find out the different species of hemorrhoids, symptoms, causes, complications, just how a diagnosis is made, and also ICD-10-CM coding for hemorrhoids. Three coding instances are also detailed to test your knowledge.

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Hemorrhoids, or piles, are swollen and also inflamed veins found roughly the anus or in the reduced rectum. Lock are comparable to varicose veins.

Hemorrhoids room a usual medical condition, and also they are an ext likely to happen as a person ages. Although hardly ever serious, a human being may check out his or she physician and be diagnosed v this condition, particularly if the symptom don’t go away or get worse.

Types the Hemorrhoids

There space two species of hemorrhoids: outside hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids form under the skin roughly the anusInternal hemorrhoids type in the lining of the anus and lower rectum

According come the mayo Clinic, exterior hemorrhoids lie listed below the dentate (pectinate) line and also are extended by squamous epithelium and also supplied through cutaneous nerves.

Internal hemorrhoids emerge over the dentate line and are spanned by columnar epithelium that lacks ache receptors. These hemorrhoids are graded based on the level of prolapse (protrusion) listed below the dentate line into the anal canal and include:

Grade II hemorrhoids. These bleed and also may prolapse exterior the anal canal through straining but spontaneously return to position.Grade III hemorrhoids. These bleed and also prolapse exterior the anal canal and also usually require manual reduction.Grade IV hemorrhoids. These bleed and have prolapsed organization that cannot be manually reduced. Acutely thrombosed hemorrhoids and also those v rectal mucosal prolapse are additionally considered great IV.


Signs and also Symptoms

External Hemorrhoids

Symptoms of exterior hemorrhoids might include:

anal itchinganal pains or pain, particularly while sittingone or an ext lumps appearing near the anus

These symptoms may acquire worse if an individual strains, rubs, or cleans as well much approximately the anus. For countless people, the symptoms go away within a couple of days.

Internal Hemorrhoids

Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids might include:

blood in the stool, ~ above the toilet paper, or in the toilet after ~ a bowel movementa hemorrhoid that has prolapsed, or fallen with the anal opening

If the internal hemorrhoid is prolapsed, pain and discomfort may occur. Whereas a nonprolapsed hemorrhoid normally produces no pain.

Rectal bleeding and other anal symptoms space usually brought about by hemorrhoids, however not always. For example, rectal bleeding might be due to such problems as anal fissure, proctitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis, rectal ulcer, rectal prolapse, ischemic colitis, rectal trauma, anal cancer, and colon cancer, follow to MedicineNet.



According come the nationwide Institute of Diabetes and also Digestive and Kidney conditions (NIDDK), hemorrhoids are led to by:

straining during bowel movementssitting on the toilet for lengthy periods the timechronic constipation or diarrheaa low-fiber dietweakening that the supporting tissues in your anus and rectum (occurs as human ages)pregnancyoften lifting hefty objects



According to the mei Clinic, hemorrhoid complications are rare, yet when they occur, lock include:

Anemia. Chronic blood loss from hemorrhoids can cause a absence of healthy and balanced red blood cells to carry oxygen come the cells.Strangulated hemorrhoid. If the blood it is provided is reduced off come to an internal hemorrhoid, strangulation of the hemorrhoid may take place and result in major pain.Blood clot. ~ above occasion, a thrombus (clot) can form in a hemorrhoid and also cause significant pain. This is recognized as a thrombosed hemorrhoid and may call for lancing and also drainage.

Making a Diagnosis

Hemorrhoids are regularly diagnosed by a primary care physician, gastroenterologist, or proctologist throughout a physical examination. According to the NIDDK, the physician will ask the patient around his or her medical history, symptoms, diet, toilet habits, enema or laxative use, and also current wellness problems.

External hemorrhoids can be diagnosed throughout an check of the anal area. Internal hemorrhoids can be diagnosed during a digital rectal examination. The physician may also perform particular procedures, such together an anoscopy or rigid proctosigmoidoscopy, to help in the diagnosis of internal hemorrhoids.

Physical Exam

During a physics exam, the doctor will examine the anal area for:

lumps or swellinginternal hemorrhoids that have actually prolapsed (fallen v the anal opening) external hemorrhoids through a blood clot in a veinstool or rubber leakageskin irritationskin tags (extra skin left behind as soon as a blood gerean in an external hemorrhoid dissolves)anal fissures (small tears in the anus the may reason itching, pain, or bleeding)

The medical professional will execute a digital rectal check to check:

the anal muscle tonefor tenderness, blood, internal hemorrhoids, and lumps or masses


An anoscopy and rigid proctosigmoidoscopy may be performed to make a diagnosis of interior hemorrhoids. These actions use various instruments come look at various sections that the colon (large intestine).

Anoscopy. an anoscope (hollow tube through a light) is provided for city hall the lining of the anus and also lower rectum. This procedure deserve to be performed in the doctor’s office or in ~ an outpatient center. That usually calls for no anesthesia. Rigid proctosigmoidoscopy. A proctoscope (short, steel tube) is provided for viewing of the rectal lining and lower colon. This procedure can be lugged out in the doctor’s office, in ~ an outpatient center, or in the hospital. Anesthesia is not generally required. 

