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Electric irradiate Orchestra - Rain is falling

Rain, rain, go awaycome again one more day)Early in the morningThe sun was up and the skies was an extremely blueWithout a warningAs i looked out, mine thoughts went back to youA noise in the city make the youngsters runAnd hide us awayAnd thunder boome

2pm - Rain is fallout’s (rain; it"s raining)

can’t leaving without younal tteonajima BabyI can’t leaving without younal tteonajima Babychang bakken amu gotdogal su eopge biga naerinechamatdeon nunmuri heulleoireoke maju anja amureonmaldo mothan chaesseurarin gaseumman nulleoidaero kkeutna be

Blutengel - when the rain is fallout’s

m sitting in mine roomNo irradiate shines trough the door.I dislike the silenceI feel the coldness the the floor.I check out your face like a shadow on the wallI deserve to smell your perfumeFeel her lips upon mine skinI begin to snap while i cryI feel the ache that hurts my heartI counting the

Slipknot - If rain is what you desire

s been years because anyoneCould be a friendIt"s the fear that death the feelingIn the endCan we confront it?Can we shape it?Can us really die?If rain is what you wantAll you have to do is close your eyesJust close your eyesI have actually watched her resurrectionS

Canton Jones - you tube page

got a brand brand-new dance I obtained a brand new dance and if you don"t know exactly how to do it you can catch it on mine you tube page allow me view yo hands high slide to the left and also do yo run nah I recognize that you wanna do it shawty unable to do "head and also bust a move Dance prefer a church young go

Dawn that Destiny - Rain

whole world is produced by demonsMy whole life is obtaining lostMy mistakes, they to water over me nowAnd I begin to regretI feeling the rain is falling downIt feels choose drowning in the rainHad to leave home, they did not desire meFor all I"ve done, ns pay the priceNo

Labÿrinth - falling rain

in mine heartI would like to uncover a place for love... It"s no so easy as i"d choose ...and every this time, all the moment we"ve lostJust to monitor a dream... Nothing will continue to be ...The rain is falling under on mefalling under as a silent cryNow I"m staring at th

Narnia - Rain

was a time, there to be a placeWe had actually all that us neededWe provided it all away and also got nothing in return butgreed and also hollow minds, flat screens and beauty magazinesCome, ns will show you that you desire to beTime for reflectionWhat have actually I become?Time because that rejection

Hanson - Rain (falling down)

fallin" down outta mine eyesAnd I"m wonderin" why you had to to speak goodbyeAnd leave me baby, all alone in my life.As i think ago when you were aroundAnd we were together, we didn"t care around the weather"Cause baby us were together.But currently

Civil war - Rome is fallout’s

and I will lasts foreverbut over there are plenty of reasonswhy I can not stay.Now we shall satisfy again in heavengoing out to war is never easy the is true.Another day another lifeI may not have to sacrificethe only good thinks in mine life.A bat

Priscilla - Rain

it"s raining and it"s pouringAnd my old man, well he is snoringRainy work stayWell my brother, he builds a puzzleOn the blue rug with lazy bubblesRainy day you re welcome stayRain rain don"t walk away,the sun have the right to come backAnother dayRainy day please stayWell

Priscilla Ahn - Rain

it"s raining and also it"s pouringAnd my old man, fine he is snoringRainy work stayWell my brother, he build a puzzleOn the blue rug through lazy bubblesRainy day please stayRain rain don"t walk away, the sun deserve to come back Another dayRainy day plea

Hollow ( Swe ) - Rain

these rooms and through these halls you wanderNever seeing every the points that I might show youAre you over there to hear?You can’t recognize my fear – or my longingFor a human being that I can claim and also call “home”So go on your means and leave me to my dreamsI’m not fairly what ns s

Angeldark - Rain

the last time ns am aloneFor the last time it feels so coldIt"s the critical timeNow she has goneBut then... The skies answersRainRain is falling under on meHere comes the rainFor a minute I hear a prayerJust a moment but It"s for this reason clearYou"re phone call meYou"re touching

Joey Mcintyre - Rain

wonder just how I"ll get alongI wonder whereby I can belongLosing your method is simple to doWandering approximately without a clueIf there"s a way I don"t understand whereIf there"s a why l"m stand hereLosing my mind is straightforward to doWhere space you...And th

