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Born February 17, 1963 inPawnee City, Nebraska, USA
Birth NameDaniel Lawrence Whitney
NicknamesLarryThe Freight Train the Comedy
Height 5"10"(1.78m)
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Larry the Cable male was born in Pawnee City, Nebraska, together Daniel Lawrence Whitney. The is one actor and also producer, known for car (2006), cars 2 (2011) and Cars 3 (2017). That is likewise an original member the the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. He has been married to Cara Whitney due to the fact that July 3, 2005. They have actually two children.

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family members (2)
Spouse Cara Whitney (3 July2005 - present) (2 children)
parents Tom Whitney Shirley Whitney
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the is a member that the Blue Collar Comedy group, a team of "rednecks" who execute stand-up and also sketch comedy, together. The other members are his friends: Jeff Foxworthy, invoice Engvall and Ron White.
Is expecting very first child v wife Cara Whitney, due august 2006. If it"s a girl, they setup on specify name the baby Reagan (he says due to the fact that Ronald Reagan was the biggest president, ever), or Colton if it"s a boy, because he claims it"s a great cowboy name and also he likes cowboys.
His favorite comedians space Steve Martin, Don Rickles, Milton Berle, and Henny Youngman. He had actually met Henny Youngman. Larry claims that he"s in the comedy business because of those guys, and also a friend called Nick Di Paolo, who used to perform stuff top top Comedy Central.
Larry is a vast University the Nebraska pan (mostly football). Although he"s resided in Florida because that 27 years, that still phone call Nebraska home. His accent is a mix of Pawnee City, NE, and his present home near Orlando, FL. He"s lived there due to the fact that he to be 16. He"s bought a 2nd home southern of Lincoln, city hall as numerous games together he can, and also recently bought one of the brand-new (2006) sky boxes in the north end-zone. He likewise tries to wear some article of apparel (usually a hat) that says "Nebraska" or "Huskers" during every performance.
among his closest girlfriend is fellow comic Lewis Black, who is pretty lot his opposite as soon as it pertains to political views, background, and performance material.
if Larry"s stand-up act has a good deal the raunchy product he go not use four-letter words.
Well before hitting it big with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, he contributed short, everyday commentaries because that the rock terminal 101.1 WJRR, which broadcasts out of Maitland, Florida. He additionally had put in a short stint with one more Orlando-area rock terminal (100.3 WDIZ) before they abruptly changed formats, prior to his work-related with WJRR.
Dr. Chad Price at Arnold Palmer Hospital for children in Orlando, Florida helped cure Larry"s son, Wyatt, of hip dysplasia, when Wyatt to be an infant. Following this, Larry and his Git-R-Done foundation donated $5 million to the worldwide Hip Dysplasia institute at the hospital in September, 2010.
I"ve constantly felt the if you"ve to be blessed, girlfriend should try to assist as many people as friend can. I just think that"s the ideal thing to do.
I"m saying, Come on, the an international warming thing? how did the ice cream melt during the ice cream ages? to be the dinosaurs control SUVs around back then?
Every July, i look front to taping a Christmas display - in July in Nashville. In 98-degree weather. I love it.
as soon as Pixar calls and says, "Hey, friend wanna be in a Pixar movie?" girlfriend don"t perform a most contemplating!
We"re homebodies. I"ve acquired to check out my kids" first steps, first smiles, first words. Every work is a weekend.
Our whole wedding price 180 bucks. Afterward, us re-heated lasagna for everyone and set off fireworks.
I"ve never judged anybody by exactly how they look at or exactly how they dress. I usually judge castle on their character. And also that"s just how I lead my own life.
Even before I go stand-up, I"ve always been the sort of male - and I talk about it on stage - who claims I favor people and I constantly look for the good in people. Ns say, "Every person has something good about them, if you can just discover it."
doing a kid"s movie is fun as soon as you have kids. You don"t want to execute kids" movies if girlfriend don"t have actually kids. As soon as you have kids, things adjust in your life.
"Cars" has actually been a godsend. Ns mean, I gain paid to talk right into a mic. Honestly, I had actually no idea the would become as huge as it did. As soon as I first got the part of Mater, the was in reality a little part. Ns did the voicing for it, though, and also the animators favored it so much they rewrote the original script so the Mater could be in the more.
as a comedian, ns don"t know if they"re laughing because it"s funny or if they"re laughing in ~ me since I"m no funny. And also I"m thinking, "Who cares? They"re laughing." If you go on stage, and they"re laughing in ~ you full-on because that 60 minutes? you know, whatever puts lock in the seats.
i don"t even see it as cable TV anymore. I"ve been referred to as "Larry the Cable Guy" because that so long, ns don"t even think around it being around cable. Ns don"t know anything about cable.
