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Glycyrrhiza glabra is a types native to Eurasia and also North Africa from which most confectionery licorice is produced. Franz Eugen Köhler, Köhler"s Medizinal-Pflanzen via Wikimedia Commons

Licorice is a flowering plant indigenous to parts of Europe and Asia. Its clinical name, Glycyrrhiza, is derived from the Greek indigenous “glykos” (sweet) and “rhiza” (root). The aromatic and also sweet extract from its root has actually long been offered as an herbal remedy for a wide variety of wellness maladies, native heartburn and stomach issues to sore throats and cough. However, over there is insufficient evidence to assistance that licorice is efficient in treating any kind of medical condition.

Glycyrrhizin (also referred to as glycyrrhizic acid) is the chemistry in black licorice that gives the liquid its signature flavor, however it additionally leads come its toxic effects.

Glycyrrhizin mimics the hormone aldosterone, i m sorry is made by the adrenal glands as soon as the body demands to retain sodium and excrete potassium. Sodium and potassium work together as a kind of to move battery that drives communication between nerves and the convulsion of muscles. Too much glycyrrhizin upsets the balance of this electrolytes, which deserve to raise blood pressure and also disturb the heart’s rhythm. Various other symptoms of extreme licorice intake incorporate swelling, muscle pain, numbness and headache. Check of the man who died from spend too much licorice revealed that he had dangerously short levels that potassium, consistent with glycyrrhizin toxicity.

It must be provided that a number of licorice-based foods items do not contain real licorice, but use a flavoring substitute dubbed anise oil, i m sorry does not pose the risks discussed here. In addition, in spite of its name, red licorice rarely contains licorice extract. Instead, red licorice is infused through chemicals that impart the cherry or strawberry flavor.

Products the contain actual licorice room usually labeled together such, and also list licorice extract or glycyrrhizic acid among the ingredients. Be recommend that some products, together as black color jelly beans or great & Plenty, room mixtures of different candies the contain both anise oil and also licorice extract.


Red licorice is sickly sweet yet safe to eat. Darren Boucher/Getty images

Hidden threats that boost risk

Glycyrrhizin has the unique licorice flavor and also is 50 time sweeter 보다 sugar and also has been used in other types of candy, soft drinks, tea, Belgian beers, throat lozenges and also tobacco. This have the right to make it an overwhelming to store track of exactly how much glycyrrhizin has been consumed, and also a mix of these commodities could create adverse effects.

Some people take dietary or health supplements that currently contain licorice, which increases the threat of toxic results from eating black licorice candy. Details medications such as hydrochlorothiazide room diuretics that reason increased urination, which deserve to lower potassium level in the body. Glycyrrhizin likewise lowers potassium levels, further disrupting the balance of electrolytes, i m sorry can develop muscle cramps and also irregular love rhythms.

People with particular preexisting conditions are much more susceptible to black color licorice overdose.

For example, patients who already have low potassium level (hypokalemia), high blood pressure or love arrhythmia are likely to have greater sensitivity to the impacts of too much licorice. Those through liver or kidney deficiencies will likewise retain glycyrrhizin in their bloodstream for longer times, boosting their threat of experiencing its adverse effects.

What to do?

If she a fan of black licorice, there is no must ban that from her pantry. Eaten in small quantities from time come time, licorice poses no far-ranging threat to otherwise healthy adults and also children. Yet it is recipient to monitor her intake.

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With Halloween approaching, be sure to repeat your children that candy is a “sometimes food,” specifically the black licorice. The FDA has actually issued warnings around the rare yet serious results of too lot black licorice, advising that civilization avoid eating much more than two ounces of black licorice a day for two weeks or longer. The company states that if you have actually been eat a the majority of black licorice and experience one irregular heart rhythm or muscle weakness, prevent eating that immediately and contact your health care provider.

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Some researchers have more cautioned versus the regime use that licorice in the kind of a dietary complement or tea because that its alleged health and wellness benefits, including the therapy of cough connected with COVID-19 or other respiratory infections. A review short article from 2012 warned that “the daily usage of licorice is never ever justified due to the fact that its benefits room minor contrasted to the disadvantage outcomes of chronic consumption.”

Article to update to mention concerns around using licorice together a COVID-19 treatment.