He’s supervisor cute and also you feel like you’re vibing, yet then the goes and also talks about another girl.

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It’s entirely confusing and it’s left you serious wondering, why would a male tell me about another girl? perhaps he’s not interested after all?

But prior to you run to any conclusions, the reality is that there are many reasons why he can keep pointing out other ladies — also when that likes you.

It all counts on the context and also what specifically he’s saying, and the situation between the 2 of you.

To gain to the bottom of points is walk to take it a tiny bit of digging.

So in this article, fine cover absolutely everything you need to recognize to work-related out why on earth he’s telling you about other girls.

Why is that talking around another girl? 7 possible reasons

1) he’s trying to display you he is in demand

As strange together it may sound, one reason for a male telling you around another girl (or girls) is that he is do the efforts to do himself appear more attractive come you.

There is a an approach behind what on the surface may seem choose madness — and it’s also scientifically backed.

The Scarcity result is a psychological prejudice that we have which renders us location a higher value on something that appears to it is in scarce and a lower value on points that are easily accessible in abundance.

Researchers discovered that when asked to rate two identical jars, containing similar cookies — the only difference being the one jar organized ten cookies whilst the other had just 2 — participants assumed the an ext “scarce” cookie were yummier.

He can be make the efforts to make himself look choose a yummier cookie come you.

Or to placed it one more way, if someone else desires this guy there’s a chance you’ll assume that he must have actually something of worth to sell — which will make you want him even more.

It may sound a little shallow but it’s just human nature and also something that is often put to use in marketing.

The much more of a buzz around a product and the more sought after the is by others, the better it sells.

The male in question may be just trying to execute a tiny self-publicity below by trying come prove come you the he is a renowned guy, and also highlighting you have actually some competition.

If this is his tactic, he’ll probably want to imply that various other women uncover him appealing.

So he may casually drop into conversation with other girls in his life, or cite female attention he’s gotten.

2) he’s trying to show you what he’s prefer in a relationship

You understand when you’re creating a CV, specialists tell you how vital it is to show a skill rather than simply say you’re great at something.

This male may have been paying close fist to the advice.

What does it typical when a man tells you around his partnership with other girls?

Well, he could be trying to illustrate what that is choose being in a partnership with him.

If he tells you that he always made his ex a coffee every morning, or that he supplied to surprised her with tiny gifts — don’t panic, together it doesn’t immediately mean he’s reminiscing around this previous love.

In fact, yes sir a good chance the is trying come prove to you what a good boyfriend he is.

For part people, talking about exes should be turn off the table in the blossoming step of a new romance.

But plenty of others usage their relationship history to repaint a snapshot and display you how they space in a relationship.

If this is what he’s trying come do, whenever he talks about this various other girl that will constantly come off as glowing.

Rather 보다 being about her or even their relationship, the moral of the story will be “I’m together a catch”.

3) he’s thoughtless

There is honesty and also then over there is downright tactless — and also the two space a people apart.

Let’s say because that example, as soon as a guy says one more girl is hot in prior of you also though friend too space dating.

Sure, us all recognize you nothing suddenly stop finding other world attractive as soon as you pair up — however we’re usually smart enough to keep that to ourselves if we know what’s good for us.

But i m so sad some men really may be thoughtless sufficient to not take into consideration that you probably don’t want to hear it.

What does it average when a male tells you another girl is hot? The price is going to depend on your situation.

If that hasn’t offered off any kind of subtle indicators he is interested in you, and also nothing has actually happened in between you as well yet — it definitely doesn’t look good that he would certainly say this type of thing in her presence.

On the various other hand, if you room dating and also he’s tho commenting on the physical attractiveness of other women, then the possibilities are the may just be inconsiderate and also insensitive. (Not sure if that’s much consolation)

Similarly, your boyfriend may come home from work and tell you about how an excellent the new girl is, just how lovely she is, exactly how funny she is, etc. — every the while continuing to be clueless about how that can sound come you.

If the talking about other girl is making you feeling insecure or uncomfortable, then you must tell him to reduced it out.

4) He’s really open


Some civilization are just super honest and also pretty lot an open book.

They will happily tell you anything without feeling particularly guarded or choose they should hide things from you.

That’s just exactly how they normally express your feelings.

This quality deserve to be equally charming and off-putting relying on the context.

If you’re handling this type of man, this open up behaviour will use to every kinds of topics and not just other women.

Does he quickly open up about all type of things?

Does he happily gain into deep chats about his think on love, life and the world?

These space indications that you are speaking through a transparent type of guy.

