On February 23, 2021, Tiger Woods underwent emergency surgical treatment after a auto crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, California (via CNN). He will certainly likely have actually a long road that recovery ahead of him. As he recovers, one point we recognize is that we have the right to expect his mother, Kultida, to it is in by Tiger"s side every action of the method — together she"s to be his whole life.

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Kultida Woods was born in Thailand but has invested the bulk of she life in America. "I<"ve> live in U.S. 40 years now, in Thailand for just 25," Kultida called ESPN in 2009. "In the way, I"m much more American than Thai." Still, she shared that Thailand is the ar she feels many at home and also she makes constant trips back, frequently doing philanthropic work.

Kultida also told ESPN that she and also her kid are reduced from the exact same cloth. She described them both as "loners" who don"t garbage time with civilization they don"t like. "I to be independent and strong-willed. That way, friend survive," claimed Kultida. "When i was a girl, my mom would constantly be worried, "What will human being say?" and also even then, I would certainly think, "I don"t give a damn."" She added that she instilled in her child the prominence of gift happy in himself.

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Although Kultida Woods is she son"s best supporter, she isn"t afraid to provide him challenging love. According to The everyday Beast, she was furious through Tiger when she learned the he had actually been unfaithful come his wife, Elin Nordegren. The pair separation in 2010, quickly after his infidelities ended up being known to his family and also the public.

The concern hit near to her heart because Tiger"s own father, the late Earl Woods, consistently cheated on Kultida and also she shared a close partnership with she daughter-in-law, Nordegren. A resource told The day-to-day Beast that she to be "hurt, angry, and disappointed" by her son"s actions and "want come know how he might do this to his family."

However, Tiger and also Kultida have regulated to rebuild and also maintain a strong relationship. In 2019, she common an emotional hug with her son once he winner the masters (via SB Nation). Tiger Woods also adopted his son, Charlie, the day in the exact same spot where he"d hugged his very own father 22 years prior. "It"s been 22 years. Life goes on," he claimed of the parallel. "But there"s been one continuity through it every — my mother was there."

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Although Earl Woods was the much more visible that Tiger Woods" parents, Kutilda has been an influential number in she son"s life and career. As soon as Tiger to be a child, his mom even joined that on the golf course.

"My mommy played golf once I was an extremely little. Us played in ~ Heartwell, we would certainly go the end there and also play together," Tiger shared, per Golf.com. "She never really played much, but she can still putt. We still have a few putt-offs in the backyard every now and also again, with the kids."

And as soon as it pertained to his golf career, Tiger told USA now that Kultida was the one who applied rules and also gave hard love. "My mother was the enforcer. My dad might have remained in the one-of-a-kind Forces, yet I was never afraid the him," he told the outlet. "My mom"s quiet here, and also I"m quiet deathly afraid of her. She"s a an extremely tough, tough old lady, really demanding. She was the hand, she to be the one, i love she so much, however she was tough."

In fact, the reason Tiger Woods always wears red throughout final ring at tournaments is due to the fact that of his mom"s advice.

"It goes back to my mom," that said during an interview v Marty blacksmith of ESPN (via Heavy). "My mom says the my power shade is red. And so, in junior golf ns won a golf tournament wearing red. She said, "See i told you. Red." So, the really next tournament what carry out I do? ns wear blue. Okay. So, i win. Again, ns told her, and I simply kind the made fun of it. Poked at she a small bit. Ns think I lost the next two the end of 3 tournaments wearing blue. Switched to red and also I go on a warm streak. And, well, I maintained it."

Per The Sun, Kutilda Woods has actually been honored through a "Mother of the Year" compensation from one Asian-American organization, yet she prefers to stay out of the spotlight. She is also a devout buddhism and, through her encouragement, Tiger began to reconnect with the religious beliefs again together an adult.

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Above all, Kutilda constantly wants her son to recognize that she has his earlier and that his love is the biggest gift in her life. "I always told him, "You can always count top top Mom. Mom will never lie come you." Every night, i pray to the Buddha that in the following life Tiger will certainly be my son again," she said ESPN.