All of the factory records were melted by Westinghouse right after WW1, to avoid having actually them end up being evidence a conference inquiry. Through my own survey, i beg your pardon I"ve only simply started, a 46xxx s/n would placed it somewhere in the mid to so late "20s. Produce of the plain version 44 finished in around 1932, (according come Frank deHaas). The highest possible s/n I"ve seen on a.25-20, (so far) is 52xxx. It"s feasible to date some model 44s a tiny closer, when they are in the 1894 to 1903 area, due to feature transforms which can be correlated to dated catalogs. Catalogs room the only signposts we have, uneven somebody has an original sales receipt with date, or some other such document.

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It"s additionally pretty details that anything in a caliber larger than.32-20 is pre-1903. In the year they started with the version 44 1/2, and dropped the 44 activity for whatever but.22LR,.25 Stevens,.32 lengthy RF,.25-20,.32-20, and maybe.25-21 on distinct order.
It appears to me the there were no obvious feature changes in run-of-the-bog model 44s after ~ 1903, yet I haven"t looked very hard at the post-WW1 (i.e. Savage ownership) period. Design 414, which used the 44 action, was 1912 to 1932. The model 417, i m sorry was.22LR only and also had a plain round barrel and also other features, began in 1933, when the 414 to be discontinued, and ran till 1947. Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm transformation nosteam crack.
I have read that serial number of those gain into the 60xxx range. Never ever seen one to verify, though. I"m open to convey on any kind of statement I"ve made, therefore fire away. The 417 was easily accessible in.22 short on unique order.
I have a 417 1/2 in.22 Hornet. The 418 and the 418 1/2 was easily accessible in the exact same chambering"s as the 417 and also 417 1/2 through the exception of the.22 Hornet. I have actually a 418 1/2 in.22 short and.25 Stevens. I have actually never watched a 417 1/2 in.22 Short,.25 Stevens, or.22 WRF. I am still trying to find these. Date the Stevens is nice much difficult to pen down any closer than some year ranges as stated earlier. Makes it interesting and also sometimes frustrating.
The source of my details is the 1933 Stevens catalog and my personal collection. Yes, that"s the means those scopes were mounted from the factory. Keep in mind that there is no dovetail wherein the plain rear sight would have been. They especially say in one of my catalogs that the normal dovetail will be omitted when the limit is specified.
I have actually seen the dovetail cut into the barrel just in former of the receiver for the rear ring chin to dovetail into, however hadn"t encountered the rear barrel dovetail purposely reduced larger than the dovetail size currently existing top top the rear ring itself. Appears strange come remove much more metal than necessary, which then requires an adapter come "fill the gap", so to speak. Native what I"ve encountered, because that the former dovetail, the dovetail reduced on the front ring was reduced sized to fit directly into the existing huge Steven"s dimension front dovetail. Constantly something new to see. Is it me or does the checkering look too coarse for factory checkering?
I have actually a 44 in.25-25, 6 o"clock extractor, serial #361XX if this help any. Likewise have a 414, #784XX and also one #672XX. Mine 417 1/2.22 Hornet is #1XX.
417-1.22 #4XX, 417 1/2 #3XX, 417 1/2.22 #24XX, 418 1/2.25 Stevens #G4XX, 418.22 lengthy Rifle #H9XX, 418 1/2.22 quick #21 H1X. No idea what the letter prefix means and the ~ above the last one the 21 is done through a different stamp than the H1X and the 21 is in former of the front flavor screw and the H1X is behind it and also that stamping is comparable to the various other two.
The 21 is certainly from a various stamp and also much much more distinct. Ns haven"t obtained a reservation on these uneven they room assembly #s favor they provided on the Favorites. Ns have an ext if needed but would prefer to pass any additional serial # info by PM. Just to include to the Stevens 44 activity information: mine Stevens version 47 selection rifle is a 28-30 with a central extractor. SN is about 20200.
That place the date of manufacture in the 1900-1903 period. This rifle has actually the dovetail close to the receiver. Before I acquired the rifle (1967), someone placed a urgently buckhorn into that slot.
Now the I have actually learned something brand-new (a usual occurrence ~ above this Forum), I have to put a lengthy scope top top the rifle. Another 47 is the 25-20 Stevens that I defined in the thread about the.25 Hornet.
