In Geometry, a number is stated to it is in symmetrical once it is separated into two the same halves v the help of a line. These lines are called the present of the contrary of a form or figure.& A heat of symmetry always cuts the shape right into two same and similar parts. There are different species of symmetries for a shape like straight symmetry, mirror symmetry, reflectional symmetry.

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Let united state read more about the present of the opposite in a rectangle. We know that a rectangle is a special parallelogram whose opposite sides are equal and also parallel. A rectangle has 2 currently of symmetry. Let us learn how to find the present of the opposite in a rectangle.

1.What are Lines of symmetry in a Rectangle?
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There room two currently of symmetry in a rectangle. When one heat is attracted through the facility along that length and also the other is attracted along the broad (breadth), we obtain the two lines that symmetry. By doing this, us get 4 equal and also matching shapes. This can be tried the end by taking a rectangular item of paper. This is a simple an approach of folding with which us can discover out if a shape has a line of the contrary or not. If the folded part is placed specifically on the various other one, then that folding line is referred to as the line of symmetry. The number shown below shows the currently of the contrary of a rectangle follow me its length and also width. Each half is inserted on the other as soon as the rectangle is folded along the lines of symmetry. First, fold the document horizontally to check the very first line that symmetry and also observe the size and also shape that the same halves. Then, fold it vertically to check the 2nd line of symmetry to check out the other similar halves.


It must be detailed that the diagonals the a rectangle cannot be taken as lines the symmetry as they execute not form equal equivalent shapes. Now, let united state observe the following figure which mirrors why a rectangle does not develop two halves as soon as folded throughout the diagonal. This is because, as soon as we wrinkles the rectangle along the diagonal line, we do not gain two identical halves.

If a figure or a flat shape is rotated follow me its axis and it still shows up to be the very same as before, we call it rotational symmetry. In various other words, ~ above partial rotation, if the shape remains the very same as before, then there is rotational symmetry. A rectangle has a rotational symmetry once it is rotated by 180° and 360° ~ above its axis. When a rectangle is rotated, it fits exactly on its boundary 2 times, once at 180° and once at 360°. In a rectangle the size is greater than the breadth, for this reason we have the right to say that there is no rotational symmetry in ~ 90° and 270°.

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Example 1: check whether heat 1 and line 2 significant in the figure are the currently of the opposite in the rectangle given below. Justify her answer.



When the rectangle is folded along line 1, each of the parts created by the line execute not superimpose each other completely. The exact same thing happens when we wrinkles it along line 2. So, we deserve to say the line 1 and line 2 room not the present of symmetry for this rectangle.

Example 2: What room the angles at i beg your pardon a rectangle has rotational symmetry?


A rectangle has rotational symmetry at 180° and 360°.

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