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Description: Marksman Repeater 4.5mm .177 Cal. BB pistol Pistol. Caliber/ Gauge: .177 Cal Serial Number: 91146247 functioning Order: Firearm has actually not to be tested; elevator Check: not Required; Keywords: Firearms, Guns; Ref: BD1000

Artist Name: Marksman Condition: This BB gun is in good condition through wear commensurate v age, please see photos for details.
welcomed Forms the Payment

American Express, ko (cash on delivery), Discover, MasterCard, Visa, cable Transfer

Shipping every fees and costs linked with shipping are separate from the hammer price (winning bid), buyer"s premium and also sales taxes. The to win bidder / buyer is exclusively responsible because that the shipping.

December 6, 2020 8:00 am MST
sunlight City, AZ, united state


You agree to pay a buyer"s premium of up to 21.0% and any applicable taxes and also shipping.

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From: To: Increments:
$0 $99 $5
$100 $199 $10
$200 $999 $20
$1,000 $4,999 $50
$5,000 $9,999 $100
$10,000 + $200

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Terms and Conditions MILLION DOLLAR total AUCTION! 800+ numerous RARE, antique & modern-day FIREARMS, SCARCE AMMUNITION, gun ACCESSORIES, MILITARIA!

problems of sale

by registering to bid or place a bid girlfriend agree to it is in bound by every one of these terms & conditions, and any other announced terms and also conditions of sale or rule of this site. Arizona law will use to every legal disputes. This Bidder commitment ("Agreement") is made in between Pinnacle heritage Advisors llc dba Bradford"s Auction collection ("Bradford"s or Auctioneer") and the human or entity listed on this web page ("Bidder or Buyer"). Bidder agrees to be bound by the terms of this agreement with respect to all sales and also auctions conducted by Auctioneer. Bidder acknowledges that additional terms to this covenant may be posted and/or announced indigenous the auction block and also such added terms space deemed included into this covenant by this reference and are binding top top Bidder. DISCLAIMER every Lot is offered "AS IS-WHERE IS" "ALL SALES room FINAL", with all faults and defects and also all errors of description. Buyer hereby waives and releases Bradford"s from and against any claim, demand, liability, or expense of any type of kind emerging out that or related to the Lot. guns BUYERS obligation In accordance v Federal regulation every pistol purchase must be approved via a lift check. It is the obligation of the the person who lives to be conscious of his or her capability to pass a federal NICS check. That is the responsibility of the interstate buyer to be conscious of the laws of your state concerning the legality that receiving any type of item, and also for offering our third-party shipper v a receiving FFL Dealer in the bidder"s locale. All write-up 1898 firearms are required to be registered in compliance with both State and Federal laws. ARIZONA guns BUYERS Arizona inhabitants MUST pick-up in person. Any kind of local Arizona buyer of write-up 1898 guns MUST finish all vital registration creates at Bradford"s Auction Gallery. Neighborhood Buyers MUST have actually a valid ARIZONA identifier with current Physical Address. If your Arizona i would does no reflect her current deal with you MUST administer us with a secondary form of i would that consists of your exactly address. Arizona Gun certified dealer must have a signed copy of your Federal firearms License in order to accept delivery of modern weapons. Any DENIED BACKGROUND inspect WILL an outcome IN A REFUND MINUS A 25% restocking FEE. out OF STATE guns BUYERS the end of State Buyers are NOT permitted to pick up guns locally. Any purchases do by out of state buyers have to be shipped v our 3rd Party Shipper Westside Mail center to a valid holder the a Federal weapons License in the buyers local area ~ above ALL contemporary Weapons (Post 1898). The full expense of shipping and also packing will certainly be at the win bidders / buyers expense. The is your duty to carry out Westside Mail center with the FFL dealer that your an option and they space responsible for sending out the 3rd party shipper a copy of their FFL information. Weapons UNABLE to BE transport TO your STATE WILL an outcome IN A REFUND MINUS A 25% tide FEE and SHIPPING prices IF APPLICABLE. FEDERAL firearms LICENSE demands ONLY type 1, 2, 7 & 10 FEDERAL weapons LICENSES will BE ACCEPTED. It is bidders duty to understand the laws for guns in their State. (C&R) CURIO and also RELICS LICENSES will certainly NOT be ACCEPTED and also THERE IS NO exception TO THIS without PRIOR APPROVAL from BRADFORD"S AUCTION GALLERY. limitations FOR CALIFORNIA BUYERS CALIFORNIA residents CANNOT participate IN our FIREARM AUCTIONS unless THE BIDDER possesses THEIR own FFL LICENSE. Please examine your state legislations as over there may guns in this auction that may be legal yet magazines or stocks may not be legal in the state of California. Please describe the CA DOJ website because that a list of weapons for sale and also the Curio and Relics list. THIS IS YOUR obligation AS A BUYER. restrictions FOR BUYERS outside OF THE joined STATES because of Federal Regulations we unable come sell any firearm-related merchandise outside of the united States. the person who lives acknowledges and also understands; 1. Bradford"s does not make any kind of representations or express any type of opinions of its very own concerning any kind of Lot 2. Buyer has the choice to make his own examination of any type of Lot before bidding; and assumes all threat of any type of nonconformities in any kind of Lot. 3. Problem report inquiry are argued if you are unable to see the item in person. Problem report requests room answered in the bespeak they are received. That is at the auctioneer"s discretion come respond to any request sent out the job of the auction. 