For some brides, deciding who to select as your maid the honor can be a tough decision. 

Should you pick your sister? Your finest friend native college? The friend that just had you as the MOH in she wedding?

Remember, simply asking someone to be a bridesmaid is a vast honor. Yes sir no need to feel guilty for singling the end one maid together your numero uno.

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But, if make the decision seems prefer an impossible feat, over there is a means around it:

Have two maids of honor instead of one!

Not sure exactly how to make it work? 

Here is our wedding etiquette guide for just how to have actually two maids that honor.

Should You have Two Maids that Honor?

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Having two maids of respect is perfectly fine … and also don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

After all, this is her wedding day. You make the rules and also can plan your day yet you want.

If you desire to have twenty bridesmaids, go for it. If you just want one, that’s fine too!

And if you’re super close through two people and also can’t choose in between them, then do them both a MOH!

Just allow them both understand up front the they’ll be share the spotlight. Do it clean to them that they are both super important to you and that there to be no means to pick one end the other. Possibilities are, they’ll love the idea.

If you’re having actually a huge bridal party, it deserve to actually it is in really valuable to have actually two maids of respect to help out through the wedding planning.

What is a maid the honor an alleged to execute for the bride? Find out in our Maid of respect Duties guide!

Make One a Matron of Honor

Is one of your MOHs married? You have the right to make a distinction by call the single one your maid the honor and also the married one your matron the honor. Brides have actually been law this for decades.

If neither room married, then they’ll both share the exact same “maid that honor” title. And also if both occur to it is in married, then technically you’ll have actually two matrons that honor. Either way works!

As quickly as you ask castle to be in your wedding party, permit them know that they deserve to share every one of the MOH duties together. They can even give a maid of honor speech with each other at your wedding agree (if they feel comfortable doing so).

Get castle Acquainted

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Do your 2 MOHs understand each other? If so, great! This is going to be a whole lot much easier (and friend skip to our next tip).

But what if castle aren’t currently friends?

If her maids of honor don’t understand each various other (or recognize each various other well), it’s up to you to obtain them acquainted months prior to the large day.

Let’s say one is your sister and also the other is your BFF from college. You understand them both inside and out, for this reason think about some things they have in common and spend part time helping them link over mutual interests.

Take them out for dinner and also drinks. Start conversations about things the you know they both love (besides you!).

Do everything you have to do to assist them gain along and also learn just how to work together. After all, the much better they obtain along, the simpler it will certainly be for you.

Let lock Both setup Important Pre-Wedding Events

The maid of honor is generally responsible because that planning the bachelorette party and also the bridal shower. Due to the fact that you have actually two, you deserve to let them decide for themselves that will arrangement what.

It’s finest to encourage them to work together and plan your occasions as a team. But if they’re really different people, it could be best to have actually each plan a various event.

Is one a mini Martha Stewart through a knack for party planning? allow her handle the shower. Is one a tequila-loving party girl? the goes there is no saying the she need to probably arrangement your bachelorette.

If they’re already friends that can work well together, they’ll more than likely want to setup your pre-wedding events as a team. If they’re not as close, they might prefer come divvy up specific tasks.

On the job of the wedding, there might be a the majority of maid of honor duties. Having actually two close friends to help you out deserve to keep the wedding to run smoothly and also on schedule!

Make castle Both was standing Out

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As the bride with two MOHs by she side, it’s your project to make certain that both the them feeling special and that both stand out from the remainder of the bridal party.

One way to perform this is to have them wear various dresses than the other bridesmaids. They have the right to wear the exact same dresses or each wear a different one.

Personally, us love the idea of having actually each MOH undertake a different dress. The way, also if the rest of her bridesmaids stay the very same gown, your bridal party can still have that cool, mixed-and-matched look.

Prefer to have everyone in your bridal party wear the exact same dress? 

Help her MOHs stand the end by carrying different bouquets or adding a glitzy belt to their dress. Even the littlest details will certainly make it noticeable that these room your go-to girls.

If you’re in search of the perfect bridesmaid dresses, head to a Bella Bridesmaids location near you!

Let them Walk under the Aisle Together

The maid of respect is the last human to walk down the aisle prior to the bride. If you have actually two, allow them walk under together. The way, they’ll understand that they room truly equates to in your heart.

Only having one finest man? No problem! as soon as the bridal party provides their exit after the wedding ceremony, your finest man can escort both of your lovely females down the aisle in ~ the same time.

But who have to stand closest to you while you’re saying your vows?

Here’s where it occasionally gets tricky.

The maid that honor generally stands closest come the bride and also holds the bride’s bouquet. If among your besties is a matron the honor, you can ask her to stand in the 2nd spot. But if lock both same MOHs, you’ll just need to decide that stands where.

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A good way to do them both feeling equal (regardless of where they stand) is to offer them various duties throughout the ceremony. 

Have one it is in responsible because that the groom’s wedding ring and the other hold your bouquet. This is a good way to honor both of castle without placing too much focus on that stands where!

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Deciding who to include in your bridal party is a huge decision, but it’s a funny one come make. And also if you can’t choose one maid of honor to stand the end from the rest, then go ahead and also choose two.

Remember, this is her day, and also you and also your fiancé can plan it yet you want!

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