Luffy Vs. Gol D. Roger: One Piece's most Mysterious Relationship, defined One Piece"s Luffy and Gol D. Roger have actually some pretty impressive similarities and a very, very facility relationship.

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regardless of having served as the catalyst for the show"s core story, as well as being developed as a rather mythological figure, Gol D. I get it has been just one of the most intriguing elements of One Piece and a many mysteries quiet surround him. However, what we do know about Roger has actually a many connections and parallels to collection protagonist Monkey D. Luffy.

The similarities between the two aren’t just coincidental. Luffy’s motivations are heavily inspired through Roger’s own achievements and exploits, and also as Luffy has continued on his trip to discover One Piece and inherit the location of Pirate King, the comparisons in between the two have only grown.

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More Than simply A Fashion Statement

the the numerous parallels series creator Eiichiro Oda has drawn in between Luffy and also Roger, the most easily noticeable is Luffy’s signature straw hat. The straw cap signifies the start of Luffy’s adventure and has become synonymous with the One Piece collection itself. The hat has quite the history, together it was an initial shown to have actually belonged come Luffy’s idol, Shanks. However prior to the "Fish-Man Island Arc," Rayleigh reveals that the hat once belonged to a young Gol D. Roger.

While not lot is known around Roger’s exploits -- especially his at an early stage years together a pirate -- Rayleigh’s story of his first meeting with the Pirate King draws an interesting parallel with one more infamous first encounter in the series: Zoro and Luffy. Both Zoro and Rayleigh are outstanding swordsmen, and end up coming to be the very first members of the Roger and Straw cap Pirates, respectively. The straw cap then take away on a more symbolic meaning. It not just signals the start of two parallel journeys, however can be seen as a means of pass on Roger’s legacy as well.

Luffy and also Roger might not be instantly related -- though there’s still lot Oda has actually yet to disclose -- however they carry out share some sort of familial ties. Roger’s son, Portgas D. Ace, was raised as Luffy’s adopted older brother and also as your names imply, they every possess the mysterious will of D. Which has actually yet come be fully explained. Though this is not necessarily a organic familial relation, Luffy and Roger space bound by this common heritage -- as space all carriers of the initial.

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The Voice of all Things

Luffy’s personality is very similar to Roger’s. However as the story continues to increase upon and place significance on the Poneglyphs, and a much an ext noteworthy similarity is Luffy’s ability to understand the Voice of all Things. The capacity allows the user to interpret the native expressed by points that nothing speak the human being language. Despite it may not sound impressive, this capability holds an overwhelming significance in One Piece’s narrative, now that points seem come be moving towards the endgame.

Roger was known to be an extremely adept at utilizing the ability. His mastery the it play an integral function in deciphering the various Poneglyphs that caused Laugh Tale and the One piece itself. Together Oda proceeds to make connections to Roger and Luffy, it wouldn’t be entirely unexpected for the last to incorporate this capacity in his very own quest because that the fabled treasure.

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Loguetown: A beginning & one End

Loguetown is a noteworthy landmark in the One piece universe, serving together Gol D. Roger’s birthplace and the setup for his windy execution. The city is revisited throughout the occasions of the "Loguetown Arc," where the many notable parallel between Roger and also Luffy’s journey is shown.

Roger’s execution is copy by Buggy’s attempt to execute Luffy top top the very same platform 24 years later. Luffy exclaims the he will end up being the Pirate King and the occasions that ensue are almost identical.

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Luffy -- favor Roger -- smiles before his “death,” only to climate be saved when lightning destroys the platform. Luffy and also the rest of his crew then vow to accomplish their desires before setting out towards the grand Line. In a way, Loguetown offered as not only the start of Roger’s journey, but also set Luffy top top a comparable trajectory with his ambitious to follow and eventually surpass roger in his very own journey to claim the title of Pirate King.