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photograph of actress, singer and also dancer Lola Falana. She had actually a regular role in The new Bill Cosby display in 1972-1973.

Lola Falana born top top 11 September 1942 in Camden. She is a citizen of United claims of America. Lola Falana to be educated in ~ Germantown High School and Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School.

Lola Falana plays voice. She is an American actor, dancer and model.

Lola Falana has operated as a singer, tv actor, stage actor, film actor, dancer, nun, showgirl and also television presenter. She has been nominated because that a Tony award for ideal Actress in a Musical. She has actually has winner Theatre world Award. She has actually (had) the following medical conditions: lot of sclerosis.

She is additionally known as Loletha Elayne Falana.


Lola Falana has worked on the following films:


1985 western film

The Klansman
1974 film by Terence Young

A Man dubbed Adam
1966 movie by Leo pen
Lady Cocoa
1975 movie by Matt Cimber
The Liberation the L.B. Jones
1970 movie by wilhelm Wyler
Lola Colt
1967 movie by Siro Marcellini
Stasera mi butto
1967 movie by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti
Mary's floor
2013 film concerning Marian apparition

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