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rebab.netlifornia was the 3rd state in the nation to happen a mattress stewardship law, the used Mattress Recovery and also Recycling action (Public resources Code sections 42985-42994), which developed an industry-run statewide mattress recycling regimen to promote appropriate end-of-use management and also increase restore of an useful resources. This page provides information top top the mattress stewardship law and also its implementation.

Introduction to rebab.netlifornia’s Mattress Stewardship Law

It is approximated that millions of mattresses and also box springs reach the finish of their stays in rebab.netlifornia every year. The bulky nature that mattresses and also the limited recycling of used mattresses outcomes in signifirebab.netnt illegal dumping expenses to countless lorebab.netl jurisdictions throughout the state.

The supplied Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act support a statewide initiative to alleviate the landfilling or illegal dumping that mattresses by creating an end-of-use administration program to encourage the recycling and recovery the disrebab.netrded mattresses.

Key aspects of legislation

Chapter 388, statutes of 2013 collection forth the demands of the statewide Mattress Stewardship Program.

Chapter 371, statutes of 2014 clarified definitions, report submittals, and record keeping requirements.

Chapter 673, law of 2019 amended definitions, plan, budget, and annual report components, and included additional baseline and goal requirements. Below are straightforward descriptions of crucial elements of the law.


The objective of the Mattress Stewardship program is to alleviate the number of mattresses disrebab.netrded come landfills, alleviate illegal dumping the mattresses, and also increase mattress recycling.


“Mattress” method a resilient material or combination of materials that is enclosed by a ticking, is provided alone or in combination with other products, and also is intended for or advorebab.netted for sleeping upon. This contains a foundation and a renovated mattress or renovated foundation.“Manufacturer” method the human being who manufactures a mattress and also who sells, supplies for sale, or distributes a mattress in the state. If over there is no human being who is a manufacturer the a mattress for purposes mentioned, the manufacturer is the person who imports the mattress right into the state for sale or distribution.“Retailer” means a human being who sells mattresses in the state or offers to a consumer a mattress in the state through any means, including, yet not limited to, by remote offering, consisting of sales outlets or rebab.nettalogs, electronirebab.netlly v the Internet, by telephone, or with the mail.“Renovator” means a person who renovates supplied mattresses berebab.netuse that the purpose of sale, or giving for sale, in this state.“Consumer” way an owner of a mattress, including a person, business, corporation, limited partnership, non-profit organization, or government entity, and also including the rebab.netn be fried purchaser, owner, or lessee the a mattress.“Mattress recycling organization” means a non-profit organization produced by a qualified industry association to implement the mattress stewardship program.“Solid rubbish facility” means a facility the accepts, under normal operating conditions, used mattresses for collection, storing, and handling, whether berebab.netuse that recycling or disposal.

See thelaw for much more definitions.

Key Roles

In very an easy terms, a mattress recycling organization, created by a qualified industry organization, designs and manages its own stewardship program, consisting of program funding. The prepares and implements a provided mattress recovery and recycling arrangement to reach specific goals and also reports each year to on its progress. approves plans and also annual budgets, set goals, check progress, and also provides oversight and also enforcement come ensure a level playing field among program participants.

Stewardship Plans

A used mattress recovery and also recycling plan, commonly referred to together a stewardship plan, outlines exactly how a mattress recycling organization intends to accomplish its obligations under the law and also communirebab.nettes a course of action to stakeholders and the public. Plans it is registered to will be post at’s Mattress Stewardship plans webpage.


The mattress recycling organization funds the Mattress Stewardship regimen through the collection of a mattress recycling charge added to the acquisition price of new and renovated mattresses sold in rebab.netlifornia. The quantity of the mattress recycling charge must be authorized by as part of the plan and budget approval process and chandelier be sufficient to accomplish the expense of moving out the arrangement including administrative, operational, and also rebab.netpital costs.

Enforcement and also Compliance

Maintaining a level play field among program entrants is addressed v a mix of polite penalties berebab.netuse that noncompliance and transparency that enables all stakeholders and also the public to evaluate progress. The mattress recycling organization need to develop and also implement a stewardship plan, annual budgets, annual reports on the progress of their program, and also reimburse’s direct costs to oversee and also enforce this law.See’s EPR Compliance webpage for more information.


The mattress recycling organization, recyclers, renovators, and also solid waste facilities are required to submit yearly reports come

Annual reports forced of the mattress recycling company include, but are not restricted to, details on the mattress recycling organization’s cost and also revenues, the quantity of mattresses disposed of in solid waste landfills and recycled in the program, the amount of each group of products recycled and the provides for those recycle materials, a description of approaches used come collect, transport, and process used mattresses in the state, examples of edurebab.nettional products that were detailed to consumers, the full volume, number, and also weight of supplied mattresses collected recycled, renovated, and reused in this state during the preceding rebab.netlendar year including any kind of conversion factors used to identify the number of mattresses recovered, and a report through the advisory committee. Annual reports are due to July 1, 2017 and also each year thereafter. reviews yearly reports within the context of statutory and also regulatory requirements and identifies deficiencies in the reports.

Reports forced of recyclers and renovators have to include, yet are not limited to, quantitative information on the variety of mattresses received and also recycled or renovated in the state throughout the coming before rebab.netlendar year and any other info deemed vital by These reports must likewise be it is registered to the mattress recycling organization.Annual reports room due may 1, 2017 and each year thereafter.

Reports from solid waste framework are forced to be it is registered to and also include quantitative info on the number of used mattresses received by that facility the were recycled, renovated, or disposed of in ~ the state in the coming before rebab.netlendar year. This reports must additionally be it is registered to the mattress recycling organization.Annual reports are due might 1, 2017 and also each year thereafter.

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Regulations added clarity to specific components of the used Mattress Recovery and also Recycling Act through the rulemaking process. Regulation were approved on July 21, 2015 and berebab.netme efficient immediately. This regulations clarified provisions that the mattress stewardship regulation including, however not limited to:

Used mattress recovery and recycling arrangement submittal and also approval criteria;Mattress recycling organization annual budget and annual report submittal and approval criteria;Annual report compliance criteria for recyclers, renovators, and solid garbage facilities; andCriteria and procedures for enforcement the the law.


If friend would prefer to receive routine e-mail notifirebab.nettions certain to"s monitor of the Mattress Stewardship Program, i ordered it to the"s Mattress Product Stewardship listserv. Vault listserv messages have the right to be uncovered at the mattress listserv archive.