Maxwell AFB is the proud house of many units connected with flight. From Air university to the waiting Force an are Command, the basic caters come both temporary school assignments and permanent duty stations. The community and base have actually historical ties come the bright Brothers who opened up the bright Flying college in 1910.

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Maxwell AFB and also its linked Gunter Annex likewise have a solid connection to Montgomery, the bear of the Civil legal rights Movement. Locals and also tourists alike appreciate the access to essential historical website such as the Civil rights Memorial Center and The nationwide Memorial for Peace and also Justice.The surrounding ar refers to each location with a selection of names: Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Maxwell AFB, Gunter Annex, and also on occasion, Gunter Field, or Gunter Air pressure Station, both of which are nods to origins in Air force aviation history.

Active Duty and also Reservists room stationed here and serve in locations such as Air University, the 42nd Air base Wing, the 908th Airlift Wing, Headquarters Operations and Sustainment systems Group, and the wait Force room Command.


The Patrouille De France soars throughout the sky over Maxwell during the basic Air show 2017 in ~ Maxwell Air pressure Base, Ala.

(U.S. Air force photo/ an elderly Airman Alexa Culbert)

Frequently request Questions about Maxwell AFB

1. What is the Tri-County Region?

The counties the Berks, Chester, and also Montgomery comprise this group. Practically 13,000 army members live and work there.

2. What is the river Region?

North that Montgomery, the Coosa and also Tallapoosa rivers sign up with to form the Alabama River. Locals consider Montgomery and also the surrounding neighborhoods of Prattville, Millbrook, and also Wetumpka to it is in the river Region.

3. Once is the waiting & an are Show?

Maxwell AFB is home to the cherished heritage of the yearly air & space Show. The event is held in April and hosts famous names such as the Thunderbirds and Wings of Blue in enhancement to festivities and historic planes come tour.

4. How many entrance gateways are there on Maxwell AFB and also Gunter Annex?

Maxwell AFB has three gateways with distinctive operating days and also hours: Maxwell Boulevard Gate, Kelly Street Gate, and Day Street Gate. Gunter Annex operates two gates separate native Maxwell AFB: Congressman Dickinson Dr. Gate and Dalraida roadway Gate.

5. What is the zip password for Maxwell AFB?

The zip codes because that Maxwell AFB space 36113 and also 36112.

6. What is the BAH because that Maxwell AFB?

BAH for Maxwell AFB varieties from $1191for E-1 to $1485 because that E-9 with dependents, and also from $1254 for O-1 come $1824 because that O-7 v dependents. The price of living at Maxwell AFB is lower than the nationwide average. See housing section for an ext info.

Base Location and also Information


Military Installations in the Maxwell Area

Maxwell AFB is located in central Alabama, in north-northeast Montgomery, Alabama. Gunter Annex is about 17 mile northeast that the key sites that Maxwell AFB. Less than 3 hours' journey time gets you come Atlanta, Georgia, because that a weekend getaway, while Birmingham, Alabama, serves as straightforward day trip around 1.5 hrs away.

The city center of Prattville is 10 mile northwest the the base, and also the city facility of Millbrook is around 10 mile to the northeast. Additionally northeast that the basic is Wetumpka, AL at around 25 mile distance.


Image indigenous Canva

Montgomery has a prospering downtown through surrounding areas that have distinctive personalities and also residents. The art and music scene and also nightlife tasks prevail downtown, but many military families enjoy life in Prattville, Millbrook, and Wetumpka.

This area is likewise known together the Tri-County Region. The counties that Berks, Chester, and also Montgomery type the group and house around 12,500 active duty members, Reservists, civilians and also contractors.

Military members evaluate the affordability that the region, durable warm seasons, and also easy access to plenty of recreational activities, specifically when the heat and humidity crank up. River tasks flourish together the Coosa and also Tallapoosa rivers sign up with to kind the Alabama river which runs north of Montgomery. Kayakers, canoers, boaters, and also families hoping to go in riverside uncover plenty of opportunities in the river Region.


The Greg Shelton Wing walker team performs during the Heritage to Horizon air Show, April 8-9, 2017, picture from Maxwell Air force Base, Ala.