Luke Bryan - Rain is a great thing

Verse 1>My daddy invested his life lookin" up in ~ the skyHe"d cuss kick the dust, sayin" child it"s method to dryIt clouds up in the city, the weather male complainsBut where I come from, rain is a an excellent thingRain provides corn, corn provides whiskeyW

Suzi Quatro - You deserve to make me desire you

you assumed you obtained an angel however I"ll phone call you it just ain"t for this reason This fruit mamma ain"t no infant don"t you recognize When you touch me you set me aglow and also when I"m in your arms ns really don"t wanna walk You have the right to make me want you yet I ain"t gonna

Katelyn Tarver - Rain

single day i wanna tell you just how I feel but I never acquire past the butterflies and I simply don"t recognize if I have the right to deal room you really into me Cuz I understand I"m right into you yet I don"t wanna take one more step until you to speak ya feel it too It looks choose rain

G-dragon - Rain is fallin (w-inds ft. G-dragon) (2009)

Steppin" in the society everybodys like "aye!!!"Yeah dats mine dam castle playI roll to the bar & cop me a drink - I"m tipsy,game on, i say!I gotta get right, ns sho dothis shorty I"m so intoand i think she simply came thruhey baby girl, wut the do?(I think I recognize u

Crush 40 - Is it you

it you? Is that me?Is it whatever we"ve supposed to beIs it here, Is the nowThat just we have the right to feel somehowIs the you... Oh... Is it you...And us take, every momentTrying to feel that is whoAnd there you are, right before meStuck inside of what to doAnd ns think come m

B-52s - Is the you mo-dean

Wain" because that bus #99Goin" to the save for warm dogs and also wine!When all of a sudden, i felt actual coldAnd wound increase in the belly of a huge ol" ufoOn the bus, to ...

Bad guys Blue - Is that you?

been the town hall the exact same old movie.Over and over again.So enchanted through this one beauty.I ended up being her best fan.Am I just dreaming? to be I only dreaming of this love?Is it you?I know I’ve watched that face before.And ns surely wanna find out more.Who’s fooling who? Is

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Is the you on that plane

know that you space leavingbut i hope that you have the right to stayThe hardest part about healingwas discovering what you would certainly sayWhen her garden was spanned in snow, loveI can tell what you want to sayAnd then as soon as you dubbed me again, loveYou called me you were going come breakIs th

Bow Wow - Is that you (p.y.t.)

Looking because that thatpretty young thangup in the spot, looking warm playin` no gamesAnd she steady tryina get it crunk ideal from the jumpand she playin` no games.that you Shawty? (yea thats me)Did you come below to party? (Yes indeed)Ha but could yo

Insane Clown Posse - Is that you?

J, Violent J, is that you?I"m top top the microphone, for this reason what"cha wanna do?Violent J, Violent J, is the you?A wicked, evil clown painted just for youI drink Faygo it"s just a buck-tenI"m a pour it on your tits when we f***ingCause I"m v that kinky shit, ho

Lloyd - Is it friend

on optimal of the world, sitting on height of the worldinnie minnie miny, innie minnie miny moe,innie minnie miny moe, those"re coming to meeverybody innie minnie miny moe,innie minnie miny moe, innie minnie miny moe,which one yes, really is it you, is that her,is the this girl is it yo

Mercyful Fate - Is the you melissa

..Melissa, You"re in my dreamsYou"re through me every dayOh...Melissa, might that really beyour voice ns hear?Too shortly for you and IThe priest took his sacrificeAnd sent out you to the other sideOh...Melissa, You"re in mine dreamsYou"re with me ever

Cassie - Is the you?

m searching for a lover not a friendSomebody who deserve to be there as soon as I require someone to speak toI"m looking for someone who won"t pretendSomebody no afraid to sayThe means they feel about youAnd I"m looking for someone that understandsHow ns feelSomeone who can keep that r

Kid squid - Is it you

Chorus:>UhWe obtained it hotter than a stoveI"m feather I"m looking I"m spring forThe one, come and get me in the zoneIs that you, is the you come and let me knowIs it you, is that you, is the you over thereIs that you, is the you, is that you thereYou obtained it, you obtained it, you

