Halloween: Laurie Strode Should Still Be Michael's Sister In the Halloween franchise, Michael Myers and Laurie Strode were once family, but taking away their ties in the reboot greatly hindered the story.

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Although Laurie is free to live her life without the threat of Michael, after the first Halloween film, she chooses to prepare for his return instead of leaving Haddonfield. She even raises a family close to her potential killer. By not being related to him, it doesn"t make much sense why she decides to stay in the town where all of her friends were killed. But if she had remained his sister, she could"ve felt a strong sense of obligation to finish Loomis" mission and ensure that Michael stays incarcerated or dead. It also could"ve explained why she has a family because even if she is awaiting her brother"s return, she wouldn"t have to be lonely in the process.

Michael"s rampage through Haddonfield and eventual crossing paths with Laurie"s granddaughter would feel less forced had they stayed related. Michael has always had a connection with his family, and if Laurie feels it as well, it also justifies her obsession with stopping him. It also turns his rampage through the neighborhood into his way of finding his sister and killing anyone that gets in his way. Since he has no real pattern to his killing, it makes more sense to try and find the family member that got away 40 years after his escape.

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Michael has spent decades as the killer that disappears and catches up to victims without even jogging. Laurie later shows these traits in the reboot, showing that she"s learned some of his tricks. By not being related to him, this adds to her unhealthy obsession with the killer. However, if she were still his sister, it could come across as a family trait that she uses against him. It could also be a subtle nod to their history and confirmation that she isn"t as psychotic as her brother. The film plays with the idea that Laurie is going crazy, waiting for something that will never come. But Laurie gets lucky with Michael"s escape, justifying her motivation and obsession.

Had they still been siblings, their unexplainable connection would"ve been enough to keep Laurie on edge, waiting for his inevitable escape. It would"ve also justified her building so many traps within her home and training for their reunion. Laurie Strode is one of the most capable survivors in the slasher genre and she proved her worth by facing her brother on multiple occasions. She is the perfect foil for Michael, and having them be related could"ve made them two sides of the same coin. By eliminating her lineage from canon, a part of the character is left behind and takes a crucial piece away from the decades-long rivalry she and Michael share.

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To see Laurie face off against Michael once again, see Halloween Kills in theaters Oct. 15.

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