So, he might be comfortable in talking to you about his relationships both past and present with various other women.

Of course, depending on what it is the he’s saying, the doesn’t mean that he doesn’t choose you.

I’ve personally been on lot of of days where men have actually talked openly around other girls that they’ve date — and it was just part of an ethical exchange about relationships.

If he does choose you, this type of straightforward guy is unlikely to keep you guessing.

He will have most likely currently told you, or explicitly displayed you the he is interested in you.

5) He’s deliberately trying to do you jealous

The inquiry may have crossed her mind: ‘Is that trying to make me jealousy by talking around another girl?’

If a man likes you however is feeling insecure this certainly could be an explanation because that his behaviour.

In this scenario, he is purposely trying to press your buttons in the hopes of gaining a reaction the end of you.

And let’s face it, jealousy really can work together a way of acquiring someone to an alert you more.

He can be unsure how you feel about him, wants more attention from you, or is simply a small bit immature.

If he’s trying to do you jealous by talking around another girl, it’s more than likely going to be accompanied by other obvious signs and also behaviours that display his in its entirety aim is to shot and gain a rise out of you.

That might include:

Flirting with various other girls in prior of youComplimenting other women in prior of youBragging about the attention he’s obtaining from various other girlsShowing friend or talking about texts he’s gained from other girls

If he was a genuine player, he’s more likely to try and carry out his climb behind your earlier and not to her face.

The reality he is gift explicit around it either means it’s because that your benefit or that he really doesn’t care about your feelings at all.

Of course, which one that is comes down to even if it is something is walk on between you two, and also whether he has actually been flirting v you or providing off signs he’s into you.

6) He’s feeling emotional about something that happened

We all want to it is in somebody’s one and also only, yet the reality is the everyone has actually a past.

Many that us bring the scars of old romantic wounds.

If he bring up one more girl that you recognize he’s had actually something with before you came along, it’s possible that the likes you, however still might not be completely over his ex.

Even if he has completely moved on, he might still talk about her if the relationship was far-reaching to him.

If you’re trying to find signs he still has actually feelings for an additional woman — look for how frequently he talks around her and whether those memories room happy or painful.

Talking around an ex as soon as or twice to your new bae isn’t unusual, but if that happening repetitively it’s a little of a red flag.

Particularly if something has happened with an additional girl that left him feeling angry, sad, or a little bit bitter — him talking about it might be just a method to procedure his emotions.

The reality that he chooses to open up come you once he’s feeling low have the right to be a optimistic sign.

If the is talking around another girl due to the fact that he’s feeling sad, then you can expect his comments about it every to additionally be much more negative rather than reminiscent.

7) he likes you yet he doesn’t have actually romantic feelings for you

Of course, in some situations, if a guy is talking around another girl come you it can be due to the fact that he doesn’t have actually romantic feelings towards you.

If that’s the case he might think naught of casually talk to you around other ladies he likes, or also trying to gain your advice around them.

Particularly if you feel favor you’ve been getting closer come a male you like, but nothing has happened however — it’s definitely something you need to consider.

Does he feeling the exact same or is this one unrequited crush?

If you already have an created friendship and also they’re always mentioning other girls, it definitely could it is in a sign that you’re stuck in the friendzone.

The greatest clues around whether this scenario uses to you will certainly be in his general behaviour towards you — and whether you have been gaining purely platonic vibes from him, or if he’s also been flirty.

If he doesn’t realise the you choose him in “that way” he may be talking about other girls since he doesn’t know just how you feel.

There might be a stereotype of women playing tough to get, but some guys additionally want to it is in chased.

How perform I recognize if he likes me once he talks around another girl?


As we’ve seen, there are rather a few reasons why a guy who likes you could still talk around another girl roughly you.

Perhaps you’ve already got a strong feeling around which explanation makes the most sense. Yet you might still be scratching your head end which one applies to you.

It all at some point depends on a mix of how he’s talking about other girls, alongside his behaviour towards you.

These are your ideal clues in working out the true on purpose behind what he’s saying.

Here space 4 vital things to look out for:

1) What he is saying around other girls

Perhaps the greatest clue is the paper definition in which he talks about another girl and also what specifically he says.

If you’re into him, then you are most most likely on high alert and also reading into absolutely everything.

You’re more than likely on the lookout for various other girls who might be on the scene.

That way any perfectly chaste comment that makes around another girl can be quickly misinterpreted or blown the end of proportion.

Half the human being are girls after all, therefore it makes sense that they’re going to come up in conversation when in a while.

If he has female friends, that perfectly common to mention them.

