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Hi all

I just bought that supplement that has actually Wheat germ oil in the ingredients, yet states it is gluten free.

I googled wheat germ oil and also I uncovered that the is a no no



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* September 2007

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Posted January 16, 2009


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Posted January 16, 2009

Here is their answer

"The vitamin E is gluten free, the gluten is gotten rid of from the wheat germ oil throughout the extraction process. "

Best regards


Erica Young MMedSci


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Graves an illness June 2008

Candida overgrowth / began treatment November 2008

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Posted January 16, 2009


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Posted January 16, 2009
I guess that is what ns am going come do....I review that it something we need to not consume.....

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I to be proud of my self!!! I check out the labels even if the product says gluten free!!!! lol.......


You have to be proud of yourself. As I noticed from her other write-up below their solution was together I expected.

Courage does not constantly roar, periodically courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying

"I will try again tommorrow" (Mary ann Radmacher)

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Posted January 16, 2009


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Posted January 16, 2009

Good catch, Meline!

I wouldn"t touch it!



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"When human being show you who they are, think them"--Maya Angelou

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Wheat Germ Oil In A Gluten free Product?

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