It"s bound come happen. You wake up, open presents and also immediately start pulling things out come make the Christmas dinner. But, you unexpectedly realize the you don"t have enough of the must-have ingredient. Perhaps you didn"t have actually quite enough butter because that both the Christmas next dishes and also that Christmas cake friend bookmarked. Possibly you forgot the source beer you needed to glaze the Christmas ham in the one recipe. Or possibly someone offered up the last of the milk setting out holiday cookies for Santa last night and now there"s none because that the coffee. 😱

Whatever it is, unexpectedly you have to go come the grocery store store and it"s Christmas work (yikes).

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That"s whereby our list of grocery store stores open on Christmas comes in handy. Most stores, including numerous grocery stores, are close up door on December 25. But some grocery stores, convenience stores, and also dollar stores do stay open up for the big holiday. (Check the end Walmart"s Christmas hours, Publix"s Christmas hours, stores open on Christmas, and also dollar stores open on Christmas here.)

Your options are much better on Christmas Eve, the course, so try to dash the end for any last-minute Christmas presents or necessities at the time. Come the next day, you"ll have fewer choices. Yet you"re not completely stuck. Make sure to keep in mind that every of this stores" hrs may vary by location, so use the online store locators or speak to ahead before you head the end the door. There"s naught worse 보다 spending 10 minutes scraping windshields and also piling in the car just to it is in greeted through a locked door at your destination.

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Convenience and Grocery Stores open on Christmas Day

It’s slim pickings when it involves grocery stores the are open on December 25. That"s why we"ve likewise included a couple of pharmacies and also convenience shop (and, okay, Starbucks too!), i m sorry often carry basics like bread and milk. Most branches will certainly be open up for Christmas, and also many lug at the very least some of an easy necessities you"re likely looking for. Below are the openings we know around so far, follow to press representatives who"ve independently evidenced their hrs with Country Living and also reporting native The Balance.

7-Eleven (Most 7-Elevens are open 24 hours, 7 work a week—and that contains Christmas Day.)Albertsons (Most Albertsons will be open from 8 a.m. To 4 p.m.)Casey’s (typically not open until 10 a.m.)Circle K/Couche-Tard (most areas are open 24/7)Cumberland ranches (most places open in ~ 7 a.m.)CVS (typically open 8 a.m. Come 9 p.m. Top top Christmas Day) QuickChekRite assist (Most Rite assist locations are open 24/7, including Christmas Day.)Safeway (Hours vary by ar so make certain to inspect your local store"s hours.)Sheetz (open 24/7)Speedway (open 24/7)Starbucks (A spokesperson told Country Living that "select locations" will be open, so examine with your closest store.)Wawa (regular hours)