I am regularly asked what caused the production of rebab.net and what fuel my passion for doing as lot as I can to aid cats from everywhere the world live long and healthy lives.

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The second part of the question is straightforward to answer: i really love cats.

The very first part the the inquiry takes a bit much more explaining.

I never imagined that ns would end up being such an outspoken veterinarian about matters that optimal feline nutrition and also care provided that my primary focus straight out of veterinary institution was horse medicine. I never dreamed that i would finish up creating pages and pages detailing how to make a healthy diet because that cats, or passionately mentioning the prevention and management the feline diabetes and urinary tract diseases, or writing about the dangers of ‘dry pilling’ cats, or putting a litter box-cleaning video on the internet specifically considering the fact that the World vast Web was years far from also existing once I graduated from the college of California, Davis college of Veterinary medication in 1984!

So exactly how did I come to be so deep passionate about cat nutrition, general care, and also the assorted medical conditions that affect the cat that us share our stays with?

Austin, Robbie, and Anne Jablonski.

Let’s start with Austin that I am pretty sure was a long lost love indigenous a former life. I embraced Austin indigenous a shelter when he to be 4 year old. His time was running out and I am a sucker for the adults that no one wants. Plus, brown tabbies really carry out something because that me. Our hearts to be instantly connected and also when I had to say goodbye come him in 1998, ns was devastated. Ns still cry over him.

After shedding Austin, I want to do something to respect him therefore I started volunteering with a local cat rescue organization, TLC Adoptions, to salary tribute come my very sweet boy. Over the next 13 years, i rescued and placed about 550 cats and kittens in homes. Unfortunately, ns saw very quickly that we might never adopt our method out the the overpopulation dilemm since 

the math just does not add up. There room FAR an ext kittens gift born each minute than there are obtainable homes.

The prize lies in obtaining humans to become an ext responsible about spaying and also neutering.

During my years of joining in the rescue world, i spent many long hrs doing TNR job-related (Trap/Neuter/Return) of feral (wild/unowned) cat in order to prevent the suffering withstood by homeless cats and kittens living in a concrete jungle, and also to shot to do a dent in the big number of unwanted kitties that shed their resides in shelters every day.

I would often go on routine 3-4 day-long trapping marathons to stabilize huge feral swarms using catch that i designed and built for enhanced efficiency. This would entail starting to trap at roughly 7 or 8 PM, continuing to be out until 4 or 5 AM, then performing surgery until every one of the cats were spayed or neutered. After ~ a couple of hours of sleep, i would acquire up and start almost everywhere again.

I wish that I might say the rescue work is all around warm and fuzzy feelings – and also no sadness – however that could not be more from the fact of the situation. After ~ spending 13 years heavily affiliated in rescue occupational – and having it precise a significant toll on my love – i am currently taking a break and concentrating much more on helping cat live better lives all roughly the people through mine website.

So just how does my valuable Robbie fit into this picture?

If no for Robbie this website would probably not exist and I might still be feeding my cats a really unhealthy diet of dried food. Robbie is the cute brown tabby that adorns the peak of every rebab.net webpages and also who, if provided the chance, would spend his life wrapped about my neck.

I contact Robbie the “best ‘mistake’ of my life.”

I have had many animals grace mine life however my bond with Robbie is one of the deepest i have ever before had the privilege to experience. He truly is my furry little soul mate.

Robbie took his an initial breath in ~ 1 to be on April 6, 2001 when, at the last minute, I determined to perform a C-section top top his feral mother. I had spayed 6 pregnant cat the day before and also was emotionally spent over the fatality of 27 kittens. I was worn down at the late hour and also it would have been much easier to carry out a regime spay on Robbie’s mother however I simply could not take it the life that one more living creature.

It is essential in rescue occupational to spay pregnant cats. This is a reality of life provided the lack of easily accessible homes. I had actually spayed plenty of pregnant cats in the years prior to Robbie’s birth and I have actually spayed many more since then but that night a split second decision was made to carry Robbie right into the world and he has actually been my continuous companion ever since.

I immediately called mine decision a “mistake” because bottle feeding 6 newborns to be not straightforward task yet Robbie has actually quite literally adjusted my life so it is a decision I have never regretted.

Ok, so who is anne Jablonski and how does she number into the development of rebab.net?