This has a #3 barrel v a.251 groove diameter and also a 17" twist. That is a rimfire barrel mounted on a 44 centerfire activity (by Stevens), the SN on the barrel matches the SN on the tang and also the 25-20 caliber stamp is certainly Stevens. SN is around 23000. Mine thoughts about this rifle is that this is what you obtained if friend did no buy a Stevens-Pope.
My guess regarding year is about 1905. A level Jane model 44 in.25-20 Stevens has a SN around 48000. Ns have constantly thought this was a post-WW1 rifle, perhaps from the 1920s. The wood is the a much reduced quality than either of mine 47s. No checkering on any of this rifles. Slumlord44, is the 44 centerfire rifle detailed in your 1933 catalog?
A small summary for this reason far: highest possible number on mine list v side extractor is 16260 - Gunbroker 415163717 lowest number watched to date with centre extractor is 18040 - a model 45 DST owned by frankeore approve wrote that the facility extractor started in 1901. Highest number seen v screw pivots is 14542 - to be on Gunbroker. Lowest number seen v two-piece bolts is 15329 - to be on Gunbroker. In the 1903 brochure they tout the new design, so the must have actually been implemented between the 1900 brochure publication and also 1903. According to catalogs, no centerfire model 44 actions ~ 1903, except.25-20 and.32-20 also from 1903 top top the Models 45, 47, and up to be on the 44 1/2 action, so any such ~ above a 44 action must be 1903 or earlier.
Highest 44 action in a huge centerfire caliber is 25423 - GunBroker 407393445 - a.32-40 greatest centerfire action to day is 52341, a.25-20, Gunbroker 410040824 highest possible centerfire caliber barrel is 61674,.25 caliber in mine collection. Highest Model 44 rimfire to date is 90039 - Gunbroker # 4216 catalog does not cite iany/i centerfire calibers for the model 44, only.22/.25/.32 rimfires.
All model 44 layout actions discontinued in 1932. Except model 417 which appears to have actually a new s/n series.
It is time to include my ideas. 1) approve was best all swinging block Stevens big frames are in one serial number run. What my notes show is as complies with Side key actions low serial 41 high 1257 100 actions short 2023 high 2629 44 w/ one item bolt and 7 o"clock extractor low 3267 high 14842 44 w/ two item bolt and also 7 o"clock extractor low 15329 high 16269 44 w/ two item bolt and also 6 o"clock extractor low 17108 high 62644 44 w trade mark stamped reciever and adjust to case colors low 71245 high My thinking is that the trade significant reciever and readjust in situation color was the begin of the Savage production. Ns think once one is accumulating serial number info on a an equipment who"s documents are gone, you need to be careful. Some general things will host true, and also often can come to some "general" conclusions that apply to many guns.
But like plenty of of the old pistol makers, Stevens continued to assemble part 44 frames ~ the catalog dropped that model. They didn"t just melt under all those 44 parts as soon as they quit cataloging the model.
You"ll also find an occasional gun with odd functions for the serial number range, as it to be not uncommon for a gun an equipment to discover parts in a corner of the factory and also assemble them into later guns. The idea ago then to be to make money, and tossing new old parts was taboo if they could be included into use and also save money. Yes, so far as I understand that"s original. No one of mine have actually a spring with a hole, and also that has my 1894 design 108. Favorite version numbers space two digits, 17, 18, 20 because that the smoothbore version, etc. Those 4 number numbers that are so frequently referredeto are days of advent for brand-new versions. As I acquire it, there are 1889s, then 1894, then 1915.
I saw and also passed up what I now think was an 1889 at a gun present in April. Shoulda bought it, even though it to be a wreck. I know small about Favorites, because I"m much an ext interested in the design 12 and also Model 101 in the boy"s rifle category. Every one of the factory records were burned by Westinghouse appropriate after WW1, come avoid having actually them become evidence a conference inquiry. Hello Phil - I definitely appreciate the you wish to assist this human with his question/s.
