There's something undeniably comforting about classic American TV video game shows — even if it is it's tuning into Jeopardy! or staying house from institution to watch The Price Is Right and cheering along when an enthusiastic pan of the display crushes the on their spins, or as soon as they gain to lug that new car home. The course, the familiar encounters of the master on these reflects are a huge part of their appeal, and also for Wheel the Fortune fans, the show is Vanna White and also Pat Sajak. However is among them retiring anytime soon?

If you're an OG pan of the show, climate you may remember once Vanna first joined Wheel's team earlier in 1980. Since then, she and Pat have come to be two the the longest-running duos in TV. It's kind of daunting to imagine someone rather tapping the tiles or another dude in a fit talking with optimistic contestants gunning because that a large cash prize.

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The show's creator, Merv Griffin, clearly felt the the pair were around as above a duo as one could find, and that they to be a team "like Ken and Barbie". In a January 2021 interview through Access Hollywood, Vanna said that the idea of gift on the display without pat Sajak is unimaginable to her.


"I can't imagine doing the display without Pat," she said. Sajak added that he felt the same way and suggested that once one the them made decision it to be time to cave up your proverbial spurs, they would do so together a duo. "Yeah, we've talked around it, and also we'll more than likely walk off right into the sunset at the same time." White climate quickly declared that it wouldn't be happening "anytime soon."

After hosting his significant 7,000th episode of Wheel of fortune in 2019, Pat stated that that would most likely retire "in the single digits" of year from then. "I’d like to leaving while the show’s quiet popular, and I’d like to leave before people questioning me to leave. And I’d choose to leave prior to people song in and see me and also go, ‘Ooh, what the hell occurred to him?'" the told USA Today.

He additionally glowingly spoke about his working partnership with Vanna: "This woman and I have actually been together a an extremely long time. It’s to be a fabulous run, and also we’ve gained lots an ext in us, yes?"

"Yes, us do!" Vanna said.

Sajak is currently earning a report $15 million a year because that his Wheel the Fortune gig, and also has apparently amassed a $70 million net worth. That figure is more than likely much higher considering exactly how long he's been working on the show and also the throngs of world who tune in everyday to clock it.

What's most likely a more staggering figure to think the is that Pat makes a report $52,000 per episode and that supposedly he'll occasionally record increase to six episodes in a solitary day. That's nothing come scoff at.

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Interestingly enough, Vanna in reality didn't acquire her game-show TV begin on Wheel the Fortune. She began as a contestant top top The Price Is Right.