We, unaccustomed come courageexiles native delightlive coiled in shells the lonelinessuntil love leaves its high divine templeand comes right into our sightto liberate us into life.Love arrivesand in its train come ecstasiesold storage of pleasure

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ancient histories of pain.Yet if we space bold,love strikes away the chains of fearfrom our souls.We are weaned from ours timidityIn the flush of love"s lightwe challenge be braveAnd unexpectedly we seethat love expenses all we are

এক দেবদূতের পরশ ।। মায়া এঞ্জেলো(bn)

Yes this words because that love is do really true. And suddenly we check out that love prices all we are and will ever before be. Yet it is just love i m sorry sets us free....these words room so really true. Beautiful expression.

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