate out the gate. His next offer was $600,000 and also the owner knew it to be not even close to fair. It was practically an insulting offer for miscellaneous that should fetch close to a million bucks at an auction and also the owner walked with it steady in his grasp.

as soon as it involves music, The Beatles are among the five greatest musical teams of all time. Their music is timeless and continues to be play in 2019. They have actually sold 600 million albums approximately the world and also have had actually 20 Billboard No.1 fight songs because they made decision to form the group practically 60 years ago.

But nobody of the would have been possible without an main contract, i m sorry was written up and also signed by john Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and their manager, Brian Epstein, ago in 1962. That original, and also the only one in the civilization today, was lugged into the save one day and the seller want a cool one million cash because that it, no a penny less. It was a little bit much and also they simply had to pass.

3 Robosaurus ($1,000,000)

over there are only a few things the have ever before passed v the doors the the world Famous yellow & silver- Pawn Shop the were virtually impossible to happen on and the Robosaurus was conveniently one the them.

The Robosaurus is a 40-foot tall robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex robot that can breathe fire and crush vehicles using his robotic hands. It is a legendary robot the was constructed in 1989 by Doug Malewicki and has to be featured ~ above television, and almost even obtained its own collection on NBC in 1992.

The owner"s asking price was $5 million. To avoid offending the inventor the this exceptional robot, they determined to not even respond to with an offer and also they just had actually to let that walk.

O.J. Simpson"s white Ford Bronco, that he was in the work the LAPD to be going to arrest him, is among the many iconic celebrity vehicles of every time. Once he discovered out the police to be coming, the panicked and also took off, with Al Cowlings as the driver, in the Ford Bronco.

The pursuit turned right into one the the most-watched moments on tv because practically 130 million world tuned in come watch together he tried to outrun the cops. When it was lugged to him for purchase, Rick practically could not turn away indigenous this exceptionally rare piece of American history. However, the owner was searching for $1.25 million, leave Rick v a choice to make. He eventually had come pass.

1 George Washington"s 3-Piece colonial Suit ($2,500,000)

In respect of Pawn Star"s 500th episode, they chose they were going to perform things a little differently and also go after big ticket items. So stack headed off to check out Brian, a private dealer, in regards to some Presidential memorabilia that he was looking to sell.

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But once Brian unveiled the item, it was a 3-piece suit as soon as worn by George Washington ago in the 1750"s. ~ the fit was unveiled, Rick was amazed and really wanted to purchase it. However Brian, that bought the in one auction, was not really looking come sell and also threw the end an asking price of $3 million. That dropped it under to $2.5 million, yet a deal never ever happened and also Rick had actually to walk far empty handed.