Two and also A fifty percent Men: 10 Things about Judith that Make No feeling Fans recognize quite a bit about Judith ~ above Two and a fifty percent Men since she to be a recurring character, yet some things about her don"t make any kind of sense.

The show Two and a fifty percent Men has not been entirely fair to Judith Harper. In fact, she may just be popular music culture’s most annoying ex because of the method she has been illustrated throughout the show. Alan Harper’s ex-wife and also mother to Jake is who who has constantly tried to regulate her ex-husband’s life and also has regularly made his life considerably harder. No to cite she is additionally vindictive, nagging, and also cruel to she ex and detests Charlie; yet the makers only used her character to make their job easier.

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But there space so plenty of things around Judith which carry out not do sense. For instance, why go she obtain jealous as soon as Alan would day someone else? Why didn’t she job-related through some of her problems with her ex’s family, especially because she to be co-parenting Jake with Alan? The perform is endless. Below are the most confusing things about Judith which make no feeling to fans of the show:

any kind of Two and also a half Men fan would agree the Judith has always loathed Alan. If she walk not must co-parent Jake through his help and rely on him for alimony, she probably would never have even spoken to that again. In fact, she has often said the she was unhappy also when the 2 were married, and marrying that was among her greatest mistakes.

Why would she then shot to reconcile v Alan in season 3? The two even went on dates and thought around getting back together yet this decision left the fans baffled because Judith had actually professed her dislike for Alan so numerous times.

Judith is plainly independent and also has constantly ranted about how Alan no pay her sufficient in alimony and also child support. And she isn’t exactly the sort of person who’d rely on someone else’s money, particularly someone favor her ex-husband, that she believes destroyed her life. It renders sense the she wants Alan come pay her alimony for this reason she might squeeze out his savings and also make that miserable.

But fans have often questioned why she go not have actually a career, particularly considering how she clearly wants a much better life. Despite it’s difficult for single mothers to sustain a career, Judith is no the kind of person who’d it is in okay through being entirely subjected to someone else’s money.

among Judith’s biggest anxieties is her kid Jake’s weekend life situation. The custody agreement states that Jake deserve to go live v his father on weekends, and also since Alan resides with Charlie in his Malibu coast house, that’s whereby Jake safety his weekends. Judith abhors Charlie’s womanizing and also reckless lifestyle, which visibly affects Jake’s childhood.

Why i will not ~ she take some serious procedures to type out the problem? Why wouldn’t she aid Alan find an apartment or maybe seek legit help? throughout the display Judith has been completely horrified with the method Charlie lives, so why i will not ~ she desire her boy to relocate away indigenous there?

7 Is Judith Going with a Disorder?

Judith has often shown symptoms of anxiety and has revealed that she look at a therapist and takes an effective sedatives. This has regularly made fans question if she’s coping well v her divorce or with being single, or if she’s afflicted with some kind of a psychological disorder.

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Of course, the show uses she to establish the stereotype that the nagging ex-wife, however it’s entirely possible that Judith isn’t totally healthy top top the emotional front. This especially concerns light when she it s okay upset once she watch Alan doing fine or having a healthy and balanced romantic life; it’s clear Judith go not desire Alan to it is in doing well, but fans haven’t figured out why.

did Judith really have a fling with Kandi, who was date Alan in ~ the time? after ~ Kandi and Alan have actually a spat, Kandi and Judith go out for drinks, and Kandi moves in with her. The implied by Alan and also Charlie both the they are having a same-sex fling, yet Judith never clearly confesses it.

But even if lock aren’t having actually an affair, why would Judith want the 22-year-old Kandi come move right into her house, specifically if she despises the truth that she"s sleeping with her ex-husband? and why litter her out once she it s okay physical v Alan at her house, especially since they were affiliated already? and also after everything that’s happened, why would certainly Judith even want to get along with Kandi’s dad?

5 does She Really dislike Alan?

despite their ridiculous arguments and tiffs, it has never to be made clear if Judith really hates Alan. Sure, she despises that on many levels and also does not want him to have a sensible relationship with another woman, however that’s understandable considering your previous failed marriage.

But why does she take it pleasure in Alan’s miseries? On number of occasions, Judith is presented to be enjoying the truth that Alan is law badly, be it his failed marriage with Kandi or any type of of his various other disasters. She has additionally put the under financial distress number of times, simply for kicks, and this has actually left fans somewhat confused.

Judith is no someone who stays in the moment or makes decisions impulsively, for this reason she shocked fans once she got engaged to Alan in Season 11 just after a night the reunion. Pan of the show just couldn"t comprehend why she would certainly say yes to marrying Alan after she has actually literally complained about their vault married life throughout the show.

Clearly she’s never been in love through Alan and has been characteristically apathetic in the direction of his life and personal anxieties. This has actually led fans to think that she didn’t an especially care about him either, so your engagement yes, really doesn’t make sense.

3 Why didn’t Judith have actually An Opinion around Jake’s Life article Season 9?

Judith doesn"t make a most appearances between season 9 and also 12, yet her kid Jake goes through some life-altering decisions, native joining the military to embarking top top a relationship with a 36-year-old woman called Tammy, and then again v her teenage daughter.

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But it no make sense that Judith would simply sit out so plenty of of she son’s major decisions, specifically when several of them were really disturbing. When Alan had a most opinions about Jake date a 36-year-old woman and also then having actually a fling v his ex’s daughter, Judith’s response to the entire situation wasn’t also accounted for.

Judith is largely lacking in seasons 9 and also 10, and also fans normally assumed that the huge shift in the show’s storyline (what with Walden’s arrival and also the ensuing readjust in narrative) to be to it is in blamed for that. In episode 14 that season 10, Herb lastly reveals that Judith relocated out of their home after the cheated top top her through his receptionist.

But it isn’t made clear if she and also Herb are done because that good. She re-appears a couple of episodes later on when Herb beginning to grow mentally stormy as Walden and Alan inquiry her to take it Herb back. In season 11, she is shown to it is in living v Herb, back it isn’t clear if things room really ago to normal in between them.

1 was Judith yes, really Happy v Herb?

Fans have actually never really interpreted why Judith made decision to get married Herb in ~ all. Despite she cared around him and also was attractive to him, castle both made each other quite miserable. In fact, your married life was rather bitter from the an extremely beginning.

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Judith was never actually content v her second marriage, i beg your pardon would explain why she would think about giving Alan one more chance. But most importantly, long-time viewers the the show couldn’t figure out why she would choose to stay with Herb if she wasn’t happy and even after that cheated ~ above her.