10 Behind The scene Facts around Billy Elliot Billy Elliot is one of the most inspiring movies come come out of the U.K. And is still renowned today. Right here are some lesser-known facts around the film.

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Billy Elliot is one of the most critically acclaimed and culturally significant British movies of the previous several decades. Set in the 1980s throughout the miners’ strike, the film complies with a young boy together he finds a new love because that ballet, going versus his family"s working-class traditions.

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The film to be a huge an essential success, with Billy Elliot going on to obtain Academy compensation nominations ~ its release. In enhancement to its crucial success, the movie was also incredibly popular, with Elton John also writing a stage musical based on the Billy Elliot movie.

The film followed the titular Billy Elliot as he found a love of ballet, mirroring the boy as he managed to both learn around the art type and also learn how to convince those close to him that ballet is a worthy pursuit.

What is exciting is that Jamie Bell, the actor who portrays Billy Elliot, had been dancing since he was 6 years old and was actually trained in ballet. Prefer Billy, Jamie Bell was teased in college for being a ballet dancer.

9 Jamie Bell’s Puberty

Billy Elliot is an 11-year-old boy and, as such, the actor illustrating Billy had to be suitably aged because that the role. As a result, aged 12 at the time, Jamie Bell was cast in the function of Billy Elliot.

However, Jamie Bell’s age, if making him best for the role, additionally meant he remained in the throes of puberty at the time. Together such, few of his dialogue had to it is in ‘post-synced,’ as his voice damaged during filming, while his legs had actually to be shave in part reshoots, together they grew too hairy.

it isn’t unusual for movie to change their title before release. Part movies even adjust their surname after release, with the many recent instance of this gift the Birds that Prey location being changed to merely read Harley Quinn: birds of Prey.

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Billy Elliot suffered number of name changes during production, and also even one after its release at the Cannes movie Festival. The was originally titled Dancer and also then Dancer in the Dark before the producers cleared up on Billy Elliot.

7 Filmed In Easington

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The lift of the film is very real, through the story being set in a north English coal-mining town throughout the brutal miners’ strike. The film is set in a town referred to as Everington, however, this is a fictional town.

Despite being set in Everington, the movie was actually filmed in Easington Colliery, a coal mining village in the northeast that England the was hit an especially hard throughout the miners’ strike.

The film adheres to Billy as he to learn to get the support of his family and also friends, regardless of the art of men"s ballet gift frowned upon by his working-class community. The film famously concludes through a time jump, mirroring Billy dancing in Swan Lake for his father and brother.

However, part fans the the movie have wondered why Mrs. Wilkinson wasn’t existing at the conclusion that the film. The reason for this was simply that Julie Walters wasn’t available for filming.

5 inspired By Philip Marsden

The story the Billy Elliot, despite being fiction, did have some real-world inspiration. As mentioned, the film is collection during the miners" to win of the 1980s, a duration of time that continues to have a vast effect top top mining communities throughout Northern England and also Wales.

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However, in addition to the backdrop, Billy Elliot self was additionally inspired by a real-life individual. The imperial Ballet Dancer Philip Marsden is a ballet dancer native the north of England, who likewise came from a mining family.

Northeastern England is just one of the most beautiful locations of the country, boasting such cities as Newcastle and Durham. In enhancement to its popular cities, it additionally has some famed faces linked to it, v Ridley Scott, Sting, and also Rowan Atkinson every hailing from the northeast.

Additionally, Jamie Bell additionally comes native the North east of England. The actor lived in surrounding Billingham before starring in Billy Elliot.

3 Dame Julie Walters Struggled through The Dancing

Dame Julie Walters play the great Mrs. Wilkinson in the movie, the teacher that would eventually introduce Billy Elliot come ballet and, essentially, force him to pursue his love the ballet and also join the royal Ballet School.

While Dame Julie Walters didn’t have too much dancing to do, she did battle with one particular dancing scene and explained the she struggled as result of symptoms of menopause the she was experiencing at the moment of filming.

Easington Colliery, the town that was standing in for Everington throughout the filming of Billy Elliot, was a previous coal-mining town through close connections between its inhabitants. In order come reflect this tight-knit community, cinematographer Brian Tufano had actually the scene in the mining village feel as claustrophobic together possible.

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However, Tufano would open up the scenes in i m sorry Billy dances come highlight how Billy feels free when he dances, permitting him come escape the social pressure of his community.

1 tradition Of The Movie

The movie grappled with several themes, some of which are still current to this day, including toxic masculinity, familial expectations, and social press to conform to a particular duty based on your gender.

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With recommendation to ballet, the film helped introduce several brand-new young men to the ballet arts form. The new York times reported in January 2020 that 3 of the 4 men in a recent performance of Swan Lake claimed that Billy Elliot had actually a direct influence top top them.

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