Robbie had been handling diarrhea for many of his life and also being the dutiful vet that ns was, ns tried every prescription diet available. None of them helped and also I now cringe and get angry as soon as looking in ~ the ingredients v much more knowledgeable eyes. Currently that I understand what it way to it is in an obligate carnivore v a low thirst drive, i would need to be stranded top top a desert island with no various other food resource to think about putting those diets into a cat’s food bowl.

In December, 2002, in ~ the suggestion of a girlfriend of mine, i joined the Yahoo IBD group out of desperation. Nothing the veterinary ar had to market was helping – including the negative quality prescription diets, steroids, metronidazole, etc.

At the time, ns was feeding all of my cats a mix of Hill’s scientific research Diet Light dry food and also Iams Less active dry food through some NutroMax dried thrown in for variety. No canned food was fed because I came from the ‘old school’ i beg your pardon is complete of not-terribly-well-educated people, choose myself at the time, who feel that dry food is healthier 보다 canned food.

Unfortunately because that our cats, this could not be additional from the truth and when humans starts to establish this, us will have actually fewer sick cat in our world.

Anne to be the co-moderator that the IBD group and also after a heat welcome, she said in she always-polite delivery……“Um….Dr. Pierson….do girlfriend think girlfriend might consider feeding your cat a much better diet?”

Since I have actually never had much of one ‘I-am-the-doctor-and-know-better’ form of ego, i listened closely to what she had actually to say after replying “Really? Hill’s science Diet is not a healthy and balanced food? however it says appropriate on the brand that it is ‘Veterinarian Recommended’!”

Side note: Sadly, countless of my partner do, indeed, recommend commodities made by Hill’s (and Purina) and also this is a testimony to the truth that many veterinarians space not well-versed in appropriate feline nutrition and also simply defer come companies prefer Hill’s and also Purina whose marketing budgets are huge. These huge budgets include an extensive sums of money devoted to sponsoring – including an extremely heavy heralding – our professional meetings and also infiltrating veterinary schools to get students ‘married’ to your products.


Coincidentally, just after Anne’s comment, i picked up our profession’s many recent newspaper of American Veterinary medical Association (the Dec. 1, 2002 issue) i beg your pardon contained, under stylish Topics in Nutrition, Dr. Debra Zoran’s wonderful post entitled The Carnivore link to Nutrition in Cats.

I instantly read it and a irradiate bulb come on end my head.

I checked out the cupboard and read the ingredients on the bags of dry food and also also noted the short moisture content while maintaining in mind the cats have actually an naturally low thirsty drive and are designed to get water with their food.

I cringed.

So, carry out some cats live lengthy lives ~ above this kind of diet? Yes, lock do but I am more interested in feeding a diet that promotes thriving and not merely surviving.

I want to feeding a diet that offers my cat the best chance of staying clear of gastrointestinal disturbances, diabetes, obesity, and urinary tract conditions – including life-threatening and painful urethral blockages and bladder inflammation (cystitis).

One of the most essential pages top top this website is the Urinary Tract wellness page i beg your pardon states:

If I can have the leader of this webpage take it away just one word indigenous this discussion, it would be “water“. If her cat is top top a effectively hydrated diet of 100% canned food – and also no dry food – you stand a very great chance of never ever needing to check out this webpage.”

Think of crate food as flushing out your cat’s the bladder several times a day. If the bladder is ‘rinsed out’ frequently, your cat is much less apt come suffer choose Opie did as displayed below.

A really smart veterinarian urologist has actually stated:  “Dilution is the equipment to the pollution.” This means that water flowing v the bladder will dilute crystals, protein, mucus, and cellular debris in the bladder. This “pollution” comprises product that might turn into stones/plugs that would certainly block the cat’s urethra.

Please carry out not make the really common statement: “But mine cat drinks a many water therefore I know he is obtaining enough!”

Cats have a an extremely low thirsty drive and also it has actually been presented that they consume around double the quantity of water once fed canned food (78% water) versus dry food (10% water). This is taking into factor to consider the water they consume from your food plus the water bowl but please note that cat on canned food rarely drink. This is because they space on a appropriately hydrated diet and are acquiring a big amount that water with their food.

This problem becomes clearer as soon as we know that a cat’s typical prey is ~70% water and they evolved as a desert populated species. If food was available, your extra water demands were minimal.

Opie is a painful example of the suffering often caused by dry food.

He was a stray cat that would have passed away a really slow, painful, and also miserable death if TLC Adoptions had not rescued him in 2008.


There is nothing in bags of cooked-to-death, water-depleted, greatly plant-based protein, high carbohydrate diets the makes any sense come me.

