BFMV have been to hell and back. Indigenous obscurity in south Wales to virtually losing whatever once they’d got to the top, they’ve taken their knocks and also now they’ve got a score come settle


You’d think you’d just dropped your shorts and also shat ~ above the coffee table. Bullet For mine Valentine are in the dressing room at new York’s historical Hammerstein Ballroom.

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It’s the first leg of your North American tour and they’re spring somewhat… icy.

Hey guys, how’s that going?

Moose steps into the loo, bassist Jay is at this time captivated by email and also doesn’t watch up. Padge lets out a long, skyward breath of a Winston cigarette as Matt – reclined ~ above a sofa – studies the tiny holes in the ceiling. The restroom flushes.

The toilet tank progressively refills

“Good,” he finishes.

You’re almost veterans that this location – does the bring back and storage of your four-night stint supporting firearms N’ Roses a couple of year ago?

A gust of Arctic wind blows tumbleweed with the room.

“Yeah, ns guess,” says Matt. “It was a good time, we always have a an excellent time.”

Okay, let’s reduced the shit: yes a reason for this. Earlier in January Hammer ran a review of Bullet’s Scream aim Fire. It to be an album groaning under the load of expectation, straddled by the curse that the an overwhelming second album, and not fairly the magnum opus Hammer hope for. You guys angry?

Matt perks up and leans forward, engaging for the very first time.

“Of course ns was upset – that wouldn’t be? ns was heartbroken. We’ve been analysis Hammer forever and it was hard to take it as just a review since we went v hell to complete that album. I was angry for about a mainly after I saw that. Ns don’t want anyone writing something false because they desire to it is in friends v us, however there’s one more side to this totality story of our album. If you dislike us, cool. Ns don’t want to sound like I can’t take criticism…”

“Especially with every little thing that taken place with Matt’s voice,” add to Jay, authorized us. “For a if there we were reasoning that it was every over.”

Breaking the silence, Matt Tuck and BFMV supporting The toxicity in 2007 (Image credit: Getty Images)

Matt’s looking tense – clearly this is something that’s reduced close to the bone with him, and, as they describe it, it’s basic to recognize why. Scream aim Fire was riddled with a far more serious difficulty than the huge anticipation neighboring it. Sure, yes sir Bullet’s stratospheric increase from your humble starts in southern Wales to world-beating chart-busters. From their The Poison debut in 2005 to selling over an extremely impressive 100,000 duplicates of their latest, they’ve taken their share the knocks, however none so mighty as when Matt, fan to 10 year of throat-ripping vocals, woke up one day in the center of the record sessions because that Scream… to discover he could no longer sing.

“Look, I’m entirely fine with opinions,” the says, at critical smiling v a glacier-melting laugh. “It’s prefer my life was over when I realised I’d shed my voice. I might see the end of my life in this band. That wouldn’t be sensitive about it?”

As lock explain, what seemed favor a straightforward problem shortly revealed itself to be a band-busting catastrophe. Experts were consulted, a voice coach – ‘the Queen the Scream’ Melissa cross – to be enlisted. The album to be delayed for six months when Matt re-learned how to execute something when as natural to him as breathing.

“We were all yes, really supportive, yet Matt just can not sing,” says Moose, conveying all the distress the a instance that could have checked out them shedding it.

“We really pulled with each other closer than ever before to assistance Matt, but none of united state knew whether or no this was going to work. It was entirely fucked up since at an initial it wasn’t getting better. We were having talks about whether we might go on without him, or probably just have Matt play guitar and bringing someone rather in . I didn’t want that, nobody of united state did. If Matt wasn’t going to it is in there i was going come quit. That his instrument. His voice simply wasn’t working. Wednesday talked about just having actually him on as a guitarist, however it wouldn’t have been the same. Every little thing we want to carry out seemed prefer it was over. You obtain angry once you’re helpless to readjust a shitty case like that.”

“I did,” says Matt, flatly. “I was being realistic. Ns didn’t desire to drag the men down and also I was obtaining really depressed about it. I’d gone because that years without any type of training or an approach and it simply fucked it because that me. I’ve been doing this for years, it was like learning just how to go again. The an initial show was new Year’s Eve, the album was done and also I was gaining ready come sing and it to be the first time it felt choose it was coming back, it was favor the an initial time i felt like myself.”

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What if the hadn’t worked out? Did girlfriend think about where you will do be now?

“Yeah, i did,” that says. “Look, ns love what i do. World don’t watch it, however this is a difficult job – native the minute you wake up up in the morning you are in this band, and also I’m no complaining yet I felt choose it to be too soon to it is in ‘that man who used to be…’, girlfriend know? I want to it is in doing this always, yet I’m realistic; it was simply too soon since we assumed we’d in reality made it.”

They speak you can’t walk home…

“I wouldn’t!” states Padge through a laugh that seems to mask a real concern. “People from earlier home, they imagine we’re some kind of huge shots or something. Lock think we’re too great to be around, but it isn’t choose that – we’ve gained a many on. Anyone sees us in different ways somehow…”

“It’s once you take a step earlier and friend realise you have to be grateful for every day you’re doing this that you realise exactly how lucky friend are. We’ve operated for this yet there’s a lot of luck in that too, and it’s a really tough thing to provide up. Ns was faced with that and also I never do desire to provide it up.”

And v that that time to gain out the the stuffy boundaries of the Ballroom and see a little of the city. Us walk with Manhattan – in ~ minutes Matt locates a wig shop. Naturally, the allure that sampling the cultural wares of one of the many gargantuan cities on earth is eclipsed by the prospect of comedy hair. A few fans – top top their method to a queue that’s to be coiling approximately the venue because this morning – spot the tape in disbelief and also ask because that photos. The band – currently wearing an assortment that hair-metal castoffs – happily oblige. Rather fire off texts to friends and also snap pictures of their own. They it seems ~ unconcerned through the possibility of gift swarmed by fans or bemused stares native passers-by trying to make feeling of your fashion statement. In fact, castle seem fairly proud of their new wigs.

It isn’t long, though, prior to it’s time to go back to the venue because that what, offered their story, seems a triumphant explanation of intent. It’s an utterly riotous group – and also incredible come think of these Welshmen’s humble beginnings just under 10 years ago. But it’s later on, when the band are on their tourism bus – quiet in wigs and also dancing come an assortment that Michael Jackson hits sustained by an countless supply that Crown royal – the just just how close castle are and also how lot they’ve been through is apparent.

“Here, take it these as a sign of peace,” states Moose, handing end a couple of stuffed dog from an evident supply in his bunk.

What’s the for?

“Because we’re nice guys. We space nice people. Put that in your magazine. Or fine come uncover you!”

This short article originally appeared in Metal Hammer #185.

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