At the exact same time, permit me to offer one addendum to her information. That being the reality that the was never proven by the easily accessible direct evidence that Westinghouse copy, group personnel ever destroyed business records belonging to the J. In order come impede the work of the U.S. However, I would certainly hasten to include that some such allegations were alleged by specific individuals. That"s a very common mainspring arrangement, both for Favorites and also for 44"s. The feather should have a slightly concave end to store it indexed on the peg, and also the steel at the rear of the frame and also inletting in the fixed area of the stock will save it from wandering out in any type of case. There to be a male (think his surname was john Kubelka or something) who offered aftermarket springs that that type for several years.
They would mostly fit Favorites, yet would job-related on 44"s too, in a pinch. Ns e-mailed him around a year back but he"d operation out of stock and wasn"t plan on making any more. Ns should have bought a couple extras, i guess. Download anime shugo chara season 1 below indo.
The shape of the spring is crucial. The geometry of the 44 action moves the pressure vector indigenous the spring lot closer come the hammer pivot as the rifle is cocked, as soon as using the OEM feather shape. This is why good 44s have actually such a light trigger pull, and also require so tiny effort come cock. Usage spring of the not correct shape, and this advantage is negated.

Look at the geometry the the last 44 - the version 417 - to see how to negate this attribute entirely. Sadly, the style wisdom that Joshua Stevens appears to have been forgotten or ignored by his successors. Ago in 1953, once I to be 13, I uncovered a book in our neighborhood library dubbed "Merchants the Death". The book was around those American firms that profited native the sales that weapons during the 1914-1918 war. (My aunt to be the librarian and pointed out the book. That"s probably why ns remember the details.).
Anyhow, the writers of the publication wrote the Westinghouse shed the Stevens records. I"d be inclined to think that over plenty of other stories, because "Merchants the Death" was released in 1934, and close sufficient to the records burning because that the author to have gathered an initial hand understanding from people who knew. Great info Waterman!
As ar together I know, there room no published serial number-year do tables because that Savage-Stevens make guns. Not even the Savage-Stevens historian hs the information. It has been reported the what serial number-year do tables were damaged in a fire years ago. The only information as to date made is the inclusive days reported in publications like the Blue publication o pistol Values and also the Standard magazine of FireRMS. But if girlfriend wish, friend might shot contacting the Savage-Stevens Historian and ask him. His resolve is: Mr. Man Callahan Arms historian P.O.
Box 82 Southampton, MA 01073 He has a research study fee of $20.00 every gun. I newly bought a Stevens 311C collection H 12 ga. From what I"ve learned for this reason far, this model was discontinued about 1988, and also serial number started approximately 1968. Mine has actually a serial number top top the left next of the receiver, C387493.
I"d prefer to small the manufacture date closer 보다 a twenty year span if possible. Is there any known correlation between serial number and manufacture date? I have been do the efforts to discover the date of MFG for my Savage 775A and also the only means you are probably going to acquire in the ball park is by either factory workers that were on the production lines, or by owners who remember what year lock purchased your firearms and log the model and also serial numbers to start a data base.
I had actually the same problem with Sears Ted Williams firearms and also it took me about a year to number out their barrel codes and serial numbers by watching pistol auction site listings. If you ever before need to know the day of Sears, Sears branded J.C Higgins, and Ted Williams firearm barrel codes from 1955 come 1982 drop me a line, as much as Savage goes this will be a much much more complicated task however I might give the a crack.
Key world W.B. Fay and James Taylor Products, Website Stevens Arms to be an manufacturer founded by Joshua Stevens in 1864 in. The firm introduced the round and also made a number of, and also target designs. By 1902 castle were heralding themselves together "the biggest producers of sporting eight in the world". They to be purchased through on may 28, 1915 and again by on April 1, 1920. As a department of Savage, Stevens ongoing to develop firearms at their Chicopee falls facility till 1960 when the plant to be torn down and also Stevens production was moved right into other Savage facilities.
Savage to reduce the Stevens surname in 1991 but revived it in 1999 and also still offers it now for a variety of its low cost rifles and also shotguns. Contents. History Stevens arms was founded by Joshua Stevens with assist from backers W.B. Fay and also James Taylor in, in 1864 together J. Stevens & Co. Their earliest product was a single shot pistol.

Business was slow right into 1870, as soon as Stevens inhabited a converted and also had simply sixty employees. The had actually a further an unfavorable impact top top sales.
