Chapter 6: waiting Pressure and also Winds many CHOICE. Pick the one alternative that finest completes the statement or answer the question.3) Neglecting friction, the speed and also direction that the horizontal wind are established by A) only gravity B) viscosity and also turbulence C) push gradient and also Coriolis D) temperature and also humidity E) gravity and humidity4) rather of the air flowing straight out the a high pressure system, it spirals out in a clockwise direction. The reason of the clockwise spiraling movement is A) push gradient pressure B) inertia C) Coriolis force D) turbulence E) centripetal force7) The pressure that generates wind is: A) Coriolis force B) centrifugal force C) heaviness D) friction E) nobody of these8) Winds report by a weather station are brought about by A) horizontal variations in press B) to decrease in air push with height C) pressure alters over time D) earth rotation E) both (a) and also (d)9) once air moves from the s onto land: A) the winds have tendency to rise their rate B) converging winds and ascending air result over the land C) curved circulation is initiated D) divergence and subsidence happen over the floor E) any type of or all of these things may occur10) If the planet were no rotating: A) air would move directly from greater to reduced pressure B) friction would be got rid of C) the planet would shed its atmosphere D) all air would relocate in one direction only11) The Coriolis result occurs because of this characteristic that the Earth: A) its dense core B) the rotation C) its environment D) the magnetic field E) nobody of these13) i m sorry of the following has the smallest impact on winds? A) friction B) Coriolis impact C) push gradient force D) humidity E) nobody of these impact wind14) The Coriolis impact influences the wind by A) diminish the wind rate B) raising the wind speed C) beginning the air motion D) changing the direction of the wind16) The primary force which causes all winds is A) inertia pressure B) Coriolis effect C) pressure gradient force D) geostrophic force E) centrifugal force19) High air pressure zones are usually associated with: A) diverging winds B) clear weather C) diminish currents D) relatively dry problems E) all of these21) If "fair" weather is approaching, the pressure tendency would probably be: A) climbing B) falling C) secure D) pressure tendency has nothing to carry out with forecasting great or negative weather E) nobody of these22) The geostrophic wind defines a case where the air moves A) upward B) an extremely fast C) very slowly D) parallel come the isobars E) indigenous pole to equator24) The best explanation for the cause of atmospheric pressure is A) wait compression B) air density C) wind pressure D) load of the air above E) waiting temperature25) Horizontal sports in waiting pressure cause a pressure which provides the wind blow.

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These pressure variations are brought about by A) uneven heating of the Earth"s surface ar B) warmth temperatures in the stratosphere C) greenhouse impact D) non-circular form of planet E) Earth"s rotation26) Circulations in the Earth"s atmosphere are fundamentally caused by A) s currents B) temperature contrasts between different locations C) frontal storm systems D) heaviness E) heating of the ozone layer27) which of these factors influence the size of the Coriolis force? A) wind rate B) latitude C) wind direction D) every one of these (a, b, and c) E) both a and also b29) The wind speed normally increases with height in the layer of air beside the ground. This illustrates the reality that A) temperature decreases with height B) the lowest part of the setting is rough C) friction is present only close to the floor D) density decreases with elevation E) pressure decreases through height34) The geostrophic wind concept is many like the real atmospheric winds A) in one anticyclone B) in a cyclone C) near the equator D) close to the surface E) in ~ high altitudes35) If the earth were no rotating A) atmospheric pressure would diminish B) every winds would cease C) earth would shed its atmosphere D) air would move straight from high to short pressure38) A steep press gradient: A) would be depicted by commonly spaced isobars B) produces irradiate winds C) produces solid winds D) is only possible in the tropics E) none of these41) The pressure gradient pressure is directed from higher to lower pressure A) just at the equator B) everywhere C) anywhere except the equator D) both b) and c) E) just in the northern Hemisphere