Shaving your head to avoid a hair test for drugs may seem extreme, however people carry out it. Security a happiness on pills and also potions that promise to get rid of all traces that drugs? human being do that, too.

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A quick Google find will reveal all species of write-ups telling you just how you have the right to cheat a hair medicine test - and also (somewhat dubious) story of exactly how some have actually succeeded.

But which of these cheats job-related - and also which don’t? We’ve placed together a guide to five common methods civilization use come cheat the system - and how successful they yes, really are.


1. Put on a wig to cheat a hair test

Let’s face it, most of the time it’s basic to clues a wig a mile off. They’ll often fit badly, fail to enhance the wearer’s colouring or facial hair, and also if they’re not well secured, they have a tendency to slip. The majority are also made from man-made hair, rather than real human hair - so even if lock fool us, yes no chance they’ll fool ours mass spectrometers, which review the whole chemical ingredient of the sample.

But no all wigs are developed equal. If someone’s really specialized to staying clear of a test, they could spend thousands of pounds ~ above a bespoke, professional wig, made of human being hair. They’re lot harder to spot through eye, and our testing devices will finding them because that what they room - perfect real human hair.

That’s where our strict collection procedures come into play. Our chain that custody demands that someone who knows the person being experiment - a lawyer or social worker for instance - be present when the sample is collected. If a human turns up with a wildly different haircut come a pair of days before, castle will notice and questioning some hard questions.

2. Shaving your hair off to prevent a hair test

While it’s true we can’t collect hair from a fully head, a freshly shaved head top top the day of a hair drug test is more than a small suspect. What many world who execute this nothing realise is that in the absence of head hair, we’ll merely test body hair instead. And also because body hair grow at a slower rate than head hair, that can present a longer period of drug use. They’ve in reality made their situation worse.

Those who carry out realise sometimes take points one action further, and remove every traces the follicular development from your body. Not only is this painful and also time-consuming, that sets turn off our hesitation radar also more. Even then, every is no lost. In instances like these, blood and urine tests have the right to still offer an indication of recent drug use, as deserve to fingernail experimentation - and there’s nothing to protect against us from calling a topic in because that a retest when hair has actually grown back.

3. Bleaching hair come trick a hair test

It’s true that bleaching hair deserve to remove toxins. Just one bleach have the right to remove in between 40% and 80% the the metabolites in a solitary sample by damaging the hair shaft. However, the still method that 20% to 60% of the metabolites space still over there to it is in detected - and also in making use of LC-MS/MS to test a hair sample, they will certainly be found.


If hair is bleaching regularly, it may be that no trace of drugs have the right to be discovered - also if they have actually been supplied within the testing time frame. Here, again, us can conveniently use body hair together a fallback - and blood or urine tests if a subject turns up through a suspiciously blond hair head that hair and a fuzz-free body

4. Swapping hair samples to stop drug use being detected

We’ve heard tales of subjects attempting to steal samples when we’ve take away them, and also swap them v those taken indigenous drug-free friends. Some also wilder plans have been attempted - like the same twins trying to fool the device by switching areas on the day of the test. In all honesty, that won’t wash with us.


It goes earlier to the chain of custody again. If the cut of hair is a an easy process, we adhere come an very stringent procedure when collecting, packaging and testing in our labs. In short, try swapping samples, and also you’re guarantee to fail. Everything we do is topic to strict controls the ensure that our outcomes will wake up in court

5. Internet-bought pills or shampoos to remove drugs from hair

There are products on the market that can penetrate within the hair shaft and also remove any type of traces of toxins. Sounds too an excellent to be true, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

There’s no proof the these “detox shampoos” and other commodities have any effect whatsoever. Your sellers food on the fears and also anxieties of those wait for hair trial and error - and also their ridiculously high price reflect this. Those who space suckered right into buying will discover themselves spending a the majority of money top top a test an outcome that will certainly be no different.

A Wiley research file from so late 2017 highlights hopeful user evaluate of specific shampoos virtual - but also notes that some of those who passed after making use of such a product might simply have actually not used enough of the problem to be detected in ~ its characterized cut-off. Meanwhile, a more research document reveals that a solitary treatment with one particular shampoo was not sufficient to minimize drug concentrations to listed below the cut-off.


The net is awash with stories of how individuals have effectively cheated a hair medicine test. While many are likely fantasy, some may well it is in true - which simply serves to demonstrate how crucial it is to use a professional, completely accredited trial and error laboratory.

The chain of custody processes that the laboratory has actually in ar should ensure that any kind of attempts to cheat the sample arsenal itself space foiled. The expert interpretation the the outcomes by the lab will take into factor to consider any readjust recognised in the hair’s appearance prior to the sample is taken. The testing technique itself likewise has a huge component to play. LC-MS/MS experimentation is incredibly accurate and also sensitive, specific and thorough: also if it’s no visually obvious that a donor has actually treated their hair or is wearing a wig, the test will pick it up.

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Try fooling united state if you favor - however the only way to insurance a clean hair test is to protect against drugs altogether.