The location pretty lot says it: What is the difference between marinara and also spaghetti sauce?

I Googled and also got a bunch the hits yet none that the answers left me feeling favor I actually know the difference. If anything, I"m an ext confused currently than once I started. The one thing that a few of the answers I discovered had in usual was the idea the marinara sauce is simpler, with fewer ingredient than various other tomato-based sauces. Still, the idea does not current the full picture. Ns guess another means to approach this concern would be to ask: What would certainly one add to "marinara" sauce to make it "spaghetti" sauce?



Marinara is a style / kind that a sauce that originated in Napoli typically made v tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and also onions. A spaghetti sauce just says where to sauce is used (obviously top top spaghetti) but doesn"t speak anything about what the sauce is exactly like.

There are plenty of dishes which room basically spaghetti + sauce:

and, uhmmm...

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In the U.S. Marinara is a vegetarian Italian format tomato sauce and it may have olive oil and also cheese favor parmesan mixed in. Yet never meat or anchovies.

Spaghetti Sauce in the U.S. Is cook slang for produced tomato sauce served over spaghetti.


Marinara sauce is actual a thin tomato sauce offered originally top top fish foods, for this reason the name Marinara! In naples Italy once the anglers came house with the fish they captured for the day the wives would fix a slim tomato sauce supplied in and also serving the fish. Marinara sauce is not started with any type of meat or meat flavoring or onions prefer a special tomato sauce for pasta is. Spaghetti sauce starts through sauteing onions and meat such as neck bones, garlic and also olive oil in the bottom the a pan before including the tomato sauce and paste or adding meat balls to flavor the sauce besides the oregano, garlic, basil, etc., while that is down.


I don"t think over there is a huge difference. Spaghetti sauce is a littleThicker and can come with meats added to the and an ext vegetables. Marinara sauce is an ext liquid however you can include meat and also vegetables to it or leaving it together is. Either method they room both good!

The biggest difference I found in spaghetti sauce and marinara sauce is the usage of oregino. Commonly spaghetti sauce walk not have actually oregino in it and also a marinara sauce go which is generally what offers it is flavor.

My family members (from Italy) makes both, and also the only distinction I have actually noticedis the marinara sauce is a thinner sauce. Together for spices, that varies from human to person and also does not effect how thick the sauce is.

Im Italian and Sicilian i m sorry is type of a greater mix the the two since it"s rare as soon as they don"t gain along and also we do use oregano in spaghetti sauce and also either method there is not no lot difference and yes castle both taste the exact same well both taste great, out here in the us they execute say the pizza sauce is marinara sauce you can use it every the same and also yes meatballs and also (Italian sausage) i beg your pardon is not mentioned is component of Italian I would certainly say among the biggest component not US. For this reason let"s acquire your facts straight and also correct.. Yet yes and also all in every actuality the is and does vary from human to person

In my Italian opinion, spaghetti or traditional "sugo" tomato sauce is fairly smooth, whether thick or thin, likely using strained tomatoes. Marinara is a little an ext chunky or pulpy in texture, or "rustic" lets say, more than likely using crushed tomatoes.

This will definitely vary depending on who friend ask and also where for this reason you probably won"t get a critical answer. Gotta love Italian cuisine, huh?

Both are interchangeable depending upon application and also preference.

Sonny Silvaroli had actually the best if incomplete answer. Marinara have to never be cooked for more than a fifty percent hour. Whereby as spaghetti sauce much more correctly know as Sugo di pomodoro generally cooks for an hour or two. However marinara to be made through the anglers themselves typically on the coast or on plank the boat and also would never have meat in it.

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