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Is IKEA open up for job Day 2020? If you love shopping at IKEA and also were hoping to visit the keep for job Day, then we have great news. Stores are open up for the vacation on September 7, 2020.

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IKEA Is open on labor Day

A representative the IKEA called around the job Day holiday: “IKEA stores will have normal hours on Monday… us encourage customers to examine their neighborhood store pagefor opening hours as it might vary by location, and check online or top top theIKEA application for product access at their regional store before visiting.”

With the ongoing pandemic, that also possible that hours or policies may vary based on local regulations, so girlfriend should absolutely check your regional store’s hours before visiting this holiday.

You have the right to go digital to see some present specials that IKEA is offering. Because that example, the Under $10 Deals page is here. You deserve to see the IKEA family members Member uses here. Commodities with a new lower price are detailed here. And last-chance significant down assets are here.

If you’re looking for the IKEA U.S. 2021 catalog, the digital magazine is being launched in late September and also the print version is delay until more notice, IKEA shared. IKEA detailed online: “After distributing the brochure internally, we discovered photo that might be misinterpreted, for this reason we room taking the essential steps to reshoot the photograph to be more in line through our values before sharing the brochure with our client in the U.S.”

IKEA COVID-19 safety and security Measures

IKEA’s website has actually a webpage committed to sharing the magnified safety steps that the keep is acquisition for COVID-19. The website notes that the store is enduring some supply delays due to COVID-19, so client should inspect the IKEA application for accessibility before visiting. Share updates room made every 24 hours. Just go come the product page, pick your neighborhood IKEA store, and click on the “Check Stock” button. You can likewise select come be informed when the item is ago in stock.

Everyone that visits a save in human being must undertake a challenge covering. Employees are noted with PPE and supplies for safety.

The webpage notes: “We room monitoring the variety of visitors in the store and also maintaining a strictly physical distancing tip of six feet consisting of floor decals for customer lines…There room hand sanitizer stations throughout the store and we will generally sanitize and clean surfaces. There space plexiglass separation screens about cash registers and customer service points.”

As for the Bistro, the save notes: “New, magnified safe food handling procedures in the IKEA Bistro. Food will certainly be takeout only. The sweden Food industry will additionally be open up for food purchases.”

The IKEA restaurant and children’s beat area are still closed at this time, the webpage notes.

The keep recommends visitors come throughout non-peak times and know the there might be longer wait times.

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Delivery is still occurring too, yet delivery times may take much longer than normal. In-Home delivery is now contactless, with items being left on her porch, garage, or doorstep. Vehicle drivers aren’t permitted to enter distribution locations. Some select locations also offer emergency delivery. IKEA also notes that as result of moving distribution centers, customers in St. Louis may have actually some challenges when ordering indigenous the website and also this need to be fixed by September 9.