Kiss - Is the you

s droolin" top top the bar stool, shake your hips and also crack her whipsCheap seventeen and trashed out, you went also far, to be a bitch you areYour reputation"s in the bathroom, it"s on the wall surface and down the hallI hear you"re cheatin" v my teacher after school, call me what you do

E-rotic - Is it you

heart"s all aloneMy thoughts deserve to deceive me"Cause tears never liePlease, tell me why you had actually to leave me?And time overcome byEach minute I miss youI need you, I lengthy for her body and also soulOh, is the you? Oh, maybe it"s youWho broke my heartO

Sham 69 - Is this me or is this girlfriend

this me or is this you look in the mirror Who perform you see do you view you Or execute you see me Is this me or is this you look at in the winter Who perform you see do you check out you Or do you see me i don"t understand I just do what you say mine life

Tina Turner - You know who (is doing you recognize what)

heard some news this morningAnd it virtually devastated meIt fight my love without a warningThe story is top top the streetI overheard a conversation it to be all around youI can"t think what they"re speak baby, it far better not be trueThey to speak you know who is

Suzanne Vega - small blue point

I amA small blue thingLike a marbleOr one eyeWith my knees versus my mouthI am perfect roundI to be watching youI am cold against your skinYou are perfectly reflectedI am lost inside her pocketI am lost againstYour fingersI to be fal

Suzanne Vega - cracking

s a one time thingIt just happensA lotWalk with meAnd we will seeWhat we have actually gotAh...My footsteps room tickingLike water dripping native a treeWalking a harlineAnd stepping really carefullyAh...My heart is brokenIt is worn out at the kneesHearing

Suzanne Vega - frozen tag

go to the playgroundIn the wintertimeThe sun is fading fastUpon the slides right into the pastUpon the swings of indecisionIn the wintertimeIn the dimming diamondsScattering in the parkIn the ticklingAnd the tremblingOf freeze tagIn the dark

Suzanne Vega - Marlene ~ above the wall surface

if ns am in love through youAll this to say, what"s it come you?Observe the blood, the climbed tattooOf the fingerprints ~ above me from youOther proof has shownThat you and I space still aloneWe skirt around the peril zoneAnd don"t talk about it laterMarlene watches native the wal

Suzanne Vega - straight lines

s a soundAcross the alleyOf cold metalTouching skinAnd you deserve to seeIf you watch in her windowThat she has actually gone and also cutHer hair againIn straight linesStraight linesThose soft golden lights in the morningAre now on her wooden floorT

Suzanne Vega - community girls

quot; We had actually ourNeighborhood girl, sheUsed to hang out, in prior ofMcKinsey"s Bar, and we wereInterested in her, and herClientele...We simply wonder wherein she"s gone..."" oh she"s gone?"" Yes, she"s gone, gone, gone."&q

Suzanne Vega - Undertow

believe right currently if ns couldI would certainly swallow you wholeI would certainly leave only bones and also teethWe might see what was underneathAnd you would be cost-free thenOnce ns thought only tears might make us freeSalt wearing down to the boneLike sand against

Suzanne Vega - some journey

I had actually met you on some journeyWhere would certainly we be nowIf we had actually met some eastbound trainThrough some black resting townWould you have worn her silken robesAll do of royal blue?Would I have actually dressed in smoke and fireFor you to see through?If

Suzanne Vega - The queen and the soldier

soldier come knocking top top the queen"s doorHe said, "I am not fighting because that you any kind of more"The queen knew she"d checked out his confront someplace beforeAnd progressively she let that inside.He said, "I"ve watched your royal residence up right here on the hillAnd I"ve wonder who

Suzanne Vega - Knight move

while the queenIn one false moveTurns herself right into a pawnSleepy and also shakenAnd watching when the blury nightTurns right into a very clear dawnDo you love any, execute you love none,Do you love many, have the right to you love one,Do you love me?Do you love any, d

Evereve - Suzanne

me - don"t hide in the shadows every the timeRelease me - love me under a bloodred skyBelieve me - devotion purifies her mindBelieve me - leaving it all much behindSuzanne - would you die v me - SuzanneSuzanne - whatever will be - SuzanneKis

Suzanne Vega - Laying on that hands/stoic 2

Theresa understood the laying on of handsWhat I regularly wonder is just how she kept from hear love’s demandsIf in she loneliness she ever dreamed Of following earthly commands, five yeah.Mother Theresa construed the laying on of hands.Touch is a language. What the you have t

