Understanding alcohol regulations in Texas will help you acquire your TABC certification faster and also make informed decisions ~ above the job. There are many Texas alcohol laws however knowing this 3 will help you be 1 action ahead when selling or serving alcohol. Don’t simply think you recognize Texas law, obtain certified and also be details you offer or offer alcohol the right way.

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A Minor may Possess and also Consume Alcohol as soon as in the Visible existence of their Legal aged Parent, legit Guardian, or Spouse

While the legal age of alcohol possession in Texas is 21, there are exceptions the seller-servers should be conscious of in specific situations. If a boy is in visible visibility of their legal-aged parent, legal guardian, or spouse, Texas law enables the minor to possess and also consume alcohol.

Although Texas law says this is allowed, it does not typical your agency or organization is forced to permit it. In other words, your company or organization have the right to have rules that room stricter than state law. Her employer’s policy might prevent anyone under 21 from consuming alcohol. Be sure to evaluation your policy and speak with monitoring to recognize what you have to do in this situation.

Always remember the it is never ever legal to sell or serve alcohol come a minor. If your employer permits minors come possess and also consume alcohol in this scenario, you must do everything through the parent, and the parent only. Take it the order, serve the drink, and take payment, every from the parent.

Minors may additionally possess alcohol in the scope of employment and possess and purchase alcohol when assisting a police officer in the enforcement the the alcoholic beverage password (i.e. Sting operation).

Designated chauffeurs Are Great, but Public Intoxication Is tho Illegal

A designated driver is a human in a team who chooses not to drink alcohol to administer a safe and sober ride because that the group. That’s awesome, yet it go not median the remainder of the group can drink as lot as castle want. Public intoxication is quiet illegal and is identified as “To appear in a public ar while intoxicated come the level that the human being may endanger the human or another.

It’s also against the law to offer or serve alcohol come a human being who you understand is intoxicated.

This is why the supremely necessary to recognize typical signs that intoxication and cut people off or refuse a revenue immediately. Many seller-servers believe they have actually discretion in this situation, and also they space absolutely incorrect. If you have reason to think your client is intoxicated or will end up being intoxicated by an additional drink, you are legally required to cut them off and also prevent intoxication. Nothing let the customer to convince you to give them “just fifty percent a glass of wine.” it’s illegal.

To-Go Is a No-Go

New olions is famous for marketing margarita and daiquiri-style drink to-go. While this may be an appealing means to make money for her business, it’s against the law in Texas.

Is in an open container;Appears come be own to currently consume;Remains in ~ the facility, excluding the parking lot; andWas purchase legally at a licensed or permitted premises in ~ the facility.

So, what does this legit mumbo-jumbo mean? let’s say you’re functioning at a bar or restaurant inside AT&T Stadium. And also let’s say every the restaurants and also bars within AT&T Stadium have alcohol patent or permits organized by the same holder. This law allows your client to leave her restaurant or bar v an open container that alcohol they legally purchased indigenous you, as lengthy as they continue to be inside the stadium. They room not permitted to step exterior the stadium with the alcohol for any type of reason.

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