By 1876 the agency had recovered come the degree that it was then production twice the variety of as it had actually been prior to that year. In 1883 lock purchased the i m sorry Joshua Stevens had actually helped uncovered in 1850. In 1886, the firm was reorganized and as J. Stevens eight & device Co. The organization was able to grow steadily through tool manufacturing and sales now accountancy for the bulk of the organization output. Stevens and Taylor to be bought out in 1896 by I.H.
Page, who was among the new partners and the. Page led the firm to far-reaching growth, such the by 1902 Stevens had actually 900 employees and also was considered one that the peak sporting firearms manufacturers in the world. In 1901, Stevens entered into a partnership v to produce the auto manufactured in ~ a separate facility also in Chicopee Falls, MA. In 1915, Stevens led the U.S. Arms business in and also guns. On might 28, 1915 Stevens to be purchased by new England Westinghouse, a division of.
New England Westinghouse was created specifically to satisfy a contract to produce 1.8 million rifles because that of for usage in. They necessary a firearms manufacturing basic in order to achieve this and also chose Stevens.
After the acquisition they marketed off the device making division, halted production that Stevens-Duryea automobiles, and, top top July 1, 1916, renamed the firearms division the J. Stevens arms Company. Once the Czar was deposed by the communists in 1917, new England Westinghouse was never paid and also they fell into financial distress.
They controlled to sell most of the rifles come the U.S. Government and keep the Stevens firearms facility operational and did return to restricted production of civilian firearms in between 1917-1920 while searching for a the person who lives for Stevens.
Stevens was purchased by the Savage Arms firm on April 1, 1920 through Stevens operation as a subsidiary that Savage yet in a semi-independent status until 1942. This merger made Savage the largest producer of eight in the United says at the time.
After people War II they were renamed together Stevens Arms and sometimes identified as "Savage-Stevens" after ~ 1948. In 1960 Savage close up door the Stevens Arms infrastructure in Chicopee Falls and also moved Stevens production to assorted Savage production sites.
In 1991 the Stevens surname was discontinued but was resurrected in 1999 together the brand surname for Savage"s budget line of rifles and also shotguns. Ammunition in 1887, Stevens occurred the, which offered as an introduce for children for decades, and being an extremely popular for, and. The.22LR cartridge was obtainable beginning in 1888, in the #1, #2, #9, and also #10 break-top rifles, and in their brand-new Model Pocket and Bicycle rifles. The.22 LR would outperform other Stevens rounds, such together the and, designed as competitors, and offered in models such as the single-shot (produced in between 1894 and 1935) and the (introduced in 1900). As numerous manufacturers would later on do v other, Stevens adopted the, emerged by in 1882. The unpopularity of the bottlenecked situation led Stevens to construct the in 1897. Design by Capt.
Carpenter, 9th U.S. Infantry, the.25-21 Stevens was basically a shortened variation of the company"s own of 1895.
(This is an odd reversal of the relationship of the come the.) The.25-25 would be offered in Stevens" design 44 and also the model 44½ rifles produced from 1903. Stevens eight advertisement start in 1880, the firm began making. These, despite less famous than or firearms, were of similar quality.
They were priced lower than those of Ballard or Winchester, do the Stevens" fall block models competitive in the marketplace. Under names favor Favorite, little Scout, cracked Shot, and also Marksman, Stevens sold numerous reliable. The total variety of single-shot weapons manufactured by the agency exceeded 3.5 million by 1892.

Stevens, under the property of new England Westinghouse, produced over 770,000 rifles under contract through the Russian government in between 1916-1917, of which 225,260 were delivered. The rest were sold to the U.S. Federal government who gave them come the, forces, and the. Stevens produced a notable number of military arms, the most common being the bolt-action rifle in.22LR caliber.
The unified States military used the model 416 together a maintain rifle roughly the time that the second World War. There is part debate and speculation about the degree to which the joined States military made usage of these rifles through their roles nearly certainly being restricted to basic firearm training. The military"s design 416 to be stamped v "U.S. Property" on the behind left the the receiver. Rifles through this stamping have actually been discovered with serial numbers about 100,000.