I observed a authorize one time that said "hemorrhoids awareness week" at the doctor"s office. Allow me call you, if you got hemorrhoids, I"m certain you are mindful of it. Friend don"t require a sign to phone call anybody around it.
i love food: biscuits and gravy, cheese grits, spaghetti and also meatballs, chicken-fried steak through white gravy... But my favorite dish is mine wife"s beanie weenie cornbread casserole. It"s so good. It sound stupid, yet if girlfriend eat it, it"s heaven. Of course, it"s just something you can eat if you"ve gained a most money.
ns just occurred my act way back in the late "80s. I visited college in Georgia, so ns picked increase the southern accent. Ns talked choose that through my friends all the time, since it was fun. It was funny... Every my girlfriend were genuine Southern. We"re buddies, so I"d say stuff to make them laugh. So the was pretty lot it.
ns don"t really obtain to see a the majority of other comedians, since I occupational with the same civilization all the time. The male I really choose is Nick DiPaulo. I love Nick DiPaulo, but again, he"s a buddy of mine. But I chosen him for a lengthy time. I liked him before he was a friend of mine.
i don"t judge world by their accent, or how they word things, or just how grammatically correct your speech is. Few of the smartest guys in the civilization couldn"t spell. Ns judge a human by their character.
among my tiny girls is called Reagan. Her very first words were, "Mr. Larry, tear under this crib." the was her first words, that was an extremely sweet. My an initial words were, "Are you going to complete that sandwich?"
It"s quite if human being can finally loosen increase a little bit and just go out laugh at silliness. I mean, civilization take themselves means too seriously sometimes.
I"m a substantial NASCAR fan, however I"m no a gearhead. I"ve never ever been into fixing cars. It"s not due to the fact that I don"t favor it. I would certainly love to recognize more. It"s simply my dad never ever taught me that stuff since my dad wasn"t a mechanic.
ns was always a fan of the old-style comics. Ns loved vaudeville. I loved Milton Berle, penis Shawn, Phyllis Diller, Don Rickles, Charlie Callas, every those guys. Hilarious. Ns love the ice cream Crosby and also Bob hope movies, and also Abbott & Costello. Mine television influences were "Monty Python"s flying Circus," "Benny Hill," and also "Hee Haw."
ns think probably one the the coolest things was once I checked out play basketball in ~ Rucker Park in Harlem. An initial of all, who would think that Larry the Cable male would go to Harlem come play basketball? and also I to be received like a rock star. It to be amazing! over there were human being everywhere. Over there were males walking by yelling, "Git "r done!"
What a piece of garbage this smart auto is. There"s a advertisement - the smart vehicle has zero percent attention for six years. Well, good, I got zero percent in 6 years in buying this clever car. I"ll phone call you that much. Ns mean, it"s ridiculous. Mine buddy has a smart car, totaled it. The hit a deer tick.
We shot to make the surname longer and longer every year. First, it was "Larry the Cable Guy"s Christmas Spectacular." climate it to be "It"s a an extremely Larry Christmas." currently it"s "Larry the Cable Guy"s Hula-palooza Christmas Luau." I"ll tell friend what it is: It"s funny. That"s what it is. Who cares what the name of that is? the is a funny special.
Tony Orlando is one of the nicest males I have ever met - bar no one - in my entire life. I was constantly a fan when I to be a son - you know, vast fan. Who wasn"t a pan of Tony Orlando?
The thing that"s readjusted the way I execute my stand-up act is having kids and getting older and wiser and smarter. There could be a hoax or 2 in the past that ns wish ns hadn"t done, yet in the past, girlfriend can"t have actually it back.
The just reason I"m ever in character as "Larry The Cable Guy" is because that"s what I"m rental to do. In mine movies, obviously they hired "Larry The Cable Guy" to be "Larry The Cable Guy." once I carry out my shows, I"m "Larry The Cable Guy." once I do Jay Leno, it"s: "Please welcome "Larry The Cable Guy.""
What I execute onstage, there"s perhaps .0001 percent of the populace that acts prefer that. I talk like that since it renders me laugh, and because I know a couple of civilization that talk prefer that. They"re really that Southern. And also they perform funny things. Ns love "em; they"re awesome. They"re an excellent people.
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