4. Buyer additional acknowledges that he has actually not relied upon any kind of Statements and/or oral or written depictions by Bradford"s consisted of in any catalogs or advertisements that any kind pertaining come the sale, consisting of without limitation statements concerning condition, genuineness or authenticity, originality, origin or provenance, previous usage or ownership, production or reconstruction processes, year or age, serial number, make, and/or version of any Lot or of any component of any type of Lot. 5. The person who lives represents the the quantity bid for any Lot is based exclusively on Buyer"s own independent inspection and also evaluation of the Lot. 6. Auctioneer is no liable for any issues worrying telephone bids, virtual bidding, and/or absentee bidding. 7. The person who lives assumes all risks linked with any kind of nonconformity of any type of Lot or any kind of component of any kind of Lot. 8. As a condition of participation in the auction, the person who lives represents the he will conduct any kind of inspections and also examination important to satisfy himself the all product facts before making any type of bid. 9. Auctioneer make reservation the absolute best to withdraw any type of item at any kind of time before its actual final sale, including throughout bidding. 10. Auctioneer at its discretion make reservation the right to refuse any type of bid from any type of bidder and not to identify a bidder. disputes The Auctioneer"s designation the a the person who lives is FINAL. The highest possible bidder recognized by the Auctioneer is considered the the person who lives of the item auctioned. If any kind of dispute to be to arise between two or more bidders, the Auctioneer make reservation the right and also the discretion; 1. To determine the successful bidder. 2. To refuse any type of bid from any bidder and/or no to acknowledge a bidder. 3. Uneven otherwise prohibited by law, before Buyer might initiate any legal proceeding developing out that or relating to any type of sale emerging as a an outcome of this Agreement, including, yet not minimal to concerns related to Seller"s depictions or statements concerning condition, genuineness or authenticity, beginning or provenance, previous usage or ownership, production or repair processes, year or age, serial number, make, design or mileage, or any other representation made regarding any Lot, buyer shall send to a mediation with Seller to be helped with by Bradford"s or that is designee top top the terms and conditions set forth by Bradford"s. buyer agrees not to join Bradford"s together a defendant in any activity or proceeding occurring directly or indirectly out of the condition of the many or any type of alleged representations concerning the Lot. If Buyer stops working to comply with this provision, the person who lives agrees come reimburse Bradford"s for every costs, expenses, and also fees, including attorney fees, in defense of such claims. REMEDIES/ Legal buyer hereby waives any kind of potential or actual conflict of interest natural in such a mediation procedure and agrees to safeguard (using counsel fairly acceptable come Bradford"s). Bidder acknowledges obligation for any personal injury or property damages caused by bidder or bidder"s agents, and further agrees to hold harmless Auctioneer and also the seller, and their respective agents, employees and also representatives for and also from (a) any and all personal injury come bidder and bidder"s agents, (b) any kind of property damage arising on the auction premises, and any and also all suits, claims, damages, costs and expenses the every kind and also nature which might or can be asserted against any the them as a result of the actions or omissions of bidder and/or bidder"s agents. Bidder hereby acknowledges the Auctioneer is an Arizona agency with that is principal ar of service in the State of Arizona. BIDDER specifically AGREES that THIS covenant SHALL BE construed UNDER THE SUBSTANTIVE regulations OF THE STATE of ARIZONA, that THE STATE courts OF ARIZONA SHALL have EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION over ANY action BROUGHT come ENFORCE THE terms of THIS AGREEMENT and also OVER ANY action ARISING the end OF THE basic TRANSACTION(S) v AUCTIONEER. Meet IS IN THE MARICOPA COUNTY superior COURT device OF THE STATE of ARIZONA. AMENDMENTS and also INTEGRATION. No waiver or change of any kind of provisions the this commitment shall be reliable unless it is in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Auctioneer or uneven it is publicly announced by Auctioneer indigenous the auction block prior to sale. Any kind of prior dental or written depictions or agreements between the Parties room superseded through this Agreement. The rights and remedies that Auctioneer under this agreement are cumulative and the use of any one best or remedy shall not preclude or waive the ideal to use any type of or all other remedies Auctioneer may have actually by law, statute, ordinance or otherwise. In any litigation or proceeding developing out of or pertained to this Agreement, buyer agrees come pay every one of Bradford"s attorney fees, costs and other prices incurred in link with the litigation or proceeding if Bradford"s is effective in together litigation or proceeding. This Agreement and also related Contract of revenue contain the whole agreement in between Buyer and also Bradford"s pertaining to the subject matter described herein. Any terms propose by buyer orally or in composing which add to, differ from or dispute with this covenant shall be void.


PAYMENT for WEAPONS: Payment for tools is NOT accessible through Invaluable or AuctionZip. Bradford"s Auction Gallery will invoice the client directly and payment have the right to be made straight to Bradford"s digital or end the phone. Acceptable forms of payment are financial institution Wire, Credit, Debit card or Cash top top pick-up. Regional checks or cashier checks are not accepted without front approval indigenous Bradford"s. Finish payment is required day that auction or top top receipt of an alert of a effective bid (if bidding together absentee, call or online bidder). Items no paid for after the 5 days following sale are considered non-collectable and bidder is marked as a nonpaying bidder and also could it is in banned native future auctions.