It seems tough to believe, but we"ve been with each other for almost six month now. That"s not an extremely long in the grand system of things, but it"s long sufficient for me to know just how much i love you. I remember (but just vaguely now!) how my life was prior to I met you and also I never want come go ago to that dreary presence again. That was when I had actually nothing much to look front to other than a pizza delivery and a rented movie on Saturday night, nothing lot to acquire up for in the morning other than a day in ~ work. Having had actually my heart broken twice already, i was ending up being something the a hermit; sure I never ever wanted to get involved with anyone again. I was to the point where I thought that the "happily ever before after" sort of love to be only uncovered in fiction and in fairy tales--but then i met you.

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Thank quality the instead of mailman (or is the "letter carrier" now?) acquired our apartment numbers combined up and I acquired a chance to pat Mr. Speedy Delivery. The shared attraction us felt for each various other that day has changed my life forever. The was practically too lot to hope because that (because I have actually such strong opinions around everything), but we even have the exact same views top top the war and the economy. We"re never at a loss for words or things to talk about--that is, when our lips are cost-free to speak! now I think in love again, due to the fact that I believe in you. And I role at warp speed now because--it thrills me to say it--you actually think in me!

Leah, you"ve brought me so much happiness and joy that I have the right to scarcely contain it all. I"m certain beams of light radiate indigenous me wherever ns go. Ns noticed a few raised eyebrows at work when I started coming in bright and early (on time, every time!), smiling and also energized, humming part love track I heard ~ above the radio if driving in. A couple of the guys wanted to understand what"s up through me, but they don"t know I to be filled with secrets that cannot be shared or also expressed in words. So I just told them the I"m seeing someone and also it"s the actual thing this time.

It"s really strange because, also when we"re apart, ns feel the I"m still with you. Ns remember what it"s favor to hold you, to kiss you, to make love come you, as those delicious sensations never ever really leaving me. We respond come each various other so normally and totally I think the gods have to have produced us to finish each other"s existence. Ours is a union the reaches beyond the mere physical into mystical planes that take mine breath away. Friend are component of my an extremely being now and I can never be complete or entirety without you. Call me ns will never again have to return to the mundane visibility I knew before I met you!

This morning i woke in ~ dawn, still wrapped in the storage of critical night, repeating over and over that line from the old Hollies" song: "Sometimes, every I need is the wait that i breathe and also to love you." I understand what that means now due to the fact that I know how that feeling now. Leah, tell me us can always be together! tell me all we need is one apartment key!

I love you.


Hello, Love!

Do you remember the an initial day that we met? ns was rushing come calculus, and I dropped mine calculator. As soon as I got to class and also realized that it to be gone, ns was devastated. Though I had written my name and also number ~ above the inside, ns didn"t yes, really think anyone would certainly return it. Once you dubbed later the day, i was pleasantly surprised. The was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and also of so much more. That same honesty, that exact same candid nature that i felt in you from the an extremely beginning has made obtaining to know you the best thing that has ever before happened come me. At the time, ns was at a point in mine life where my confidence in humankind was quite low. You assisted me to view the kindness that can still be discovered in people, and I will certainly be forever grateful for your affect in mine life.

You have such a good attitude, Jenn--your world is full of rainbows and sunbursts. You"re gentle and kind. Ns love the awe and also reverence that you feeling for nature--like it"s a part of you, and also you"re a component of it. You have actually such an evaluation for little things that most civilization wouldn"t even notice--butterfly wings and ladybug spots, the odor of myriad wildflowers, the morning dew ~ above tiny blades of mountain grass.

You"re for this reason smart--even if friend don"t favor calculus. The human being is an limitless puzzle the you joy in trying come solve. I"ve never met anyone that I can talk to so easily, around anything and everything. Ns trust girlfriend with things I"ve never mutual with another soul, and I recognize that you keep them nearby to your heart.

Before i met you, ns couldn"t imagine living my life with just one person. Now, ns can"t imagine mine life without you--the idea of sooner or later without you is painful to think about! prior to I knew you, "forever" to be something I had heard about, but something i couldn"t fathom. Currently I recognize that we"re an alleged to it is in together, and also no issue where i am, as lengthy as I"m with you, that"s wherein I desire to be. You space my life, my heart, mine soul. Since of you in mine world, in my arms, I have actually everything, and I can"t imagine what I"d execute without you." ns promise friend that ns will invest the remainder of my life committed to making girlfriend happy, committed to the eternal happiness we will find together.

I love you and I need you. You complete me. You"re a part of every fiber of my being, and also you"re constantly on mine mind. You have to be exhausted, constantly running through my think by day and also in my dreams by night.


I"ve just been sitting right here recalling what mine life was like prior to I met you. Life! That"s a joke. Eight months earlier life meant going v the motions, monotonous movements, no joy, no sadness, no ups, and no downs--just one lengthy stream of tedium. Then Bill invite me come a party (my stomach transforms over once I remember just how I virtually said no!). And there friend were--beautiful, happy, intelligent and also incredible. Suddenly, I come alive--and I"ve been alive ever since.

