In the save yesterday, ns noticed displays full of coco almond bark at the all set for making cacao dipped strawberries. Ns knew almond bark was not chocolate, but it led me come the question what is almond bark?

Almond bark is a mixture of mainly vegetable fats, sugars, flavors and coloring. That does not contain any kind of cocoa butter or cacao liquor, so the is no a chocolate. Ns am conscious of almond bark being obtainable in vanilla and chocolate flavors. Almond bark is packaged in a number of ways. Ns usually purchase the blocks, however you may select the disks or melting chocolates.

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Almond bark is an excellent for melting and coating treats such together strawberries, Oreo cookies, and also Ritz crackers filled through peanut butter. What makes almond bark so good for melting is because is walk not need to be tempered. The is actually created for melting, so that is quite easy come melt at a selection of temperatures and in a selection of ways.

Of course, tempering needs to do through heating real cacao to a specific temperature so the the cocoa butters space imulsified in v the remainder of the chocolate. If they increase to the surface ar (called blooming) lock will create white streaks top top the surface. Back this watch funny, it is not vital to litter it out…just re-temper it.

I have never purchased the cacao flavored almond bark, i beg your pardon is so widespread in shop this time of year. For those who like to bestow coco covered strawberries on your sweetie, this is a good choice that should create beautiful results.

Real chocolate on the various other hand has cocoa solids (for taste) and cocoa butter (fat). The labeling of coco is regulated by the FDA. The ingredients and percentage of particular ingredients dictate exactly how a cacao is divide (bittersweet, milk, white, semi-sweet, etc. ).

Real cacao is, of course, an excellent for eating right from the package (why garbage time law anything else v it?). Through tempering, cacao is perfect for using in molds or making right into truffles. It is also very great in all sorts that desserts together as cacao chip cookies.

If you room in doubt if you have a parcel of real coco or flavored chocolate, review the ingredients. Cocoa butter way it is real chocolate. Almond bark typically states top top the front of the package that it is flavored.

Here room a couple of more brand to look at over:

Just remember, if you setup to offer your sweetie chocolates, acquisition real chocolate. If you are going come make coco covered strawberries for her sweetie, acquisition almond bark or melt chocolate. It will be much easier to occupational with and also your perfect product will look much better when set.

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Bonus Information: White cacao is no technically chocolate. Although that does save on computer cocoa butter, that does no contain cocoa solids. The is why white coco does not taste choose chocolate. The cocoa butter gives the texture of chocolate.

Denise deBois says:

Hello Kayla,I establish this article is over 3 years old, but, well, I’m always last to the game.So I’m brand-new to the “cookie coating” projects and wondering how the texture/consistency varies between the bark and also the chocolate. Is the bark any kind of thinner when dipping than white chocolate? And, yes, glad you discussed that white cacao is not really chocolate. Although i wish there to be a method to do it so. The “white-ness” lends chin so fine to vacation or baby themes. Many thanks for your short articles –