When you must ship miscellaneous that demands to continue to be cool, friend probably know that making use of a Styrofoam cooler is your finest bet. Perform you understand why, though? even if it is you room shipping food that needs to be retained cool to remain fresh or girlfriend are sending a live reptile, you need temperature-controlled packaging come ensure the the delivery arrives safely.

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Much prefer wrapping up in class of clothes helps you remain warm throughout cold weather, Styrofoam keeps items cool through insulating them versus heat. Let’s take it a closer look in ~ the scientific research behind a Styrofoam cooler.

What Is Styrofoam?

Let’s begin with the basics. Styrofoam is the trademarked name for polystyrene foam. This petroleum-based plastic is lightweight and serves as an reliable insulator. As such, it does a good job that keeping warmth out that things like coolers. Because it is fairly firm, it also helps administer a level of security for items when in transit indigenous one location to another.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity refers to a material’s capacity to conduct heat. Some materials — specifically metals — conduct warmth well while others — like Styrofoam — conduct it poorly. Both types are valuable in certain circumstances, however when it comes to protecting item in a package native the heat of the external environment, you need a material that is a bad conductor. This helps store the cool air within the parcel while keeping the warm air out.

How Styrofoam Insulates

Styrofoam is mainly made of air. This renders it a poor conductor of warmth but an excellent insulator. The air is trapped in little pockets in the polystyrene, and also it blocks the flow of heat. In shipping, a little Styrofoam cooler create a cold zone within a parcel that allows heat indigenous the outside in in ~ a an extremely slow rate. This makes it possible to delivery frozen and perishable items safely, also when it takes a few days because that a package to with its destination.


While a Styrofoam cooler walk a good job of keeping cold items cool for lengthy periods the time, they don’t cool items the are currently warm. Therefore, ice cream or cold packs must be supplied to cool the within of the container.

Shop because that Styrofoam Coolers

Benefits of utilizing Styrofoam Coolers

When you should ship items that room temperature sensitive, Styrofoam coolers space an effective and affordable solution. They room favored through the food service industry because they are less costly than other products and they provide far better insulation to store food fresh longer. Because they space made mostly of air, they are exceptionally lightweight and don’t journey up shipping costs.

Styrofoam coolers come in many sizes. Whether you need a small or a large Styrofoam cooler for shipping, it’s possible to uncover exactly what friend need. From small boxes provided to ship pharmaceutical commodities to larger containers the are perfect for new meal shipment kits and also more, there are different sizes because that every application.

Because they room durable and also easy to clean, Styrofoam coolers can be used and also reused number of times. They work just as well for camping or fishing trips as other layouts of coolers, and also they are good to litter in the back of your vehicle for once you choose up frozen groceries. Contrasted to other species of coolers, they are very affordable and also lightweight.


Styrofoam coolers space the perfect solution as soon as you must ship frozen or perishable items. Their light weight means they won’t considerably increase your shipping costs, and their straightforward design provides them affordable come purchase. When used with ice cream or cold packs, they deserve to keep food and other items cold for numerous days.

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It’s important to note, though, the Styrofoam isn’t among the most environmentally familiar materials. That takes century to break down in landfills, so it’s extremely crucial to recycle your Styrofoam coolers. Countless recycling programs expropriate Styrofoam, and in part instances, shippers will certainly take them earlier for recycling. You can additionally reuse her Styrofoam coolers because that camping trips, hunting and fishing expeditions, road trips or even backyard barbecues. Friend may additionally have some luck offering them for cost-free on a community sales site. There are a lot of of civilization who will gladly take it them off her hands to usage for their own purposes.