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Happy Easter 2021! If you’re trying to find a quick meal for the holiday and something a little much more non-traditional, climate you can be wanting come grab something native McDonald’s or citizens King. However are the stores open for Easter 2021 today? part are, however not all. Read on for an ext details.

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McDonald’s hours Vary By ar for Easter

Some McDonald’s will be open up today and some will certainly be closed. A representative for McDonald’s evidenced with hefty that some areas will certainly be open up today, but the hours are going to vary by location. Lock said: “Hours vary by location, so customers deserve to use ourrestaurant locator to check details because that their local McDonald’s.”

The hours vary due to the fact that most McDonald’s restaurants room franchises own by independent business owners, a representative told previously. Thus, the is approximately the individual save whether or not they are open today.

McDonald’s is working with distribution services, consisting of Uber Eats and DoorDash, if you’re interested in having your meal delivered to your residence today.

The chain is also offering a number of specials best now. They have three brand-new flavors of their Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, in Crispy, Spicy, or Deluxe.

You can accessibility exclusive transaction from McDonald’s, consisting of Mobile bespeak & Pay alternatives and Curbside pickup, if you use the app. Among the existing deals is getting cost-free large fries through the app download with June 27, $1 big fries through June 27 one time a week, and $.99 premium roast coffee or iced coffee v June 27, valid one time a day.

Burger King hours Vary By location for Easter

Some burgess King stores will be open up today for Easter, while some will certainly be closed. In addition, the hours can vary through location. A citizens King representative previously told “Holiday hrs are approximately our franchisees so us recommend the guest check their regional restaurant for hours of operation.”

This way store owners have flexibility in picking when they’re open and also their specific hours for holidays. Contact your neighborhood Burger King below to verify the hrs at the place near you and whether or not it’s open today because that Easter.

Just a few days prior to Easter, burgess King had actually some fun on Twitter for April Fool’s Day, consisting of pretending to market a cake Dough sandwich with cacao chip cookies.

Later they provided that the Hershey Pie idea could have gone also far, yet anyone in the U.S. Can gain their sandwich v sourdough bread if they wanted for national Sourdough Day.

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maybe putting a Hershey Pie ~ above sourdough was going as well far… #AprilFools. Yet no joke, girlfriend really deserve to get any kind of sandwich ~ above sourdough come celebrate #NationalSourdoughDay. Simply ask your regional part. BK (U.S. Only) 🍞🔥

— burger King (

Burger King is giving a number of deals in ~ participating locations, consisting of $1 shipment fee on orders of $5+ from the BK app or There’s likewise a $2 for $10 meal transaction for a minimal time featuring 2 entrees, two small fries, and two tiny drinks. You deserve to see an ext offers here that are accessible for a limited time, consisting of $2 Whopper Wednesday (sometimes on various other days too), $5 for two Oreo cookie shakes, and a limited-time cost-free Croissan’wich v $3 acquisition for new registered application users.