You’ve checked out them – 4K TVs in ~ shockingly low prices indigenous a secret brand referred to as Insignia.

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It seems prefer there’s no way a TV with 4K resolution, a 55-inch screen, and also Fire TV combined should cost less than $400 – i beg your pardon gets world wondering whether or not Insignia is a good brand.

Here’s the bottom line: Insignia TVs are a good brand. They no going come blow your mind prefer a new Sharp Aquos will, however they are much much better than you will do expect. If you’re looking for a solid deal on a quality TV, Insignia may simply be the means to go.

Today, we’re going to dive right into the Insignia brand and discuss exactly why they’re may be to offer solid TVs in ~ budget-friendly prices!

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1 Insignia: Brand rundown
1.1 A budget Brand, first and Foremost
1.2 Insignia clever TVs: no Always around Low price
1.3 What Other assets Does Insignia Make?
2 The huge Question: Why space Insignia TVs therefore Cheap?
2.1 Where execute Insignia TVs Come From?
3 Pros and also Cons of buying an Insignia TV
3.1 pros
3.2 flaw
4 options to Insignia: Other budget TV brands to consider
4.1 TCL
4.2 Westinghouse TV
5 The Bottom Line: must You Buy an Insignia TV?
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Insignia: Brand Overview

Best buy – the place you used to purchase printers and also TVs before Amazon took over – started offering TVs, tablets, cables, and also other little products under the Insignia label ago when TVs tho looked like large plastic cubes.

They’re fully owned and also sold by ideal Buy, however the manufacturing is outsourced to China.


Insignia supplies several various TVs, in size as small as 32 inches and as huge as 70 inches. Part models space still in 720p, but the bulk have to be upgraded to 4K.

Additionally, many Insignia TVs room “smart TVs” and also have one of two people Amazon Fire TV or Roku TV built-in.

A budget Brand, first and Foremost

How much do Insignia TVs cost?

On the whole, less than premium brands prefer Sony, Sharp, and Samsung.

For example, a 55-inch smart TV through 4K resolution and also HDR indigenous Insignia expenses less than $400, when a TV through the very same specs indigenous Samsung would collection you back much more than dual that price.

Buying an Insignia TV means that you’re walking to obtain a great deal compared to other brands, every solitary time. If she shopping ~ above a budget, it’s really hard to go wrong through Insignia!

Insignia smart TVs: no Always around Low Prices

Insignia’s ar in the TV human being is near the bottom in regards to price, but not always in state of quality or technology.

On the contrary, castle usually appropriate up there with industry leaders – they even have exclusive deals with Amazon!

Insignia was one of the very first companies come dive into the smart TV transformation a te ago, and they space still often at the head of an innovation integration today.

For example, Insignia was one of the brand that introduced the an initial 4K Roku and also Fire TVs. Together of 2018, they were the just brand that had an main partnership through Amazon to market sets v Fire TV built-in.

This was standing in comparison to the basic perception that Insignia TVs are just for world working through tight budgets.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming this TVs only have a low price tag to sell – often, lock still fill a powerful punch!

What Other assets Does Insignia Make?

While televisions are, clearly, the most vital product Insignia has to offer, they room still associated in other parts that the tech world. This is a quick rundown of all the different commodities sold under the Insignia label:

Laptops and DesktopsHome Theater and also Surround SoundProjectorsTabletsGaming equipment (controllers, keyboards, etc)Cables, batteries, and also chargers

The huge Question: Why are Insignia TVs for this reason Cheap?

If you want to truly recognize whether or not Insignia is a an excellent brand, you need to recognize why your stuff is therefore cheap compared to various other brands.

Is it since they are simply worse, or is it due to the fact that other brand charge more because of their reputation?

We recognize that Insignia TVs offer the same display screen resolution, size, and also smart features that other brands do. So, exactly how are they able to offer prices that room so much lower?

The short answer is the the price friend pay because that a TV doesn’t constantly have as lot to carry out with its high quality as you could think.