Nothing about dry cat food come close to the same, similar thing the properly-hydrated, short carb, pet protein diet that a cat is designed to eat. Once looking at bags of dry food, I check out plenty the moisture-deficient species-inappropriate, profit margin-driven ingredients the make the shareholder of pet food companies really happy.

Dry foodstuffs are also contaminated v bacteria, storage mites, and also dangerous – and life-threatening – mold spores and toxins which make cats sick more often than human being realize. 

Vomiting and diarrhea are really common feline problems that veterinarians resolve on a everyday basis. However, it amazes me just how infrequently the food – particularly dry food – is looked at together a resource of the patient’s illness.

Thanks to Anne and Dr. Zoran’s article, ns made a certain commitment top top December 22, 2002 to begin working towards removing all dry food from mine cats’ diet.

Unfortunately, mine 7 cats at the time had actually other ideas. They ranged in age from 1.5 – 10 years and had to be fed a 100% dried food diet because that their entire lives. I had 7 die-hard kibble addicts on my hands which created a really frustrating following 3 months.

See Tips because that Transitioning dry Food Addicts to Canned Food i beg your pardon emphasizes utilizing patience, time, and also tricks to get cats turn off of every dry food.

By March, 2003, I had actually won the battle and had gained all dry food out of my house. My cats had finally found their inside carnivore and were eating a 100% crate food diet. They currently had more energy and the overweight ones to be slimming down.

And many importantly, Robbie’s diarrhea had actually vastly improved.

I was happy the my four-legged family was lastly eating a water-rich diet through low carbohydrates, and meat (not plants) as their protein source but i was coming to be frustrated over the lack of regulate that I had actually with respect come the ingredient quality and composition (the caloric distribution between protein, fat, and also carbohydrate) the commercial canned foods.

With Anne’s guidance, I began making my own cat food. To be honest, ns felt liberated v my newfound manage over what was going into my cats’ food bowls and, for the very first time in his life, Robbie had formed stools!

Interestingly, my Making Cat Food web page is the second most visited page on this website – 2nd only to the Feeding your Cat: know the Basics that Feline Nutrition page. I am pleasantly surprised to recognize that there are so many civilization willing to do cat food!


Making your cat’s food might sound choose a daunting task yet if girlfriend knew what one idiot ns am in the kitchen you would certainly be impression by just just how easy that is.

If I can make cat food, anyone can.

I invest a few hours in the kitchen (my least favorite room in the house) 4-6 times yearly making the food which then goes right into the freezer. For me, this is a very small amount that time out of mine life come ensure that i have finish control over what goes right into my cats’ food bowls.

That said, my goal v this site is just to get world to stop feeding dry food and to move to box food. As listed on my Commercial canned Cat Food page, i would lot rather watch someone feeding the cheapest canned food (Friskies, etc.) 보다 the most expensive dry food.

Why? Because practically all canned foods resolve the 3 main concerns with feeding cats:

1) They every contain one appropriate amount of water for a types with a low thirst drive – so cats won’t need to suffer choose Opie did.

2) most canned foods items are low in carbohydrates (Hill’s products and also some Purina commodities are noteworthy exceptions).

3) The protein is an ext apt to come indigenous meat and also not tree (grains/vegetables).


So, in summary, mine love the Austin led me to rescue work-related which brought about Robbie entering mine life. Robbie’s chronic diarrhea led me to Anne. And because the Anne’s tenderness nudging, I began to look at the food i was putting right into my ideal friends’ food bowls through a more critical eye.

And mine deep love of cats and keen interest in internal medicine and nutrition led to the creation of rebab.net.

As mine time permits, ns will proceed to write brand-new articles because that this site as well as update existing writings.

I’m regularly asked why i don’t create a book. My reason? We never stop learning and also growing. As soon as something is in print, it can not be to update – uneven this website.

You will notice that over there is a day at the bottom the every page showing as soon as the critical revision to be written. Maintaining the site current is extremely time consuming but I carry out my finest as time permits.

Thanks to every one of you and your search for knowledge, this website has come to be quite renowned with about 3 million visitors each year. Countless of you have added a connect to rebab.net on your own websites which has resulted in an ext cats gaining fed and cared for optimally.

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If you have found your method to this site, your cat are really lucky to have actually you care deeply enough about their well-being to placed the time in come research methods to promote optimal feline health. The is my hope that the information contained here will enhance the quality and length of your cat’s life.