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Marguerite "Maya" Johnson: main character of this autobiographical story (Maya Angelou was born Marguerite Johnson). She begins as a young, self-hating black color girl in the racist city of Stamps, Arkansas, and also ends a self-aware, confident, mature mom at sixteen. Throughout she life, she thinks deeply around racism, religion, and other topics that her next-door neighbors sometimes take because that granted. Elevated for the first decade of she life by she father"s mommy in Stamps, she learns from "Momma" how to discover strength in religion and also dignity in the face of racism. She then moves come St. Louis to live through her mother, from whom she learns how to have fun and also be self-confident. A quiet, intelligent and also ambitious girl, she feels the end of place anywhere she goes. Just her brothers Bailey, that understands her, makes her feel better. As soon as she is raped by she mother"s boyfriend, she stops interacting altogether, till she meets a sort woman in Stamps who reflects her the strength of language, which gives a happy escape for her. Momma (Annie Henderson): Maya"s grandmother, mommy of Bailey Sr. And also Uncle Willie, and also owner the the Store. Despite Maya resents Momma"s super-religious beliefs and her strictness, she frequently loves she for lock too. Periodically she feels like Momma deserve to do anything, and also will defend Maya indigenous anything that might try to injury her. Though Momma is topic to white bigotry just like everyone else, she manages to rise over it by keeping her very own dignity: she almost never sink to your level. Maya has actually a lot of respect because that this. Bailey Johnson, Jr.: Maya"s brother, one year older, and her just friend for years. The shares her intelligence and also sense of humor, yet unlike her, the is bold, confident, well-liked and also handsome. He loves Maya and takes care of her. The buys her publications to read, and defends she from insults. Even as they prosper up and also grow apart, he speaks to her as an equal, since he understands her intelligence. Yet the true love the his boyhood life is his mother, who affection that craves desperately. They room so attached come each other that, by the moment he is sixteen, castle realize that he needs to leave the house, because their link is as well strong.Uncle Willie: Maya"s uncle; Momma"s son; Bailey Sr."s brother. A generally kind, quiet and ineffectual male who help Momma run the store. That is crippled, so he can not work, and also this sets him apart from many other males in the town, who work their bodies to the breaking point. That is proud, so he hardly ever pretends he is no crippled, though he no to attract attention come it or it is in pitied because that it. The does no seem to concern his life often: as soon as Bailey asks that why white people hate black human being so much, he has no actual answer. It appears that, though he confronts the every day, that hasn"t ever really tried to discover a reason for it. He leader a straightforward life and also has little interest in rebelling.Father (Bailey Johnson, Sr., "Daddy Bailey"): father of Maya and Bailey, and son the Momma. He was raised in Stamps, yet his ambition took him come California, whereby he learned come speak perfect, pretentious English and also attracted numerous women with his charm and good looks. Though he dresses well, is vain, and seems genteel, he has actually never achieved an ext than a location at the leaf of actual gentility: that worked, for example, as a doorman at a an elaborate hotel. As soon as Maya go to remain with him because that a summer as soon as she is fifteen, he stays in a trailer park with a girl not much older 보다 Maya. He takes Maya come a party in Mexico, climate disappears through his mexican mistress. He has actually no attention in being sort to Maya or being her father or also getting to recognize her; everything everyone walk amuses him, and he handles every troublesome case perfectly, without ever before getting also attached. Because that this reason, Maya typically thinks of him as a stranger. Mom (Vivian Baxter, "Mother Dear"): Bailey and also Maya"s mother. Beautiful, kind and also funny, mommy enchants her youngsters from the minute they accomplish her. She is strong, independent, honest and also tough, and also Maya admires these attributes her entire childhood. Still, the children"s partnership with mommy is uncertain: they are sent to live with her unexpectedly, and also then she simply as unexpectedly sends out them earlier to Stamps. The is just after life with mom for numerous years, together teenagers, that they start to see her as their actual mother, that they deserve to depend on, fairly than a wonderful movie star-type who allows them live through her.Minor CharactersMr. Steward: The previous sheriff and the only male in town that owns a horse, Mr. Steward thinks of himself together kind when he is in reality condescending and also even cruel. He seems to think that he is a good ruler end the sad, pathetic "Negroes." He pertains to warn Momma about the KKK, feeling he is doing she a favor, however everyone to know he lets the Klan do every little thing they want. Mr. McElroy: as an adult, Maya knows the Mr. McElroy was just a straightforward salesman, yet as a child, she believed he was amazing. He was an elevation black male who had actually his own house. He to be quiet and mysterious. He didn"t walk to church, also though he lived right following door to Momma-a fervently religious woman. Powhitetrash children: The poorest white children in town. Few of them have less money 보다 Maya"s family, and also most of them room dirtier and also ruder, but since they space white, lock think they room superior. Reverend Howard Thomas: The preacher for number of townships, consisting of Stamps. He checks on the assorted churches