An Air pressure base wouldn’t be finish unless there to be an air display to feature! Each year in April, Maxwell master the air & space Show. The free, full day show features aerial displays, planes from WWII, and the return of the lover United claims Air force Thunderbirds. Also look for perennial favorite, wings of Blue, the USAF’s skies diving team.


The Air force Thunderbirds perform during the Heritage come Horizon waiting Show, April 8-9, 2017, photo from Maxwell Air force Base.

Life in ~ the Max is the catch-all publishing that offer the Maxwell population. Both online and also in print, Life at the Max provides vital base information straight related come servicemembers and also their families. Reader find community news, event schedules, and directories. Various force support topics space highlighted, such as: education, job information, and lodging.Newcomers uncover guidance on just how to maximize the Air pressure lifestyle top top Maxwell. Typical offerings favor food and also fitness outlets and shopping methods are listed.


Map via air University

Getting around the Maxwell Area

Maxwell has three gateways with distinctive operating days and hours.

Maxwell Boulevard Gate has actually 24/7 access.Kelly Street gate is open Monday v Friday 0600-1800. Closed weekends holidays and also AETC family members days.Day Street door Monday with Friday, 0600-1400, all traffic;1400-1800 outbound web traffic only. Saturday through Sunday, 0600-1400 all traffic. Close up door holidays and AETC household Days.

Gunter Annex has actually two separate gateways from Maxwell.

Congressman Dickinson Dr. Gate has actually 24/7 access.Dalraida road Gate Monday v Friday 0600-1400 every traffic; 1400-1800 outbound traffic only. Saturday-Sunday, 0600-1400 every traffic. Closeup of the door holidays and AETC household Days.


Aerial check out of Montgomery, Alabama. Image indigenous Canva.

Depending on her home’s location, Montgomery Transit supplies bus transfer to Maxwell on paths 6, 7, and also 12.

Because of its main location in Alabama and within the U.S., Maxwell has direct access to multiple major state and federal roadways, starting with Montgomery’s intersection the I-85 (East) and also I-65 (North and also South).

Residentsnotice an uptick in traffic as summer beach months approach. I-65 offers the shortest street to famous beach towns prefer Gulf Shores, Alabama, and Pensacola and also Panama City, Florida. When the significant interstates space jammed from an abundance of traffic as result of road work, accidents, or vacation traffic, smaller state-operated roads such together U.S. Course 31, U.S. Route 231, U.S. Path 331, U.S. Route 80, and U.S. Path 82 are the bail the end roadways.

Offical Site: Maxwell Air force Base


Maxwell AFB Area roadways via Zip Data Maps

Arrival Lodging

Base lodging because that initial lodging requirements – Air pressure Inns

Maxwell AFB On-Base Housing

Maxwell household Housing is managed by hunting Companies. Over there are an ext than 500 historic and also traditional dwellings situated throughout Maxwell and Gunter Annex.

Housing is consisted of of 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom homes. Not only are active duty members available housing, but so room those serving as DoD federal employees, nationwide Guardsmen, and also retired military members. The applications for on base housing is online, yet you’ll need to call Maxwell family members Housing to discuss current wait list times.


Image via Maxwell family Housing

Maxwell family Housing:

400 eastern Maxwell Boulevard

Montgomery, AL 36113

Office: 334-262-1630

Leasing: 888-666-2652

Maxwell AFB real estate Management Office: 953-2781/9406/9446

Maxwell AFB Off-Base Housing

View houses for sale and also houses for rent close to Maxwell-Gunter AFB.


Image from Canva

Base Search

City Search

On base housing is limited, therefore the bulk of military families live in off base housing. Rental dwellings tend to be the many in demand, specifically for college student assigned come Maxwell for shorter lengths that time. Due to the low expense of living and also affordable real estate in the area, those permanently assigned come Maxwell often consider purchasing a home.

Geobachelors, or spouses that leave their family members at previous cities or duty stations when they finish their time at Maxwell, are common. They tend to discover apartments, mutual homes, and also vacancy in military real estate on Maxwell.

Military families headed come Maxwell AFB are pleased to find the cost of life affordable in the cities bordering the base. Montgomery offers the large city feel with downtown living following to cultural activities, while well-known cities such together Prattville and Millbrook market suburban conveniences.

Wetumpka is desirable for those trying to find land and also privacy and also the chance to acquire away native work-life stress. Many commutes are less than 10 miles from Maxwell AFB, but the variety can widen to near 20 miles if access to a home with land is important.

