For decades, the question around the relationship between Hollywood icons, note Harmon and also Angie Harmon has remained a pushing topic for the media.

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Is Angie Harmon related to note Harmon? it is one concern that graces digital search engines multiple times daily, and with great reasons too. Given the similarities in their last names, their shared career paths, comparable interests, and also notable football connection, the duo’s routes can’t be an ext aligned.

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Therefore, the is only logical for world to wonder if these 2 entertainment legends have actually a familial connection that runs deeper than a shared last name.


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Angela Michelle Harmon is an iconic Hollywood actress and director, born in Highland Park, Texas in 1962. She father, Lawrence Paul Harmon has German and also Irish ancestry, while her mom, Daphne Demar to be Greek, providing the actress a diverse origin.

Previously married come Jason Sehorn, the 48-year-old has three children, Finley, Avery, and Emery, every from her ex-husband. In December 2019, the star came to be engaged to actor, Greg Vaughan, who likewise has 3 sons v his ex.

As an actress, Angie Harmon has excelled more than many women in the industry. Some of her most renowned movies include “Rizzoli & Isles,” wherein she played Jane Rizzoli, “Agent Cody Banks,” whereby she starred together Ronica Miles, “Law & Order” as Abbie Carmichael, and “Baywatch Nights” among others.


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Mark Harmon, born in September 1951, is a legend actor and formerly a football quarterback. In addition to his exhilaration career, note is an completed director, producer, and voice actor. The 69-year old’s parents, who birthed him in Burbank, California to be celebrities in their very own rights.

Mark’s mother, Elyse Knox to be a model, artist, and also actress, when his father, Tom Harmon, was a soccer player and broadcaster, hence, the icon’s early on interests in sports. The actor’s two older sisters, Kristen Nelson and also Kelly Harmon likewise followed similar paths, coming to be actresses favor their mom.

In march 1987, mark tied the knot with actress, Pam Dawber, to whom he stays married come date. Their marital relationship yielded two sons, Sean cutting board Harmon and Ty Christian Harmon.

The Hollywood go of fame Inductee is best-known for his functions in such films as “St. Elsewhere,” “The West Wing,” “NCIS,” “Prince the Bel-Air,” “Charlie Grace,” and also “Freaky Friday,” amongst others. Mark Harmon’s exceptional performance in his movies skyrocketed him come the peak of his 50-year-long career.

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Going by their corresponding bios and also family ties, there appears to it is in no connection in between Angie Harmon and Mark Harmon, various other than their shared last name.