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On the location screen, as soon as you have all 5 gold stars, push them in this order: S Comp, G Comp, S Comp, M Comp, SS, SS, black color Ace, then the title screen will change

At the location screen, organize L and also press G Comp Star, M Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, and Black Ace Star. He"ll show up in the Meteor G Ctrl CC, i beg your pardon is situated in the orbital Base

After you"ve completed story mode, the video game will reset that self. Then, friend will check out a brand-new title screen together with either Geo, Omega-Xis and also Shidou says "Shooting Star Rockman 3" instead of "Ryuusei no Rockman 3".

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Go to the large Wave store in Echo Ridge. As soon as inside talk to the orange Wizard stop a surfboard at the right of the store. He will certainly ask you for a Cipher Code. Enter them correctly and you get a reward.

Password:Effect:mega42348"DblEater" fight CardPi62739"WickdFlame" battle CardDelta86531"AirSpread3" battle CardZeta78695"KiloBomb1" fight CardLamda09373"BigDrop3" battle CardMu13420"Bushido3" fight CardNu31121"MechFlame3" fight CardOmicron74574"BubblHook3" fight CardPi95941"IceSpin3" battle CardRho17385"ThndrHead3" fight CardSigma66019"FlashStrk3" battle CardTau78431"Shuriken3" battle CardUpsilon79755"AcornBomb3" fight CardPhi24914"MuTech3" battle CardChi83559"DrillArm3" battle CardPsi07280"BeastSlap3" fight CardAlpha40352"SpadMgnes V3" battle CardBeta20976"DiamndIceV3" fight CardGamma31412"ClubStrngV3" battle CardEpsilon71083"JackCorvsV3" battle CardZeta11702"DreadJokrV3" fight CardEta67300"AcidAceV3" battle CardTheta78108"CygnsWingV3" battle CardIota16196"WolfWoodsV3" fight CardKappa34080"DrkPhntmV3" battle CardMu66767"MoonDstryV3" battle CardNu73618"SiriusV3" fight CardOmicron64221"StrngSwngV3" fight CardSigma08312"AirShoes/260" AbilityTau90338"MegCls+1/270" AbilityPhi40588"AntiDmg/250" AbilityEta28274"Virus claw (1/2/3)" WeaponChi78584"Gale claw (2/1/2)" WeaponPsi09659"Danger Ring (2/2/3)" WeaponOmega68805"BN Blaster EX (1/5/2)" WeaponEpsilon07292"HP+50/110" AbilityAlpha53637SmEngryDelta51999SmEngryTheta32596D.EngryIota20404UnlockerTheta71782SrchEyeAlpha85072SmEngryGamma19606SmEngry