So, he might tell you the he was speaking ~ above the phone critical night to Katy, or the he is going come a concert through Beth.

Unless he has clearly told you the these are dates, no friends, you’re far better off no jumping to conclusions.

Similarly, if he tells you he think Beyoncé is smoking cigarettes hot, that absolutely doesn’t typical he doesn’t favor you.

There space plenty the throw-away comments that we all make, which we don’t necessarily average much by.

On the other hand, if he explicitly tells you optimistic things around another girl he:

Is datingIs attractive toHas feeling for

…he is i can not qualify to carry out that if he were interested in pursuing something through you.

Even if various other girls were perhaps on the scene, the wouldn’t desire to scare you turn off by looking entirely unavailable.

2) just how much the talks around another girl

How perform you phone call if a guy likes another girl?

Well because that a start, her name won’t just chop up as soon as or twice, you’ll most likely feel favor you room hearing it on repeat.

When we favor someone, we frequently can’t assist but bring them up in conversation quite a lot of — simply because they are on our mind.

That’s why the an ext often that talks about another girl, the much more likely the is the there’s something come it.

If he has only pointed out her in passing when or twice, that doesn’t typical a entirety lot.

But if the shoehorns her name into conversation all the time — alarm bells need to be ringing.

He may not even be consciously aware of just how much he is talking around her, yet it’s definitely one of those subconscious signs that she interested in someone.

3) His body language


Our human body language is an effective and gives away a lot of clues about how we’re feeling and also what we’re thinking.

When we talk around body language, we’re basically referring come the physics behavior, expressions, and also mannerisms we all usage to connect nonverbally.

With studies saying that we actually convey an interpretation through far much more than native alone, you’re walking to want to salary close fist to his body language when:

He talks around other girlsWhen that is roughly you

Does his demeanor change when he talks around her or does he seem to continue to be the same?

Does his human body language appear relaxed and casual, or does he suddenly become much more awkward or animated?

Basically, she looking for alters in exactly how he acts once he speaks about another girl.

Body language is additionally going come be one of your biggest hints for how he feels in the direction of you too.

Even for those of us who feeling hopeless in ~ flirting, as soon as we like someone our human body language towards them expose a lot.

Here are just a few body language indicators to tell if he is interested in girlfriend or not:

He leans in towards you as soon as you speakHe finds tiny excuses to with out and touch youHe tries to do or hold eye contactHe desires to was standing close come youHe encounters towards you

If he’s a little shyer or reserved, not all his human body language will certainly come throughout as confident.

He may also:

Blush as soon as you’re aroundFiddle v objects (nervous energy)Stumble end his words

All of these subtle ideas come together to offer us that “vibe” we acquire when who likes us.

We’re basically reading every the verbal and nonverbal cues the they placed out which gives us a emotion that they space digging united state too.

4) His effort level towards you

We have the right to spend so lot time analysing a guy, do the efforts to figure out his intentions towards us, and wondering if we’re choose up ~ above the best signals.

I nothing know around you, however one thing I’ve found is that when a guy really is interested in me, deep under I understand it.

Similarly, as soon as he isn’t, I also kind of know it too.

But ns don’t always want to recognize the reality to myself, so i go trying to find justifications because that the dodgy behaviour that has offered me reason for concern.

Sure there are constantly exceptions come the rule, yet 9 times the end of 10 a man will show you just how he feels.

How he shows you will rely on the guy and your situation, but it will most absolutely involve this one magical ingredient:


If he is interested in you, if he desires to seek you, if he desires a relationship with you, or even if he just wants come sleep with you — he is going to put some work-related in.

Whether that biologically propelled or socially driven, males tend come still be more forward as soon as it pertains to matters of the heart.

If he desires to be roughly you, he is going to shot and make that happen.

So if he’s no making an effort for you, there’s a factor for it.

It might mean the he doesn’t choose you in that method or the isn’t searching for anything appropriate now.

But if he is going out of his method to it is in in your life, that’s among the simplest and also most genuine indications he likes you.

In summary: what walk it mean when a male you prefer talks about another girl

To sum up, as soon as a male talks around another girl to you, it might mean:

He’s do the efforts to show you he’s in demandHe’s do the efforts to present you what he’s like in a relationshipHe’s thoughtlessHe’s yes, really openHe’s intentionally trying to do you jealousHe’s emotion emotional around something the happenedHe likes you but he doesn’t have romantic feelings because that you

To understand what is walk on, you’ll must look in ~ his plot in more detail.

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That includes what the is that is saying about other girls, how much that talks around another woman, and his general behaviour and also body language towards you too.