HOUSTON — Hundreds of human being move to Texas daily, for this reason it"s time because that the annual reminder about our state"s liquor laws.

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That"s right, Texas transplants, you can"t buy liquor top top Christmas day or new Year"s Day. This typically leads come a sirloin at liquor stores on Christmas eve and brand-new Year"s eve — get it if you deserve to or you"ll have actually a dry holiday.

Texas state law states no human may sell, market for sale or deliver any type of liquor on new Year"s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas day or on Sundays.

If new Year"s job or Christmas drops on a Sunday, which the doesn"t this year, then liquor sales are additionally banned the adhering to Monday.

Lawmakers developed the Sunday preeminence in 1935 after ~ the finish of Prohibition. Legislators added Christmas Day come the half in 1967, and also in 1979 Thanksgiving and brand-new Year’s were included as well.

You heard us right, you have the right to drink together a minor, however only if the minor"s parent, legit guardian or adult spouse is present, according to TABC.

TABC states you can"t sell alcoholic beverages within 300 feet that a publicly or personal school, church or public hospital in urban or counties wherein the neighborhood city board of directors or commissioners court have approved one ordinance requiring that retailers refrain from locating close to schools or churches. The distance might be boosted to 1,000 feet in ~ the request of the governing human body of the school/church.

This is as soon as things acquire really wacky. There are certain times you deserve to purchase alcohol depending on the kind of establishment. Below is a perform of the times and days through TABC:

Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-midnightSaturday: 7 a.m.-1 a.m. (Sunday morning)Sunday: Noon come midnight. (10 a.m.-noon only in conjunction through the service of food)If the facility is in a city or ar legal for late hours, and also they have actually a late hours permit, they can sell alcohol for on-premise intake until 2 a.m. Any night the the week.
Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-midnightSaturday: 7 a.m.-1 a.m. (Sunday morning)Sunday: noon to midnightA wine-only package store that stop a beer license may not offer wine containing more than 17 percent alcohol by volume top top a Sunday or after ~ 10 p.m. On any type of day.A wine-only package keep that does NOT hold a beer license must have the same hrs of sale together a package store.
Monday-Saturday: 10 a.m.-9 p.m.Closed top top Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, brand-new Year"s Day.If Christmas day or new Year"s Day falls on a Sunday, closed the following Monday. (That"s right, liquor stores have to be closed on a day the isn"t even a holiday if Christmas job or brand-new Year"s Day loss on a Sunday.)

“Sports venue” method a windy entertainment facility property, as characterized by section 108.73, the is mostly designed and also used because that live sporting events. In enhancement to any type of other duration during which the sale of alcohol is authorized, a licensed or permitted premises located in a sporting activities venue may sell alcoholic beverages between 10 a.m. And noon top top Sunday.

In addition to any kind of other duration during i m sorry the sale of alcohol is authorized, a license is granted or permitted premises located at a festival, same or concert may sell alcohol addict beverages in between 10 a.m. And also noon ~ above Sunday.

The daiquiris that are to-go in Texas are different. TABC says a wine and beer retailer"s permit needs to be obtained by the business to market to-go margaritas and also daiquiris, yet even then, this drinks have the right to only it is in made through wine or beer. So, the drink may taste a tiny different and also it absolutely won"t have any type of rum or tequila in it.


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