Various ordnance markings and proof marks can be found on this armed forces rifle. The 416 had actually a dramatically oversized bull barrel and a big wooden stock. The hefty barrel design added a good deal of weight which contrasted unfavorably with bigger rifles such together the military"s various.30 caliber offerings. The had adjustable peep sight apertures, a hooded former sight, and a small, removable magazine.
During civilization War II, Savage used the Stevens facilities to develop several military firearms including the Savage No. 4 rifle, the, the (BAR), and the and also machineguns. Stevens presented the design 87 in 1938, which offered over one million units. Additional units were marketed as the Savage design 6. Shotguns beginning in 1872, Stevens started producing single barreled shotguns based on their tip-up rifles and pistols.
The an initial was the design 30 available in 14 gauge yet soon followed by 10, 12, 16, and also 20 gauges. In 1876, Stevens developed its first dual barreled shotgun, the Three create Model, which provided a third trigger come unlock the action, and also was readily available in 10 and also 12 gauges. Between 1900 and 1916 Stevens developed 26 single barreled shotgun models, 8 exposed hammer double barreled models, and 7 hammerless double barreled models consisting of a sidelock design, the version 250. Stevens 522 catch Gun In 1907 Stevens was approached by and also offered the architecture of a pump-action, hammerless, take-down, repeating shotgun the would end up being the. The model 520, conveniently recognized through its distinctive double-hump receiver, an initial appeared in Stevens" 1909 directory #52 and remained in manufacturing until 1939.
In 1927 Stevens developed the model 620, a streamlined version that the 520, and it remained in manufacturing until 1955. Stevens provided a prototype design 520 trench gun come the U.S. Army in 1918 for use in but it was never produced.
Both the model 520A and 620A were developed (as the M520-30 and also M620) because that the U.S. Army during, in trench, riot, and also training versions. In all, end 45,000 to be made throughout WW II and also many remained in business through the. Stevens 511A shotgun. Target pistols Joshua Stevens produced three present of single-shot tip-up target pistols named after modern gunmen. Stevens-Conlin No. 38 – named for James Conlin, owner of a Broadway way shooting collection in new York City.
Stevens-Lord No. 36 – called for open minded Lord, a influential target shooter. 6 hundred were created from 1880 to 1886.
Two well known examples of the Stevens-Lord No. 36 were tradition ordered by, serial no. 29 because that himself and also serial no.
32 as a gift for. The deluxe collection of pistols had actually ten-inch barrels chambered for, iridescent mother-of-pearl grips, and custom engraving with gold inlay. The one provided to Thompson included "From Buffalo invoice to Ben Thompson" top top the spine of the grip. One engraved, gold-plated Stevens-Gould No. 37 was offered to sharpshooter in the 1890s by she husband. The pistol had finely engraved dog and horse head motifs ~ above both political parties of the frame. The Stevens-Gould No.
37 was among three embellished guns cased because that Oakley together a presentation group. References. ^ Vorisek, Joseph (1992). A short Illustrated background of the J Stevens eight & device Company.
A quick Illustrated history of the Savage Arms agency 1895 to 1945. Cornell Publications. Fjestad, S.P.
Blue book of gun Values. Blue publication Publications. ^ Flayderman, norm (1994). Flayderman"s guide to antique American Firearms. ^ Wallack, LR.
"Sixty Million Guns". In gun Digest Treasury, Harold A. Murtz, editor, DBI Books. 1994 pp.192-193, 195, 197. ^ Lapin, Terence. Retrieved December 12, 2015.
^ Vorisek, Joseph (1992). A quick Illustrated history of the J Stevens eight & device Company. Cornell Publications. The Hardware review. Pentz posting Co. Lacking or north title=.
^ Kimmel, Jay (1990). Savage & Stevens arms: collector"s history. ^ Canfield, Bruce N. Infantry tools of world War II. Andrew Mowbray.
Skennerton, Ian (1993). Lee-Enfield Story: A complete Study the the Lee-Metford, Lee-Enfield, S.M.L.E.
And No.4 Series. Ian D Skennerton. Canfield, Bruce N. Infantry weapons of the first World War. Andrew Mowbray.
Cornell Publications. Archer, Eric (1988). Army Shotguns of WW2". Stevens guns General Catalog and also Component components #52 (Revised).