Internal hemorrhoids may likewise be diagnosed throughout such actions as a colonoscopy or versatile sigmoidoscopy. These actions are regularly performed during a regime examination of the rectum and colon or as soon as other procedures are lugged out for other digestive tract problems.

Treatment the hemorrhoid symptom can generally be listed by a primary care physician. However, a gastroenterologist or proctologist might be needed to manage the more facility cases.

Coding for Hemorrhoids (ICD-10-CM)

Codes for hemorrhoids are located in the ICD-10-CM coding hands-on in thing 11. Conditions of the digestive mechanism (K00-K95), block K64, Hemorrhoids and also perianal venous thrombosis.

In ICD-10-CM, hemorrhoids space classified by place (internal, external, mixed). Internal hemorrhoids are more classified based on appearance and degree the severity, or prolapse. The codes and descriptions include:

K64.0, First-degree hemorrhoidsGrade/stage ns hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids (bleeding) without prolapse external of anal canalK64.1,Second-degree hemorrhoidsGrade/stage II hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids (bleeding) the prolapse with straining, yet retract spontaneouslyK64.2,Third-degree hemorrhoidsGrade/stage III hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids (bleeding) the prolapse through straining and also require manual replacement earlier inside anal canalK64.3, Fourth-degree hemorrhoidsGrade/stage IV hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids (bleeding) v prolapsed organization that can not be manually replacedK64.4, Residual hemorrhoidal skin tagsExternal hemorrhoids, NOSSkin sign of anusK64.5, Perianal venous thrombosisExternal hemorrhoids with thrombosisPerianal hematomaThrombosed hemorrhoids NOSK64.8, various other hemorrhoidsInternal hemorrhoids, without cite of degreeProlapsed hemorrhoids, level not specifiedK64.9, Unspecified hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids (bleeding) NOSHemorrhoids (bleeding) without mention of degree

Before making a final code selection from this category, be sure to review the instructional note at K64. There is an has note that indicates “piles” is another term because that hemorrhoids.

An Excludes1 note exists that suggests hemorrhoids complicating childbirth and the puerperium need to be coded come O87.2 and that hemorrhoids complicating pregnancy need to be coded come O22.4. Both these codes are situated in chapter 15 and also should not be assigned codes from K64.

An Excludes2 keep in mind exists that shows if the patient has any type of of those conditions provided in enhancement to the hemorrhoid conditions from K64, they too have to be assigned:

certain problems originating in the perinatal period (P04-P96)certain infectious and also parasitic illness (A00-B99)complications the pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium (O00-O9A)congenital malformations, deformations and also chromosomal abnormalities (Q00-Q99)endocrine, nutritional and also metabolic illness (E00-E88)injury, poisoning and particular other results of external reasons (S00-T88)neoplasms (C00-D49)symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified (R00-R94)

Coding Examples

Let’s look at these 3 ICD-10-CM coding scenarios.

Scenario #1

A patient sees his primary care physician and complains of serious itching, pain, swelling, and bleeding in the anal area. Upon examination, that is diagnosed with exterior hemorrhoids.

ICD-10-CM: K64.4

To find the correct password for the hemorrhoid in the ICD-10-CM coding hand-operated Index, look up Hemorrhoids, exterior K64.4. This code have the right to then be confirmed in the Tabular as:

K64.4, Residual hemorrhoidal skin tagsExternal hemorrhoids, NOSSkin tag of anus

Scenario #2

A patient arrives for a colonoscopy to determine the reason of his rectal bleeding. The diagnosis is great II bleeding internal hemorrhoids and also non-bleeding diverticulosis the the big intestine.

ICD-10-CM: K64.1, K57.30

The documentation indicates the patient’s rectal bleeding is due to Grade II inner bleeding hemorrhoids. This tells united state the hemorrhoids space the reason of the bleeding. We know from the details covered above under “Signs and also Symptoms” that there can be many causes of rectal bleeding (one being diverticulosis), therefore it’s vital to evaluation the documentation prior to selecting the suitable code.

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To locate the correct password for the hemorrhoid in the ICD-10-CM coding Index, look increase Hemorrhoids, 2nd degree (grade/stage II) (that prolapse with straining yet retract spontaneously) K64.1. This code have the right to then be verified in the Tabular as:

K64.1, Second-degree hemorrhoidsGrade/stage II hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids (bleeding) that prolapse with straining, however retract spontaneously

The patient additionally has non-bleeding diverticulosis the the huge intestine, for this reason this additionally needs to it is in coded. Situate the code in the index by feather under Diverticulosis, huge intestine K57.30. This code have the right to then be verified in the Tabular as:

K57.30, Diverticulosis of big intestine there is no perforation or abscess without bleedingDiverticular an illness of colon NOS