Ice skating and rollerblading both are approaches or recreations the gliding across a surface on skates or skating boots. These sporting activities of skating have actually been famous for centuries. Once it concerns the histories of both that them, the origin of ice skating dates thousands that years back while rollerblading i m sorry is a frequently used name of in-line skating evolved from the original ice skating around a hundred years ago.

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As rollerblading so very closely mimics the initial ice skating, it can be a little confusing to identify the difference between these two, right? However, whether you desire to take among these sports or looking come buy skaters or equipment, you must know exactly how these two sports differ from each other.

Is ice skating choose rollerblading?

Though there are a couple of similarities between the 2 sports, they are not entirely alike. Instead, from the beginning to the methods they differ in all aspects.

Quick Differences in between Ice Skating and also Rollerblading:

let’s take a little look at the key differences.

  Ice skating Rollerblading
OriginThousands of year oldA few hundred years old evolved from ice cream skating.
SurfaceIcy surfaceHard Surfaces
SpeedComparatively highComparatively low
SkatesIce skates with chisels attached come the baseRollerblading skates through wheels attached come the base
Difficulty levelComparatively hard since of the bladesComparatively easy because of the wheels

In this article, i am walking to aid you understand all about ice skating and rollerblading individually. Then I’ll intricate on the differences between these two. In the end, okay answer a few of the many asked questions.

I expect you find this write-up helpful!

Ice Skating Rollerblading – The Basic

Ice Skating: 

Ice skating, as the name says is categorized as a kind of recreation or sports that requires gliding roughly an icy surface, put on a pair of specially made ice skates. Ice cream skating was an initial introduced as a sport approximately 1876. Because then, it’s getting renowned day by day. Ice cream skating is usually performed on frozen lakes, rivers, or various other frozen waterways. Nowadays, at home or outdoor icy monitor are also artificially created ice skating.

It includes a unique dress password that has a stretching towel that allows you relocate with more flexibility. Furthermore, this sports requires committed ice skates which space a bit various from continuous skates. The continual skates come v rollers or wheels attached to their base yet the ice skates have actually thin steel bars or blades that market a better grip top top the icy surface. By preserving the weight at the facility of the blade, one moves openly from one place to another and adopts the arts of ice skating.


Rollerblading, which is a very common identified name because that inline skating is basically an evolved kind of ice cream skating. Inline skating is the sports of skating attract a pair of skates that have actually wheels attached come them. The performed ~ above a tough surface prefer roads, parking lots, etc. The factor why inline skating is therefore much popular with the surname ‘Rollerblading’ is the tremendous popularity that the brand rollerblade, Inc. Who was the very first one come introduce human being to different types of skating shoes.

A street rollerblade has 2 come 5 small wheels in its base in a line and also they are much simpler to relocate with. Though currently a day plenty of different brands additionally make inline skating shoes, inline skating is still known to a lot of of civilization by the surname of rollerblading.

Rollerblading VS ice Skating – The an essential Differences

Rollerblading and also Ice skating both space a form of skating. Together rollerblading has actually just progressed from ice skating, a question may arise in her mind, is ice skating like rollerblading? The price is no. They space not completely alike, instead, over there are numerous differences between them from the gears to techniques. Let’s take a look and also identify these differences!


When it pertains to the background of these two sports, ice skating dates back to a thousands years back around 3000 B.C. Where rollerblading is simply a few hundred years old. Ice skating on normally frozen surfaces was popular ago in the 17th century. Yet when the artificially frozen rink was presented in London in 1876, that took ice cream skating come a whole different level turning it right into a significant sport.

Then, ice skating kept providing birth to different skating sports among which rollerblading is one. Approximately 1980, as soon as a agency named rollerblading, Inc. Began making distinct skating shoes with small wheels attached come its base, world started gaining attracted come inline skating. Simply after that, the firm gained so lot popularity that since then rollerblading has actually become another name for inline skating.


One that the main differences is the surface ar they room performed on. Ice cream skating is perform on icy surfaces choose frozen rivers, lakes, artificially developed rinks, etc. The icy surface are normally smooth and cost-free of any kind of obstacles. However rollerblading is perform on tough surfaces both indoors and also outdoors favor footpaths, parking lots, etc. Where there are uneven paths, holes, and also different obstacles.


Another significant difference between these two sporting activities is the kind of skates. Ice skates basically have thin steels or blades attached to the basic of the shoes. This blades assist to keep the fixed well and control balance by cut the ice surface a bit by bit. Yet the rollerblading shoes come with little wheels i ordered it in a heat or 2 i m sorry is less dangerous and easier to relocate with.


Ice skating contains a distinctive dress code through a stretching towel to let you move freely where rollerblading doesn’t have actually such a dress code. But you have to wear a helmet if rollerblading.

The Techniques:

Forward moving:

Rollerblades push against the difficult surface to develop a backward pressure to move forward however ice skates create the backward force by using the edge of the tongue of your skates.


Rollerblading skates have wheels that roll and assist the skaters’ coastline where ice skaters coast by sliding throughout the ice which is comparable to slipping.


In rollerblading, skaters drag their wheels sideways to develop friction and stop, meanwhile in ice skating, great skaters usage the edge of the blade to avoid moving.


The main distinction is speed! as the surface ar of ice cream skating is smooth and also mostly complimentary of obstacles, it’s a lot much easier to create pace and also play at a high rate in ice skating which makes it much more exciting than rollerblading.

Frequently questioning Questions:

Can I do ice skating v rollerblading skates?

No, as the icy surface is means smoother, ice cream skates room specially make with knives to help you save your balance ~ above the track.

Which one is easier?

Both sports are easy as soon as you learn, but if I have to select one, I would say rollerblading. as it’s a bit harder come learn appropriate grip with ice skates.

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So currently you understand all the difference between ice skating VS rollerblading! i hope you found this post helpful.