Maxwell BAH

The straightforward Allowance for real estate (BAH) is a U.S. Based allowance identified by geographic duty location, salary grade, and dependency status. It gives uniformed company members compensation based upon housing expenses in local civilian housing markets when federal government quarters room not provided. Learn more about your simple Allowance because that Housing.

Maxwell AFB is in Montgomery, Alabama, v many options to purchase or rent. Maxwell AFB's BAH is close to the expense of living in the area. Some sample Maxwell BAH rates for zip password 36113:

E-1 v dependents:$ 1191E-1 without dependents: $1011E-9 v dependents:$1485E-9 there is no dependents:$1263O-1 with dependents:$ 1254O-1 there is no dependents: $1137O-7 with dependents: $1824O-7 without dependents:$1428

Maxwell AFB Area Weather & Climate

Wilderness Park in Prattville. (Air force photo by Airman first Class wilhelm Blankenship)

Alabama is in the heart of the Deep South and the weather lives up to its southerly tradition. High heat and humidity start late spring and run until about the finish of September. The staying fall and also winter month are quite pleasing and also temperate. Winter months can quickly see temperature in the 70s.The state of Alabama is classified as humid sub-tropical, v the northeast section of the state in the mountains usually much cooler.

Thunderstorms take place year-round, yet are most usual in the spring and summer. Tornadoes do take place here, as the state sit in the region of the U.S. Recognized as "tornado alley." The southern section of the state can additionally see hurricanes. Attach with Maxwell-Gunter AFB Weather sources to stay up to date on serious weather alerts and also preparedness.

Year-round activities near Maxwell are abundant. In enhancement to the iconic and must-see Civil civil liberties era memorials and museums, the an ar features a range of points to execute even throughout the sexty or wettest the days.

Outside, families enjoy u-pick farms like sugar Hill, festivals such together the Penton farms Pumpkin Festival, the end concerts play by the Montgomery Symphony, and of course the yearly Alabama national Fair every October. With background dating ago to 1854, the fair is a consistent draw of attendees, not just from Alabama, yet neighboring and distant states.

Gulf coastline beaches in Florida and Alabama are simply a couple of hours' journey away!

Maxwell AFB-Gunter Annex Area Schools

Students unloading at Maxwell AFB elementary/middle school. Photo from

The department of Defense Education task manages the Maxwell AFB Elementary/Middle schools that offer students Pre-K v grade 8. Students that live top top Maxwell in grades 9-12 to visit Carver senior High School, and Gunter students attend Lee High School--both of i beg your pardon are component of the Montgomery county Public institution System.

Maxwell AFB E/MS school Info

800 Magnolia Blvd, Bldg 538

Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6147

Phone: 334-953-7804

DSN Phone: 493-6533


Montgomery ar via us Census Bureau

Students at Maxwell have the alternative to attend colleges that room on basic or within three adjacent school districts: Pike roadway School System, Autauga county Schools, and also Elmore county Schools.

Montgomery publicly Schools operates a magnet college program and the newly created LEAD Academy is a charter institution in Montgomery.

Military families also have the choices of private and also homeschool education in the area.

Montgomery Catholic prepare SchoolAutauga AcademyPrattville Christian AcademyElmore county Homeschool AssociationAcademy days Homeschool Co Op

The Maxwell AFB school Liaison Officer assists family members who need help making the right education and learning decision for their family.

Support For armed forces Families


Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery via Wikimedia Commons

The Maxwell-Gunter AFB ar at huge is welcoming and supportive that military families in the area, i m sorry is why you’ll discover civilian community engagement every year long through miscellaneous events, from task fairs, to holiday celebrations.

Spouses who hope to job-related while stationed here frequently start through the biggest employers: Maxwell-Gunter AFB, the State of Alabama, Montgomery publicly Schools, Baptist Health, and also Hyundai engine Manufacturing. Career guidance is also obtainable through the Maxwell AFB human being Resources Office.

For household members who desire to additional their education, several organizations are obtainable on and offline, perhaps with army discounts. Maxwell is linked with lot of options: Alabama State University, Huntingdon College, Trenholm State ar College, and Troy University. Auburn university at Montgomery is likewise nearby.

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