J Stevens eight & device Co. Canfield, Bruce (2007). The complete Guide come U.S. Army Combat Shotguns.
Mowbray Publishers. Pp.94–95, 117, 134–139. ^ Bicknell, Natalie and Tom (July 19, 2007). Autry National center (January 12, 2012).
Near together I can figure it to be made in between 1916 and 1929 however then i was told Stevens didn"t begin using serial numbers until 1948. Have the right to anyone phone call me if I"m in the right ball park or wherein I can get far better information? walk anybody know when they do the version 335 v a serial number? v the activity open girlfriend should be able to see a letter code stamped top top the inside of the receiver. Serial numbers came after 1968. I forget exactly,but the letter s=1968,give or take it a couple letters,and each proceeding letter indicates a proceeding year. I lost the connect to the page that provides the exact dates,but that is a rough estimation.
Also,consider contacting Savage Co,as they have some people on employee that will assist with your task. Over there is a circle through the letter ns on the bottom that the receiver but nothing any were else on the reciever. Tried Savage they claimed they couldn"t assist me. That is possable that the barrels room from a newer shotgun. Product DescriptionEventually recognized as simply Stevens Arms, the J. Stevens eight & tool Co. Was started in 1864 and produced a variety of high-quality firearms before merging through Savage in 1920.
While recognized mainly for your rimfire rifles, Stevens developed a number of fine American shotguns together well, with two models being put into US army use. Created from 1912 to 1930, the model 335 is a peak lever, break-open, hammerless side-by-side shotgun with a heavy rib and extractors. A traditional double trigger cements the 335"s standing as a classic American twin gun. Heck, give it a year or so and also you might have the ability to Marry one!:facepalm: close to as ns can figure it was made in between 1916 and also 1929 however then i was called Stevens didn"t begin using serial numbers until 1948. Deserve to anyone tell me if I"m in the best ball park or wherein I can get better information?
Does anybody know when they do the version 335 through a serial number? uncovered this on dual Gun. 335 an initial appears in Stevens basic Catalogue No. 53 roughly 1910 or 11. The was their entry-level hammerless gun through their brand-new chopperlump barrels and also wedge bolting. The greater grades, No. 355, 365, 375 and 385 have actually a rotary bolt, and also the highest possible three Krupp barrels.
Stevens eight & tool Co. Doubles had actually the mono-bloc breech the the barrel tubes screw into. In that series the entry-level was the No. 325 v wedge bolting.
Again the higher grades had actually a rotary bolt and were No. 350 through high push steel barrel tubes; the No. 360 v twist barrel tubes; the No. 370 with Dmascus barrel tubes; and also the No.
380 through Krupp barrel tubes. 335 to be still in the Stevens line in the 1928 J. Stevens arms Co. Depicted wholesale price list, however was gone by the 1930.
Sometime in between 1910 & 1930? the is possable that the barrels are from a newer shotgun. Product DescriptionEventually well-known as just Stevens Arms, the J. Stevens arms & device Co. Was founded in 1864 and also produced a number of high-quality firearms before merging v Savage in 1920.
While recognized mainly for your rimfire rifles, Stevens created a number of fine American shotguns as well, through two models gift put right into US armed forces use. Created from 1912 to 1930, the version 335 is a top lever, break-open, hammerless side-by-side shotgun with a heavy rib and also extractors. A traditional double trigger cements the 335"s condition as a classic American dual gun. The barrels, receiver, forearm, top snap lever and also some other parts all carry the same serial number. Ns posted this same inquiry on the Shotgun civilization forum however never obtained a reply.

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American Rifleman (July, 1980; web page 28) consists of a very different collection of days for serial numbers through 193000. Enter the serial number (leave out the "," or "."
) of your Savage 1895/1899 in the box below: The Ninety-Nine, A background of the Savage version 99 Rifle, by Douglas Murray. Bar Boss Codes: A = 1949 B = 1950 C = 1951 D = 1952 E = 1953 F = 1954 G = 1955 H = 1956 i = 1957 J = 1958 K = 1959 together = 1960 M = 1961 N = 1962 ns = 1963 R = 1964 S = 1965 T = 1966 U = 1967 V = 1968 W = 1969 X = 1970 Y = 1971.Fine Print: Savage99 is no responsible for errors!


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