Eminent gospel music singers Lionel Richie & The rebab.netmodores exit a new illustrious track titled “Jesus is Love” together with its video clip performance.

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Lyrics: Lionel Richie – Jesus is Love

FatherHelp her childrenand nothing let them fallby the next of the road, mm…mmm….

And teach themto love one anotherthat heaven could finda ar in your hearts

‘Cause Jesus is loveHE i will not ~ let friend downAnd I know He’s mine foreverOh, in mine heart

We’ve gained to walk onwalk on v temptation‘Cause His love and also His wisdomwill be our helpin’ hand

And I understand the Truthand His words will certainly be ours salvationlift up our heartsto be thankful and also glad

That Jesus is loveHe won’t let friend downand i know He’s minedeep down in mine soul

Jesus is loveoh, yes, the isHe won’t let you downand I understand He’s mine, he is mine, he’s mine, every mineForever, oh, in my hearthelp me,heartheartooh…ooh…

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(Deep in my heart)I know, i know, ns know, ns knowAh, ’cause His love’s the power (power)His love’s the glory (glory)forever (ever and ever)

ooh, yeah (yeah, yeah)ooh, yeah (yeah, yeah)ooh, yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah)

I wanna follow your starWherever it leads me and also I nothing mind, LORDI expect you nothing mind

I wanna walk v youAnd talk with youand carry out all the points you desire me rebab.nete do‘Cause I understand that Jesus(Jesus is love, ns know) ‘Cause i know, Lord(and if ou ask, ok show)(Love is words forever) and also ever and also ever

Who can bring you love (JESUS)Who can bring you pleasure (JESUS)Who have the right to turn her life roughly (JESUS), oh

ooh, yeah (yeah, yeah)YEah (yeah, yeah)Hey

Who will certainly pick you up (JESUS)when you autumn (JESUS)who’ll stand next to you (JESUS)who will certainly love united state all

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Hey, hey, Jesus (yeah, yeah)Jesus (yeah, yeah)oh, yes (yeah, yeah)

One point I wanna saywho deserve to heal her body (JESUS)who have the right to make you strong (JESUS)who deserve to make you organize out (JESUS)a tiny while longer

Ooh, yes (yeah, yeah)yeah (yeah, yeah)Jesus love friend (yeah, yeah) Jesus desires youIf you speak to HIM, HE will answer

(Jesus) contact him in the mornin’(Jesus) contact him in the evenin’(Jesus) contact him in the midnight hour

Hey, hey (yeah, yeah)Yeah (yeah, yeah)Yeah, yes (yeah, yeah)yeah, y’all to speak it for me.

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