Sometimes, payment $800+ because that a new TV means you obtain a phenomenal product, and other time it way you’ve forked end extra cash for nothing much more than a brand name.

The complete answer come this inquiry – why are Insignia TVs for this reason darn cheap?has a many to execute with wherein (and when) Insignia TV components come from. Stop explore:

Where carry out Insignia TVs Come From?

Obviously, Insignia TVs come native China, Taiwan, and also Japan.

The contents are developed in countless different factories, assembled in China, and also shipped come the states.

Unlike significant brands, though, best Buy doesn’t own factories or design TVs. Instead, lock outsource production to several different manufacturers.

These TVs space made in the same factories together the major brands, which is why you will do it see components from Samsung, LG, and other providers in an Insignia TV if the cracked open.

Usually, the TVs are produced with leftover components and materials from the previous year’s models.

That method that unused/surplus screens and also processors from 2020 version Samsung TVs will uncover their way into 2021 design Insignias.

That makes them cheap and also easy come produce, even though the materials themselves are still very good.

It’s a little bit like getting last year iPhone the month after ~ the newest model is exit – you not acquiring a bad phone, you’re just obtaining a good deal on a contempt older one.

If you buy one Insignia TV, you won’t obtain a negative TV per se, you’ll just be gaining one that’s slightly older than a top-of-the-line Samsung.

Pros and also Cons of to buy an Insignia TV


You’ll conserve a lot of Money: this is the key reason anyone should buy one Insignia TV. If you have actually less than $500 to spend on a 4K clever TV, get an Insignia!Still High-Quality: as discussed, the truth that this TVs room economical walk not median they’re “cheap”. You still getting a great TV, it’s just not as brand-new under the hood.Fire TV-Enabled: if did you do it outfitted your residence with Amazon Echo devices, it just makes feeling that your TV is to run on the very same smart residence system. And, as soon as you acquire an Insignia TV, friend don’t have to buy a Fire TV device separately!


Components might be Outdated: The screens, processors, and other contents on this TVs are likely a design year older 보다 what you’d get from Samsung, Toshiba, or Sony. If you desire the “latest and also greatest”, Insignia could not be the right choice for you.Speakers room “Meh” at Best”: This isn’t a problem unique come Insignia, but it is still worth mentioning. Don’t expect the audio to it is in anything an ext than mediocre, and also if you want far better audio, be prepared to buy a soundbar!

Alternatives come Insignia: Other spending plan TV brand to Consider


This brand is many recognizable together the most renowned Smart TV through Roku built-in. These TVs are, come the eye of the median consumer, virtually similar to Insignia in regards to price, photo quality, and overall value.

So, why would certainly someone buy a TCL TV instead of one Insignia, or evil versa? The answer is simple: if you prefer Amazon Fire TV’s interface, acquire an Insignia. If you favor Roku better, gain a TCL. Both brands offer very similar TVs in ~ very similar prices.

Westinghouse TV

If money is important the only thing the matters to you, acquire a Westinghouse TV. Basically every Westinghouse is walk to it is in the cheapest in its class, and also that isn’t constantly a great thing. They look, feel, and sound cheap – yet if savings room your height concern, keep Westinghouse in mind.

The Bottom Line: need to You Buy an Insignia TV?

If you can reasonably afford a high-quality, expensive TV, you have to spring because that something nicer than Insignia there is no looking back.

But, if you don’t mind having actually last year’s technology in your brand-new TV, and also you want to conserve a couple of hundred dollars, get yourself an Insignia. After ~ all, TV modern technology only improves an extremely slightly year to year; technological leaps are typically slower.

Insignia is a an excellent brand, but not the best. Alongside TCL, they room the top selection for cheap TVs that are still precious buying.

That said, if you have the right to spring because that a $2,000 Samsung, you i will not ~ be disappointed.

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It all comes down to exactly how much you’re willing to spend: if your budget tops the end at $500, acquire an Insignia. If you’ve got more to spend, opt for something top-of-the-line.

Have you owned an Insignia TV in the past? What was her opinion of it? Or, if you haven’t owned one, perform you have any type of questions around Insignia TVs?