Hypocrisy - skies is falling under

is falling downSophistic energyA crack in the coreA burn sodomy for libertyFeel the neon dots that"s tattooed in your fleshCause they don"t desire you come think in any kind of different wayPsychotic preferencesA state of reinventAnd now the new world has actually just begun

Suzanne Vega - Don"t uncork what friend can"t save

man find a party on the bottom shelfForgotten and covered in dustThe label is already fifty percent worn offStill, open it up he must.As the corkscrew right into the cork the goesHe hears the weird refrain,“Do you what you like, yet never uncorkUncork what you ca

Suzanne Vega - 99.9f°

9 Fahrenheit degreesStable now, with rising possibilitiesIt can be normal but it isn"t quiteCould make you want to stay awake at nightYou seem to meLike a man0n the verge of burning99.9 Fahrenheit degreesPale together a candleAnd your face is hotAnd if i touch you

Crashdïet - fall rain

s an angel working the earlier streetsWith the addict and the deadbeatsJust an additional hopeless teenage tragedySell it every to a perfect strangerAll the tricks have started to adjust herDaddy"s girl has become someone else"s fantasyOoh you view it in she eyesOoh the way she tell

Hybrid psychic - Hybrid psychic - summer rain ft.grimm

head is hidden in mine handI wish that I could see you all againThings I"d speak I"d do my mindFeels favor summer rain <2x>Feels favor summer rain is falling, fallingFalling down <2x>Is falling down <2x>No, no, noI require to acquire up nowFeels

Ola Svensson - Rain

remember once we met prior to I was invisible I believed I"d beat it tough to acquire pretend I"m unapproachable however somebody else came along and took all the possibilities that i missed stuck on the sideline I keep thinking "there she goes" Falling like rain No, ns don"t

Sentenced - The rain comes falling under

every single cloud becomes a raging stormAs i go seeking for the one I used to live for...Since her love was taken awayMy heart"s to be beating empty beatsWell, that will end tonight...The tongue shall set me freeA steady hand v this sharpened

Michael W. Smith - heal rain

rain is coming down It"s coming nearer to this old town Rich and also poor, weak and solid It"s happen mercy, it won"t be lengthy Healing rain is coming under It"s comes closer to the lost and found Tears the joy, and tears the shame space washed forever in Jesus" name Healing

Pertness - Blood rain

hands are trembling, cold sweat come outAnd every perception"s captured up in this genuine nightmareI check out them razing all to groundWe shot to hide or run awayAnd with my eye I see our dreams - fading awayNowhere come run, i do not have anything to hideThe end is near, blood rain

Lil Peep - Falling down (feat. Xxxtentacion)

let"s watch the rain together it"s falling downNow let"s perform this one for PeepSunlight on your skin when I"m not aroundShit don"t feeling the same when you"re the end of townSo come, let"s clock the rain as it"s falling downCome, let"s clock the rain as it"s fal

Rea Garvey - The rain come falling from her eyes

pray to god my souls to keepI found my faith before my feetWe both knew it to be time for united state to goWe left behind the happiness large daylights and also safety netsTo prove the we could make the in our ownFor faith will provide to the hungry and also the giverTo th

Cher - Rain, rain

am I below if youre over there So far away its not fairTo be there is no you favor thisI miss out on you more than you knowThe nights are longThe job slowWithout the warmth of her kissWish you were back here with meCause out my windowAll is view isRain , Ra

Chris De Burgh - Summer rain

man walking by the sea is dreaming,Dreaming that the days when he was young,Hand in hand, a tiny boy next to him,Hearing about the but on the weekend under the sun..."Ah most of all ns remember,A small song we provided to play,It was around the english weather,

Tom small - Lousiana rain

it was the end in California by the mountain Diego sea that was once I to be taken in and it left its note on me yeah she almost drove me crazy v all those China toys and I recognize she yes, really didn"t median a thing to any of those sailor boys Louisiana rain

Gamma beam - Rain

mind is darkened by a demon in my heart My life is empty and also my heart is gaining cold My expect is dice by things I supplied to view So much confusion - I"m down on my knee To discover a solution - I want to break cost-free Look v the eyes of time and also finally you will see The broken

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