Which of this three room valid/accepted idioms? is among them the "original" one, and also others variations on it? carry out they have slightly different shades of meaning?


"In the very same vein as" is the most common idiom through a long shot.

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The other alternatives "in a comparable vein to" and also "along the very same vein" sound a little odd to mine ear.

I guess: v you"d be better off using "in a similar method to" and also "along the very same lines" instead.



Following from Elian"s answer, the usage of Google books trend viewer to be excellent, however left me perplexed - "in similar vein" sounded like the more common alternative to me.

It turns out, the preposition in ~ the end of the expression is important. If you perform the same search without "to" or "as", then you get, indigenous most typical to the very least common:

"In a similar vein""In the same vein"(almost no one in comparison to the others) "Along a comparable vein"

This to adjust closer to my gut feelings. The difficulty is that as soon as used, this idioms are usually offered as a comparison. So for example: "The cat satellite on the mat; in a comparable vein, the frog satellite on the log", or, "His grandma took trip to Africa and truly uncovered herself - and in the very same vein, the journeyed to Australia in the hope that he can truly come to be himself.".

In answer to the question about difference in meaning, I would argue it is negligible. Same is stronger than similar, but the idiom is about finding a commonality between two different scenarios, and also I don"t think there is any type of objective test the you can do to recognize whether very same or similar is ideal to her situation, and also I can not think of a circumstance where one would certainly be wrong and the various other right.

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I"ve ignored the 3rd one due to the fact that I think, in this case, you can make a instance for saying that where there is an ongoing transition, "along a similar vein" would be an ext appropriate. For example. "Jon focussed his investigation on hookers and also drug dealers; Betty ongoing her examination along a comparable vein". In this usage, i imagine you can find the idiom an ext often close come the finish of the sentence.