Randy Jackson came to be one of the most recognisable deals with on US television in the 2000s thanks to his time as a referee on American Idol.

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Not come be puzzled with Michael Jackson's brother of the very same name, he's worked with many substantial artists and also continues to be a an excellent friend of fellow Idol star Simon Cowell.

Here are all the essential facts around the American musician:

Randy Jackson age: exactly how old is he?

Randy Jackson to be born top top June 23, 1956. He celebrated his 62nd date of birth in 2018.

He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is the child of Julia, a homemaker, and also Herman Jackson, a plant foreman.

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What is Randy Jackson's net worth?

Randy Jackson has actually an estimated net precious of £38 million ($50 million), follow to Celebrity net Worth.






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