every couple of months to collect money and also make sure whatever is to run smoothly. Bailey and also Maya dislike him, because whenever he comes to town, that eats their best food, makes lengthy boring speeches, and bothers them through his irritating laugh. The takes himself very seriously, yet he is a fat, ugly, greedy man. The youngsters love to make funny of that behind his back. Sisters Monroe: one over-enthusiastic church-goer. She lives far enough away the she cannot constantly get come church, and also when she comes she provides up for it by coming to be possessed by "the spirit"-which way attacking people, specifically the preacher himself. She yells, "Preach it!" together though she important feels what the preacher is saying, so lot that she cannot manage herself. Yet it seems that she is much more interested in bring about chaos in the church than in praying. Grandm Baxter: mom Dear"s mother. A kind and also authoritative larger woman, much like Momma, granny Baxter takes treatment of Maya and also Bailey for 6 months before her daughter deserve to take the children. Mrs. Baxter has political power in St. Louis, yet she additionally is knowledgeable about the St. Louis crime scene. She is typically fearless, even among the many hardened criminals.Mr. Freeman: Mother"s boyfriend, who stays with her and also Bailey and Maya. He appears to be fully in love through Mother, and also spends a many time waiting around for her throughout the day. Yet then he starts to molest Maya. At first she likes the method he stop her, yet when she doesn"t want it anymore, he forces her, and also rapes her. Though he can see she is in terrible pain afterward, that does nothing. As soon as Maya tells her household what he has done, who (probably Mother"s brothers) death him.Mrs. Bertha Flowers: A genteel, beautiful black color woman who speaks in perfect English. She is friendly through Momma, and likes Maya (who is awestruck by her beautiful clothes and manners.) She makes cookies and also lemonade simply for Maya. She offers Maya books and tells she to read them aloud so she deserve to understand the connection between writing and also speech. Maya feels that her human being has been opened up up, as such one woman"s kindness and also interest. Mrs. Viola Cullinan: The white woman whose kitchen Maya functions in. At very first Maya pities Mrs. Cullinan (she is overweight, seems quite silly, and cannot have children) however then Mrs. Cullinan decides the surname "Marguerite" is too long, and starts calling her Mary. Maya is furious and decides she will certainly not expropriate this treatment. She purposely breaks a favorite dish and gets fired. Mrs. Cullinan throws a piece of the dish at Maya top top the way out. Miss out on Glory: Mrs. Cullinan"s maid. She is nice come Maya, but Maya is do uncomfortable once she sees just how meek Glory is. She allowed her mistress come rename her (her genuine name is Hallelujah) since Glory is shorter, and also she accepts all the other racist things Mrs. Cullinan does and says. Maya is amazed that anyone might let themselves be treated that way. Louise Kendricks: Maya"s an initial real friend her own age. Louise teaches Maya just how to it is in a girl-they giggle about boys, play childish games, and also generally have a most fun together. Louise is one of the few people Maya knows she will miss when she moves earlier to California.Joyce: An older girl who introduces Bailey to sex, Joyce has a occurred body and a fairly mature outlook. She is not shy, and she knows just how to usage boys. Bailey has a crush on her, but one job she abruptly disappears from town. They discover out later on that she ran far with one more man, and also Bailey is therefore bitter about it he will hardly talk about her.Mr. George Taylor: His wife died over the summer, yet Mr. Taylor, who had been married for fourty years, quiet hears she voice. He comes to the store one stormy night and also tells everyone a ghostly story: the heard his wife say she wants children. Maya is terrified, however Momma pen the story off, and also everyone is comforted by her commanding attitude. Mr. Edward Donleavy: Mr. Donleavy is the unexpected white speaker at Maya"s graduation. He casually knocks down all the hopes of the intelligent, studious young children, assuring them that while they can be an excellent athletes, lock cannot work in any scholastic field. He implies that no black person is smart sufficient to work-related at an clever job. Transparent his speech, he renders it clear that he has actually other, an ext important things to do later that evening. Dentist Lincoln: The white dentist in Stamps. Even though he borrowed money native Momma to conserve his office throughout the Depression, he will not eliminate Maya"s rotten teeth. He never once looks in ~ Maya when she and her grandmother go to see him, he just acts sorry however says rude and racist points to Momma. Dad Clidell: mommy Dear"s husband. Maya"s first real dad figure. Unlike her real father, dad Clidell cares for Maya, bring away an attention in her, and also supports her, if disciplining her at the very same time. She go not expect to get to understand him in ~ all, but she finds she likes him. That introduces her to every his friends, and also likes the she looks favor him, and also supports her as soon as she is pregnant. Dolores Stockland: dad Bailey"s girlfriend, that is fixed older 보다 Maya. She is pathetic, since she loves Maya"s father, but he cheats on her and doesn"t respect her. She is possessive of him, and also is jealous of Maya.

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She keeps her residence obsessively clean and speaks pretentiously-Maya to know she would like to be a "lady," yet Daddy Bailey has actually her living in a trailer park. Maya tries to be kind to her, however Dolores is also petty, jealous and also hurt to accept her kindness.