It occurred that very very first night--I dropped in love with you. Just how do ns know? since the feeling never left me and also it has actually grown ever since. I think it always will. The lights went on. Instantly, life was exciting; colors appeared brighter; song crisper; tastes more enjoyable. I ceased walking and also began leaping. Ns realized that there is a whole wonderful human being ready come explore--with the ideal person.

With you, ns am in ~ ease. I don"t have to shot so hard to talk around movies or music or politics or sports--or our favorite subjects: horseback riding and chess (who would have actually thought I could find someone with those interests in common?). I love being with you once we separation a caramel sundae, stroll the park hand-in-hand without having actually to force a conversation, and also cuddle increase in prior of the TV. Basic pleasures. I"m content and happy once I am v you.

I love you. Native the depth of mine heart, i love you to an degree that I never thought possible, and I understand I constantly will. I cannot imagine life without you now. I want my life to be her life. I want to spend every minute the every day v you. I desire to experience all that life needs to offer--the good and the bad--with you at my side. I desire to grow up and grow old v you. I desire to host you in mine arms and never let girlfriend go. I desire to feel the warm of your kiss and whisper native of love right into your ear. You are all that is an excellent and beautiful; you fulfill all the longing that was in me--body and also soul. Call me i will never ever again be relegated come a colorless, mundane world.

As i sit here in the quiet of mine room do the efforts to create this letter and express feelings the poets have actually struggled come say, ns am reminded of lyrics that can say it best: "Who knows exactly how long I"ve love you? You know I love girlfriend still. Will I wait a lonely lifetime? If girlfriend promise to, ns will."

My sweetie, please don"t make me wait a lonely lifetime. If girlfriend promise to, ns will.

I love you.


My Sweet Emily,

Remember that day I visited the supermarket come buy pickles? but pickles were nowhere to it is in found. So ns asked this yes, really cute cashier if she knew whereby the pickles might be hiding, and also she began to lead the way. She was intriguing: open and also yet, somehow, mysterious. Somewhere in between the frozen foods and also the infant kosher dills, I dropped in love. A year has actually passed due to the fact that you led me v the grocery store aisles, and also I haven"t given pickles a second thought because then.

My whole human being has adjusted for the far better now the you love me. As soon as I think the you, ns can"t help smiling indigenous ear to ear. (What must human being be thinking once they look in ~ me?) because of your example, I find that i am much kinder to people. I"m happy. I"m so complete of love the it is reflect in everything I do. Ns treat my co-workers with more thoughtfulness. I"ve even end up being a considerate driver!

I love the moment we spend together. Each Sunday afternoon, ns look forward to ours one-on-one basketball video game in the driveway--even despite you victory every time! I never ever feel more at tranquility than when we simply hold hands, watch the sunset, and whisper just how we feel. I love hear to her voice.

I want you to recognize you can constantly depend upon my love. It is alive and true, and grows stronger each day. Ns promise i will constantly love you. I desire to invest the remainder of my life v you.

We are perfect for each other: our zest because that life, our stubborn determination, and our looking at the world with a cockeyed feeling of humor. Aren"t us glad that we both reap onion rings through mustard, the front-row in roller-coasters, and also "short" Monopoly? Then, the course, there room my peanut butter and banana sandwiches--I think you"re actually beginning to develop a taste for them now! many importantly, us share love. We"re great for each various other in so numerous ways, and we constantly find ways to lift and encourage each other.

Cole Porter couldn"t have actually said it any kind of better...

You"re the Nile! You"re the Tow"r that Pisa,

You"re the laugh of the Mona Lisa!

I"m a unsecured check, a full wreck, a flop!

But if baby I"m the bottom,

You"re the top!


From the first moment the I experienced you was standing in the comedy aisle in ~ Blockbuster, ns knew the we would be together. I don"t recognize how; i don"t usually think in that type of thing, but somehow ns knew. Possibly it was the truth that you were holding one Adam Sandler DVD in your hand (I love his movies!). Probably it was the truth that you to be wearing shorts in December. Maybe it was the means you looked at me as I to walk by. I"ll probably never know precisely what led to it, but I just knew the you to be the one.

Ever due to the fact that that day, I have actually been happy. I never ever imagined that someone could be this happy every the time and also it"s all since of you. You space the factor that I find myself singing those old "80s love song in the shower. You room the factor that i sometimes get the urge to run down the street laughing. And you are the factor that I laugh so often now. Every I need to do is picture your face and also think that our critical meeting.

I enjoy so plenty of of the things that we do together. I love talking through you, discussing present events, or simply our normal days. Ns love acquisition walks v you in the mountains, having actually picnics, and also enjoying the beauty roughly us. However simply the town hall TV together renders me content. I don"t require anything except to be through you. Ns love you. That will never change. I am committed to us. Ns am cursed to our future together.

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I truly believe that we were supposed to be together. I look forward to security the rest of my life through you.